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My kids start back to school next week, and of course that means we are in a flurry of shopping for back-to-school clothes, school supplies and of course SCHOOL SHOES!

Every momma knows that back-go-school shopping can wreck havoc on both your nerves and your pocketbook. We are all looking for ways to simplify the process. That’s why, when Payless ShoeSource reached out and told me about their Mom’s Advantage program and offered to send me a few gift cards to try it out, I wasted no time in responding with a vehement YES, PLEASE!

I was already a fan of Payless for my kids’ shoes because they have great prices, they are conveniently located in a nearby strip mall that I frequent, and they have a ton of cute styles for all personalities.

Clearly my kids go for the sparkles.

I was especially excited to hear about their new Mom’s Advantage program.

Foot Measuring Pros: Trained Payless associates measure kids’ feet with a Brannock device for an accurate, healthy fit.

Shoes for Every Need: shoes for every wearing occasion — school uniform, dance, special occasion, casuals, athletics, skate, cleats, even slip-resistant footwear for the teen working the after-school restaurant job — and great brands like Champion, Airwalk, Brash and SmartFit, starting at just $10.

Just Right Sizes: Nearly 50 kids’ styles come in hard-to-find sizes including half sizes, wide widths and extended children’s sizing – as high as youth size 6! That’s important because lots of kids have adult-size feet, but moms don’t want to pay adult pricing.

Guaranteed In Stock: In-stock guarantee on best-selling essentials including 12 kids’, women’s and men’s styles.  If not, you get it for 40% off that pair!

Return for Any Reason: Payless has a hassle-free return policy and will return any item for any reason, no questions asked.  For shoppers that have a receipt, Payless will gladly exchange the item for another of equal value or refund the purchase price.  For those without a receipt, store credit is given.

Last weekend we stopped into my favorite Payless location, and I told the kids they could each pick out a pair of back to school shoes with the gift cards provided to us. We came out with a total of 6 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of slippers!

Hey, I never said that restraint was one of my virtues. I didn’t mind spending more than our allotment because I knew if I’d be back anyway.

My son picked up a great pair of loafers to wear for church and any other dress-up sort of occasion.

My girls both honed in on the sparkly Regan Boots. They think they’re Uggs, and I’m not going to tell them any different! They look just like Uggs, they are soft and comfy (we have had the Payless version of these boots for the past 2 seasons for both girls; they LOVE them) and they are a fraction of the price.

Then my middle daughter got the Glitter Ballet Flats to go with all of her fall dresses and skirts, and my little daughter made out like a bandit with the Flynn Ballet Flat and the Rewind Runners!

I love the gray and pink Rewind Runners. They are SO incredibly lightweight.

Then my daughter found these, and she HAD TO HAVE THEM. For $3, I couldn’t say no. Isn’t she a hoot?

My older daughter wanted a pair too, but they didn’t have her size, so she found the Sierra Sweater Slippers. (Yes, she can wear women’s sizes now. HOLD ME!)

Payless also sent a gift card for me, but I got distracted by the kids tearing the store apart and didn’t get to pick out a pair of shoes for myself. I did have my eye on a really cute pair of wedge sandals that I want to go back and try on!

It was great to get all of our Back to School shoe shopping done in one fell swoop! The total bill came to $165 for six pair of shoes, 2 flip flops and a package of odor eaters. (Don’t ask!!)

Thank you, Payless!

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  1. I love to buy shoes for my kids at Payless. They have the trendy styles for a lot less money. It makes it easy to buy my daughter a cute pair of shoes that she may not wear as often or a pair of dress shoes for my son that I KNOW he won’t wear that often.

  2. Wish they had that over here! I paid an awful lot for shoes year – 3 lots of school shoes, 3 lots of trainers, 2 lots of football boots plus an extra pair of astro boots and 2 lots of tennis trainers – ouch! And my eldest is now a size 7 ( 41) = adult prices big time. Help me!!

  3. How funny! We are in back to school shoe crisis mode around here & really struggling to find the “right for the girls” shoes for the “right for the momma” price. I’ll have to pop into Payless and see what they have. Thanks for the great reminded! I’d love to see more on back to school kid clothes shopping if you have some strategies that work. We’ve been shopping fools around here recently but don’t feel like we’ve got it covered. . . . . It did NOT help when the oldest announced last night, at Old Navy, that she LOVES to shop now. . .. pretty sure my husband gained an inch of forehead space after that. 😀

    1. I actually have done NO back to school clothes shopping yet! It is still so warm, they don’t NEED anything, and I’ve been so busy… I feel bad, though. They ALWAYS get new First Day outfits.

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