Coast to Coast Summer Survival: Olympics Party Recipes

Olympics Opening Ceremony Party Recipes

This is week two of our coast-to-coast summer survival collab, and today we’re talking about the Olympics. I don’t know what it’s like at your house, but the Olympics have been on our TV almost constantly since Friday night. My kids are teenagers, and they love watching all of the events. Our favorites so far are swimming and volleyball.

I’m bummed that I haven’t been keeping up with the gymnastics. I always love watching those, but since my kids have taken over the TV this time, I haven’t had much control over what I watch. I just tune in when I happen to sit down in the family room.

I’m taking a break from my typical fashion and beauty posts today to republish this roundup of Olympics Viewing Party Recipes that I put together the last time the Olympic games were on. My son was attending an Olympics Opening Ceremony Party, and I needed to come up with something fun to send along, so I went to Pinterest and found so many cute ideas, I decided to put this post together. I noticed it was getting a lot of hits again this summer, so I thought today would be a great opportunity to bump it up to the top!

I had never even considered having an Opening Ceremony viewing party until my son was invited to one, but it sounds like fun to me. Maybe next time!

If you have an Olympics Viewing Party to attend or just want to make it festive for the family, here are some cute Olympics-themed recipes to inspire you.

14 Olympics Viewing Party Recipes

  1. Olympics Rings Pizza
  2. Olympic Torch Cake Pops
  3. Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza
  4. Olympic Rings Bagels
  5. Olympic Gold Metal Cookies
  6. Olympic Torch Cupcakes
  7. Olympic Rings Snacks
  8. Olympics Metal Cookies
  9. Olympic Donut Rings
  10. Olympic Torch Cupcakes
  11. Chocolate and Cookie Barbells
  12. Champion Chocolate Cake
  13. Red, White, and Blue Olympic Drink
  14. Olympic Torch Cocktail


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  1. These are so cute!!! I love to bake but I don’t think my decorating skills are up to snuff to create some of these fun items, but I could definitely handle the Olympic Torch Cocktail! Plus I love Champagne so it sounds like a winner!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Oh this makes for such a pretty spread! Awesome picks! The adult version of the red white and blue drink sounds amazing right about now!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  3. Those are such creative ideas!!!

    I’ve been wanting to try Whole 30 but I haven’t started yet. I would love to read more about your Whole 30 experience! I’ve had the book at least 6 months now.

    I started drinking my coffee black when I was in my 20s and counting calories (even though I was thin). Ever since then I drink it black and can’t imagine drinking it now with cream and sugar like I used to.

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