Beige Shacket Outfit with Veja Sneakers

A few weeks ago I styled a plaid shacket outfit, and opinions were mixed… as I knew they would be. Today I’m back with solid beige shacket outfit for a more elevated take on this winter/spring 2021 trend.

wearing: faux suede shirt jacket // ATM schoolboy v-neck tee (similar for less) // AGOLDE Toni straight ankle jeans // Veja Esplar sneakers // similar tote // similar earrings

It was the solid beige shackets that I was drawn to when I first started noticing the trend. I like the plaid ones too, but they’re a little too reminiscent of how I dressed when I was in college in the ’90s.

This solid beige shacket doesn’t have the same “lumberjack” vibe a the plaid one I styled before. It’s also more streamlined and slimmer through the arms, plus it has a shirttail hem, all of which work together to give it a more elevated look and feel.

This faux suede shacket truly is a shirt-jacket. It’s heavier than a regular shirt, but not as stiff and structured as my suede moto jackets — more of a microsuede material. It has 12% elastane for ease of movement and a smooth polyester lining that feels nice against the skin. (If you don’t care for the suede, it comes in a solid beige fleece, as well.)

While this is more of a jacket than a shirt, it’s also part of the outfit — not something I remove when I go indoors. It’s quite comfortable, though, a really nice weight for late winter/early spring weather here in Philly. I was glad for the warmth it offered on this 45-degree day. In fact, this is the outfit I wore home from our photo shoot.

My only caveat with this shacket is the price. It’s more than I wanted to spend on a trendy piece, but it really nails the look and feel I was going for. Abercrombie does run promotions from time to time, so I’ll keep and eye on it and report back if it goes on sale.

This shacket runs true to size (I have the small) and comes in several other nice solid colors as well. The terracotta and light blue-grey are both great choices, if you prefer more color in your outfits.

Shop More Shackets:

I kept the minimalist vibe going with a white tee, blue jeans, and white sneakers. These are my AGOLDE Toni straight ankle jeans, and I love the slim straight cut through the legs.

These jeans work really well for ladies who love their skinnies and are struggling to get on board with the straighter silhouettes that are trending. They run true to size; I have the small.

Sizes are getting depleted, and I haven’t found this Obscure wash anywhere else, but the Precipice wash at Revolve is very similar, and this Shoreline wash has a destroyed knee.

My Veja Esplar sneakers are still going strong after two years of regular wear. I love the court-inspired design and the simplicity of the tonal logo stitching.

They do take a bit of breaking in, but it didn’t take long. I wore them for a day of plane travel and then all over Disney World right after I got them with no issues. (I did wear no-show socks.)

My best tip for breaking them in is to not lace them into the final hole. You can also move the tongue to the side, but I didn’t need to do that when I changed how they were laced. They’re true to size; I have the 39, for anyone who uses my sizes as a gauge.

I’m wearing the ATM schoolboy v-neck tee, which I love, but I also recommend the Banana Republic slub cotton-modal v-neck for a lower price point. I have that one in the scoop-neck version, which I wear a lot. For size reference, I take a medium in the ATM and BR tees.

For earrings, I wore oversized pearl studs, but I really could have used a necklace with this beige shacket outfit. I packed seven outfits to shoot that day, and I totally forgot to grab a necklace to wear with this one.

I would go with something simple and probably silver, like this or this. With a minimalist look like this, understated jewelry is key to keeping it from looking fussy.

I know this look isn’t for everyone, but I think the shacket is a great alternative to a cardigan or utility jacket that we often wear this time of year. There’s still a place for those as well, but this beige shacket outfit is a more updated look for running errands or meeting a friend for coffee. I can wear this and feel modern and on trend without looking like my teenage daughters.

Be sure to visit Cyndi Spivey and see the spring outfit she’s styling today.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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45 thoughts on “Beige Shacket Outfit with Veja Sneakers

  1. Great look. Was wondering if you have tried Paul Green as an option for white tennis shoes. I have the same vejas as you have here but don’t find them terribly comfortable. I walk a lot and am considering a pair of Paul Greens.

  2. Not a fan of Shacket but I remember one from 90s so been there. Funny that you and Cyndi are similar again. Ha

    1. I know, right!?! I almost choked on my coffee when her email came in. I even asked her yesterday if shew as styling a shacket, by any chance. Didn’t think to ask about the color palette.

  3. I really like this look for a shacket and I don’t mind Abercrombie… they have great quality and I’ve never been disappointed with any pieces I have bought from them over the years… for me or the kids. I buy a lot of my tee shirts from Banana Republic outlet here.. the timeless tee and Malibu tees are super soft and not see through! Still bitter cold here today it’s 6 with the windchill but sunny…hoping that system moves out soon!

  4. This is a great early spring outfit. I think you nailed it with the jeans& shacket proportions. I”ll be stealing this look! Thanks

  5. Good morning …loving the spring series.
    But will definitely pass on this trend.
    I totally see how you show trends…I’m waiting on
    the more feminine styles:)

  6. I do like this solid Shacket much better than the plaid one, but I just can’t get over the pockets. I’m not a fan of pockets on my shirts (or jackets) across the chest. It doesn’t look bad on you – just a personal preference for me. 😊

    Love the overall look too! You’re right though – it does need a necklace.

    Have a great day!

    1. I get the aversion to boob pockets. If I was to wear this buttoned up, they would bug me. But I don’t mind them when it’s unbuttoned, for whatever reason. I guess they don’t seem to call as much attention to that area when worn this way. 🙂

  7. I like your comment about the word ‘shacket’…it made me laugh! I feel the same way!
    Have a great day!

  8. Still not a fan of the shacket for myself. I am only 5’1” and I think it would overwhelm me. The smallest one you showed was the first one from Banana Republic but I think I will sit this one out. I did try the jeans but they were too tight in the waist in my size. I am afraid to try the shoes online. I don’t have narrow feet and I think it would be better if I tried them on in person. You look great in this outfit.

  9. Hi jo-lynne,

    What size did you get in the abercrombie faux leather puffer? Did you happen to see any of the brown versions? I have ao many black jackets and i think a warm brOwn could be pretty (i have light hair, eyes, skin), but also worry they might Look too faux in a way black can hide. Thanks for your feedback!

    1. I actually ordered the almond color as well. I actually liked it quite a lot, but once I put the black on, I was in love with that one. They both look really nice and good quality, I think.

  10. I ordered a few shackets and loved them, but didn’t keep them and have kicked myself several times. If they come back next winter, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. LOL

  11. By the way…

    I’m on mY mobile. Its all caps typing the comment, but once you submit the comment it shows up all wonky – lower case, upper case. I know you’re still working on the glitches so i thought yoU would want to know 🙂

  12. Thank you. I may try one of the lighter colors in the puffer. Did you order a small or medium? I like this “shacket” on you! Its definitely a more elevated way to style this trend.

  13. I am not in love with shackets and will have to sit out this trend. As you stated, they are not for everybody (no pun intended, ha). They remind me of old heavy shirts guys use to wear years ago. I do love most of the styles you show, and get a lot of ideas on how to pull together outfits from my closet. I love to see new trends and I get on board with a lot of them. Thanks for taking time to show us ladies how to dress stylish and what’s out there. 🙂

  14. This shacket is a winner! Much, much better thAn the oversized plaid. IMHO. And, I’m loving those sLim leg jeans. They really are a happy medium between skinny and straight and still look fashion forward.

  15. Does Shacket sound like a curse word? Lol – Got me laughing and thinking of a word my husband and I use (in lieu of any “real” curse words)…we say Shostakovich! Shostakovich was a Russian composer and pianist. While his music is very well composed, we aren’t fans of Shostakovich, for various reasons. We listen to many composers, but we love Bach most of all. Nonetheless, we, jokingly, say Shostakovich sometimes…and get a good laugh! And I definitely love the Shacket! Have a great day!

  16. I definitely like this look better than the plaid…probably like you said, the plaid brings back the grunge memories. This looks like a great late winter/early Spring casual outfit. Abercrombie is one of my 18 year old daughter’s favorite stores so we shop there a lot and I’ve got a few things I really like from there. I don’t think of it as young as some other stores. I also like the Banana Republic one and this one that looks more like a jacket but is called a shacket. Like you said, the name shacket is so funny!


  17. Of course these are in style! I just got rid of 2 almost exactly the same that I’ve had since the 90’s! 😄

  18. I’m not a fan of the shackets that I’ve seen so far but this one is quite nice and the explanations were right on. A more shaped look and a less lumberjacket look make it more versatile.
    I hav a pair of Paul Greene off white leather high tops that are super comfortable. I have several pair of his boots which are also very comfortable.This brand is quality and sometimes you can get a good sale.

  19. Surprised you didn’t wear a belt with this outfit or snakeskin shoes or something to give it a bit more oomph. Were those options you considered? Somehow I’m stuck in all caps for this message–I’ll be interested to see if it posts as ALL caps–my caps lock is NOT on…

  20. I love this entire look, Jo-Lynne! It’s very modern and fresh for spring. But, “shaket!” I’ve been eying your jeans for awhile, and they’re sold out in my size. I may have to consider the pair from Revolve. .

  21. Such a cute outfit! I love Home Town and House Hunters. I know what you mean about Fixer Upper but I still watch every episode. I live about an hour from Waco so I occasionally go to Magnolia. It’s fun to look around but it’s pricey so I don’t buy much (I make sure to get a cupcake from their bakery though…yum!). Have you seen Fixer to Fabulous? It’s pretty good! Have a great day!

  22. The BR tee you reference and wear in medium, is that fit a looser fit on you? We tend to wear the same sizes and they are recommending a small for me. I tend to like my tees more form fitting (but not too tight).

    1. It’s kind of thin, so when it’s more form-fitting, it’s not as flattering. I guess my medium does fit a little loose, but I don’t feel comfortable in the small. I just ordered the green in a small (not sure why; I know I wear a medium) and I tried it for the heck of it, and it was definitely too snug for my comfort level.

  23. I’m still not sure about the shacket either, but do prefer this version, thank you. I am wondering what this style will look like with the sleeves rolled up a bit.

  24. Those sneakers look like the Morrison Naturalizer I told you about that I purchased and love. Great look. I do like this shacket but didn’t like the plaid one. I think this one fits your body better and not so “lumberjack” like you said. I think you look really updated and cute in this outfit. Great post.

  25. I am a shacket fan and I really like how this one is made. However, the price point means that I won’t be adding it to my closet. My fingers are crossed that it will go on sale at some point. You look fabulous in this outfit! I hope that you are having a great day!

  26. Agree 100% with Gina d That i too prefer the solid neutral shacket over the plaid bUt the pockets EMPHASIZE A part of my body that i wish to minimize rather than maximize. I agree that fixer upper can get repetitive. Check out boise boys on hgtv. They are two men who Are opposites in many ways who RENOVATE in idaho. They are Family oriented christian men. Its a fun show.

  27. Yikes with the small & large caps…. writing oN ipad. Looks like it’s all large cap when im typing but then is a mix when posted……

  28. I have mixed feelings about the Shacket too. It’s a little too 90’s throwback for me, especially with the mom jeans and keds? It might be cute with more fitted jeans (especially in a dark wash) and wedges? Idk… it’s definitely tricky to style! You’re braver than I probably will be!

  29. I used to have a pretty moleskin one in black about 15 years ago. I donated it years ago because it just wasn’t I style anymore and I felt ridiculous wearing it.

    Just figures huh.

  30. Hi Jo- Lynne,

    Just saw that this sachet is on sale now and I wonder should I go for it? I mean is it a trend that will , at least, last until autumn? Spring is going fast and where I live we aren’t going out much now, due to the pandemic….

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