Daily Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 08.29.12

Another Wednesday, another weekly outfit post!

I wore my green DL skinny jeans and this gray top from the LOFT with silver sandals last Wednesday to work and run errands. I love the detailing on the back of the top.

Last Thursday I went to the Winvian resort in Connecticut on a press trip with Chevy. I wore my green jeans and a black tank top for the ride up, and then I changed into this faux wrap dress for dinner. I bought it from Ann Taylor before the BlogHer Conference but didn’t get a chance to wear it then. I accessorized with a long, delicate Stella & Dot necklace that I wrapped around twice, and I just wore casual silver sandals because I had to walk through the woods to get to the restaurant.

The next day we had lunch before heading home, and I wanted to look classy yet casual enough for lunch. I wore my new dark Paige skinny jeans and magenta blouse, also from Ann Taylor, with black patent ballet flats and my favorite striped tote.

Then it was back home and back to shorts and tanks for hanging out and working from home. I always love wearing this outfit. So easy and comfy.

daily mom style | casual shorts outfit

I wore my navy-and-white striped dress to church on Sunday, and again with the silver flat sandals to keep it casual. I can never decide if this dress is truly flattering or not. It really depends on how I’m standing in the pictures, whether I like it or not. This one’s more of a not.

And Sunday night I threw on my oldest, favoritest jeans and a black embellished tee to go to a backyard BBQ. Since it was in the neighborhood, we brought Savannah along! Even though it’s casual, I think this is my favorite outfit of all. It’s definitely most slimming (well, this or the first dress). I will never tire of black and denim.

Yes, that is me walking a dog. My husband is pretty sure the apocalypse is near or his wife’s body is being in habited by aliens. He said if I hadn’t been holding a glass of wine, he’d have truly been worried. HA!

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17 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 08.29.12

  1. My husband actually bought me a pair of Paige skinny jeans for Christmas last year ! I had never heard of them, but apparently he met an awesome sales person at Nordstrom, lol! I’ve lost some weight lately and I’m nervous they will be too big but oh well I love them anyway.

  2. As much as I love fashion and getting all gussied up, there is nothing quite like wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 🙂 Or, in colder months, jeans and a sweater.

  3. Remind me what those jeans are in the last picture. You look GREAT in them! You may have just inspired me to throw caution to the wind and spend some money on a great pair of jeans.

    1. The last ones are Sevens. They’re a straight leg cut — I bought them when I wasn’t quite ready to embrace the skinny jean trend but I didn’t want a bootcut. They are a size smaller than all my other jeans, and I didn’t wear them for quite some time b/c I gained weight, but I recently lost a few lbs and they {barely} fit again. I’ve always loved the wash on them.

  4. I LOVE the black and blue wrap dress! And I’m with several other commenters, I realized the other day I didn’t own a plain black t-shirt. I also remedied the problem the same day at walmart. I know I’ll want a nicer one, but $4 worked for finding something fast, LOL. I have tons of black tanks, black sweaters, a black long sleeve t, no idea how a short sleeve black t got missed.

  5. All of these outfits are knockouts! My fave is the jeans & black shirt, followed by the blue & black dress, then the lunch outfit (pink ruffle top). That describes how I strive to dress much of the time … classy & put-together, casual, yet not overdressed. My mother’s motto was “always dress a ‘notch’ above what you think you should, whether its to the grocery store, lunch with a friend, or just work.” Her advice has served me well, and doing that has helped me feel more confident in my appearance 🙂

  6. The new dress is fabulous! And you’re right, black and denim is classic. You look great in that last outfit! And so chic, with your tiny dog. 😉

  7. I refuse to put on a pair of jeans until I am forced to. Seriously.

    You look very thin in the new skinnies and black tee – love it! But the puppy steals the show, sorry. 😛

    That navy/white dress looks very flattering in that picture a while back when you went somewhere (BlogHer?). But here, itt looks almost a 1/2-1 size too big. Have you lost weight? (why yes I AM trying to pick you up for a hot date, why do you ask?)

    1. Darla, you win the Most Hilarious Blog Commenter award.

      I have lost weight – about 5 lbs. But I think that dress always was this way. It really depends on how I’m standing if I like it or not.

      1. HA! {takes a bow}

        Well, you look great!

        I wonder if the dress would look better in the form of a pencil skirt type line vs the straight/flare at the knee. It’s very cute, but I can see why you might not feel it is as flattering as your other dresses (like the first one you show above).

        Dresses are hard. I have branched out into them tho – especially for summer – because for the price you can’t go wrong.

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