Burgundy Cowl Neck Tunic + Blackout Leggings

Greetings, friends! Today is Day 12 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion, and I’m wearing a burgundy tunic I’ve shared once before. I’m so happy it’s still available because so many things sell out quickly, and this is a great piece that can be worn multiple ways.

I originally wore this tunic with grey jeans and black ankle boots, but I’ve also worn it with leggings and OTK boots so I wanted to show you that option as well.

I’m always a sucker for a good cowl neck top, and this side slit cowl neck tunic doesn’t disappoint. I like the quality of the knit, and it’s thin without being flimsy. If you tend to overheat easily or live in a warmer climate, I think you’ll like the weight of this top. There’s a very subtle ribbed texture to the cowl, sleeves, and hem, and the side slits make it easy to move around in.

At my height (5’5″) it is just barely long enough to wear with leggings. At first I thought I wouldn’t wear it this way, but I tried it and found that I actually felt quite comfortable in it. I actually wore this exact outfit to church one Sunday morning last month. This tunic comes in about 8 colors, and I have it in the small (for size reference.) It’s true to size for this brand, but if in doubt, size down.

I’m really impressed with these Hue blackout leggings. I’ve always worn and recommended the Hue ultra wide waistband leggings, but these blackout leggings are thicker and darker, and they have a seam down the front. I bought them after I saw another blogger friend of mine recommend them, and they’re definitely thicker and nicer than the other pair.

The other pair is fine, but these have more coverage and I feel like they’re dressier too. I’ll still wear my old ones around the house, but I like the darker, thicker feel of these blackout leggings for when I’m dressed up to go somewhere. For size reference, I have the medium.

If you’re looking for a super thick legging that is more like pants material, I recommend the White House Black Market solution ponte leggings. They’re great for those looking for maximum coverage.

I accessorized with these Kendra Scott Lyn drop earrings and a Gorjana stone cuff I snagged for 40% off during the #NSale, but it has since sold out.

I love how these earrings make a bit of a statement without being too much. They are a little heavier than some, so bear that in mind if that’s an issue for you, but they don’t bother me at all. I didn’t need a necklace with this top, so I wanted an earring that stands out a little bit, and this Bordeaux color in the stone is perfect with my sweater.

My cuff bracelet has sold out, but this one is similar, just without the stones.

I’m wearing CND Indigo Frock on my nails. It’s one of my favorite colors for this time of year because it’s neutral enough to go with everything, but it’s a deep, rich color that’s perfect for winter.

When I wear leggings, I usually wear tall boots. I feel like it’s more flattering and less like I’m wearing tights. These Blondo Olivia boots were an #NSale purchase to replace a similar pair I had for the past few years that got ruined. (Long story, but I was really bummed because I love this style.) There are only a few sizes at DSW, but the Blondo Velma is very similar. Both are waterproof (all Blondo boots are) which is really nice when you live in an area that gets a lot of messy winter weather as I do.

These Corso Como boots are similar too, and there are more sizes available. I have tried those as well, and I can attest that they’re gorgeous boots, but they aren’t waterproof.

I had said I’d be sharing holiday-appropriate outfits this week, and this is definitely an option for a casual at-home get-together with friends or family, or a casual dinner out. Some of you have mentioned that you don’t attend holiday parties, per se, but if you have a casual event around holiday time that requires leveling up a bit without being super dressy, this outfit is perfect for that type of gathering.

Halogen Side Slit Cowl Neck Tunic // Hue Blackout Leggings //  Tory Burch McGraw Chain Shoulder Tote // Blondo Olivia Knee High Boots // Kendra Scott Lyn Drop Earrings // Gorjana Stone Cuff (old)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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30 Responses

  1. That color is Gorgeous on you!  I love this outfit.  It’s pretty and looks comfortable, which is the recipe for a perfect outfit in my book.  What lip color(s) are you wearing? 

    1. Thank you, Shane! I was wearing a mix of colors to make a bold pink to go with another outfit we shot on the same day. I meant to change to a darker color between shoots and I forgot.

  2. I really love the Halogen and Caslon brands at Nordstrom. That’s a beautiful sweater and looks great both ways you’ve styled it. I’m a sucker for Kendra Scott jewelry and love those earrings. Good luck at the dentist. YAY for being finished with that whole process.

  3. I am in love with these boots! Do they stay put? I have a pair of over the knee boots that keep sliding down my leg and eventually get bunched up around my knee which looks horrible and feel so uncomfortable, so I am looking for a pair that stays up over my knee when I am walking around…

    1. These boots do stay put. I haven’t had any issues with them. The leather is pretty stiff. I also heard Kelly (of Adore Your Wardrobe) say it is best to store boots with the stuffing inside them, and on their side. I don’t do that – mine are all standing up – but it makes sense that over time, that could cause them to slouch. I do keep stuffing in them, though, and they don’t really slouch much but some bend a little — probably not good for them.

  4. This outfit looks really good on you Jo-Lynne!  I may have to look into the leggings, to see if I will feel more comfortable wearing them out and about.  I don’t want to look like I’m in my lounging pants.  Is the sizing of the Hue leggings TTS?  Have a great day!

  5. Good to hear you can finally put a period at the end of your tooth ordeal!  I hate anything to do with teeth!  Oh, and anything than can happen between your waist & knees, is another area I dread.  Nothing good can come out of it!  Yikes!  Onto your stunning OOOTD.  Again, great color combo that looks so good on you!  I’d love to be able to wear leggings, but I just don’t have the figure for them. However, I did find a pair of seamed ponte ankle pants with a skinny silhouette that seem to work well for me.  I like the idea of the tall black boots, I’ll have to give that look a try!  Thank you for all your  ideas!  My daughters always bust me over my “maintenance schedule”:  nails (I chose  CND Tartan Punk this time) every 2 1/2 weeks, hair colored every 6 weeks & wax/trim every 3 weeks, which makes it appear like  I’m always at the salon (cause I am)!!  Gotta take care of this 62 year old face & hair!

    1. You crack me up. My maintenance schedule is pretty much like yours. 🙂 I also hate anything with teeth… and the other region, well, yeah. I see to have a lot more issues with my mouth, though.

  6. Great color on you. Let’s just think of maintenence this time of year as Christmas present to ourselves. Enjoying your winter blog so much. I’ve learned lots. Thanks.

  7. I love your simple but turned up a notch classic style. Although we have different body types, I learn a lot from your explanations of why certain items and proportions work and why they don’t. You do good work!

  8. I just bought a pair of the Hue black out leggings and LOVE them! So comfortable and I love the seam down the front. Makes them dressier. Very cute tunic!! The color is lovely on you!

  9. I feel your tooth pain and wish you all the best! I had 2 wisdom teeth and a root canal tooth  gone bad extracted today! The implant post was also put in today! Now, get to wait til it heals before they can place the crown! Uggg! Things could be worse, right! 

  10. I love the color of this sweater in your photos. I went to the Nordstrom site and it looks so much more brownish than the purplish in your photos. Would you say that your photos make it look more on the purple side than it actually is or is it more purplish than the Nordstrom site makes it appear. Thanks and love your blog!

  11. I. LOVE. THE. COLOR. OF. THAT. COWLNECK (and, of course, it looked gorgeous on you)! Don’t get me started about teeth issues though — I can entirely relate! When I was in my 20s: I had all my wisdom teeth extracted within THREE DAYS (ouch!). I have to now watch (probably, from just age) that I don’t go overboard eating Raisinets or (what I’ll just get a dying taste for!) Dove chocolate shelled almond ice cream popsicles. If I go on a “binge” (lol): my gums will start feeling like I got, literally, hit in the jaw. I guess(?), though, I should consider that as a natural warning lesson of some sort to stop doing it (because I certainly don’t want to deal with the weight gain from it either — but I do notice eating chocolate makes my hair grow to the length I want it faster!).

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