Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do

Fifteen years ago, I brought you home with me, and we began our journey together.  This was not your first home, but I gladly welcomed you into our family.

Our relationship has had its ups and downs, but for the most part, we’ve been content with our respective roles.  Of course, there were the times when you spewed mashed potatoes or flour all over my counters, but it wasn’t your fault.  I expected too much of you.  And I know that I’ve worked you hard over the past few months with all of my bread making, but you’ve performed admirably.

The thing is, you are rather small, and I’m not sure you’re up to the task.  So I need to tell you that I have found a replacement, and it’s time for you to retire.  You probably knew this was coming, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier.

You will like your new home in the basement with the other rarely used appliances to keep you company.  I promise to write.  And visit occasionally.  And I may need your services if your replacement should ever need a tune up.

But for now, you’ll need to clear out your living quarters.  Because there’s a new girl in town.


Today she made four loaves of bread at once.  It was quite impressive, I must say.  And you should see the double batch of granola she can churn out.  I’m eagerly awaiting the day I make mashed potatoes for a crowd, and I don’t have white stuff spewing all over the kitchen.

It is with regret that I bid you a fond farewell, but it’s time.  Never forget the good times.  I know I won’t.

old mixer

*Yes, I’m spoiled.  The new mixer was my Christmas gift for my mom.  Thanks Mom!!