Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

Hello, friends! Happy hump day, we’re halfway there! Today I’m styling a camo tee that I picked up at the Lucky Brand store a couple months ago. I’m a sucker for a camo print, for some reason. I guess I like the edgy vibe.


Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

I hate to do this again, but this camo tee also sold out while I was waiting for the weather to warm up enough to style it. I usually check these things before I shoot an outfit, but I was off my game this week.

Usually I can find Lucky Brand products on Amazon or Zappo’s after they sell out at the Lucky Brand store, but this tee seems to be gone off the face of the earth. I did some sleuthing and found a similar style on Amazon, but I can’t vouch for the quality or give you sizing advice. At least the price is nice!

Also, American Eagle has one right now, and so does Target. (Thanks to my awesome commenters for the tips!)

Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

I paired my camo tee with my favorite black distressed skinnies, but this top would also be cute with white jeans, blue jeans, grey jeans… even pink or coral! Camo looks great with almost any color because it reads as a neutral.

Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

I debated my shoe choice for a while before settling on my pewter lace-up flats. I wanted to wear sneakers with it, but I only have white ones, and they looked too stark against this dark color palette. Maybe if I’d worn white jeans or a white jean jacket with the black jeans, I could have pulled off white sneakers, but I found myself wishing I had black or grey Converse in my closet.

Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

To add interest (and because it was cold, yo!) I topped it off with a denim jacket. I love the fit of this jacket, and it runs true to size. I’m wearing a medium. For a less expensive option, try Old Navy.

Today I'm styling a camo tee outfit for spring with black distressed skinny ankle jeans, a denim jacket, and pewter lace-up flats.

For makeup, I went with a pink lip to lighten up the look and make it more feminine. I blended my daily go-to Nars lipstick in Rosecliff with MAC’s Pink Nouveau. The pink on its own is pretty bright and a little light for my complexion, but when I mix those two colors, I get a nice, summery shade of pink. I topped it off with this MAC Lipglass in Cultured. I use that on top of all of my lipsticks (except when I wear red.)

I accessorized with my Lucky Brand beaded hoops and pave necklace, and I added some Alex and Ani bangles for jewlery.

Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

This is an easy outfit that is perfect for my stay-at-home lifestyle, and it makes a great weekend look for those who work in a more professional environment. I actually wore this to my daughter’s basketball game one night last week. It was cold, so I put my long puffer coat on top, but thankfully it seems to be warming up for good here in Philly, and I’m looking forward to only needing a light jacket.

Today I'm styling a camo tee outfit for spring with black distressed skinny ankle jeans, a denim jacket, and pewter lace-up flats.

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Lucky Brand camo tee (similar styles at Amazon, AEO, and Target) // similar AG deconstructed black jeans here and here (similar for less) // denim jacket (less expensive options) // pewter lace-up flats // beaded hoops // pave necklace // Alex and Ani bangles // Ray-Ban aviators

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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17 thoughts on “Camo Tee Outfit for Spring

  1. I think it’s so much fun that camo has become a neutral! I’m from Colorado and remember when it was just for hunters!! A stylish girl would never wear it—ha ha!!
    I really think the pewter lace ups look perfect with this—I know I tend to want to add more dressiness to an outfit, and I think these shoes do it better than sneakers!! Just my opinion!

  2. Target was selling a v-neck cotton blend t-shirt by Merona. Maybe they still have it? I bought one last Fall & it’s very comfy. Was very cheap…like $10

  3. Love the outfit! I love Lucky Brand and was bummed it is out of stock. I did find one at American Eagle online and it’s BOGO 50% off . Also, if you shop the app it’s 25% and BOGO!

  4. With the weather we are having this color palette would work. 🙂 lol l sooooo want sun and when we do, I like brighter colors or neutrals, but you look good in the outfit. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed all the Spring styles with Cyndi and you. Hate for it to end. 🙂

  5. Love those flats and they will got with a lot of the neutral colors I wear for spring, in place of my usual black. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love camo! Target has one, too, on their table of folded tees. Not as long as the one in your post, though. Mossimo, I think.

  7. You look adorable!! thanks for all the great ideas!! Have fun in Savannah! One of my favorite cities! Do the tour so you can determine what you want to see in more depth. There are some great shops there too. The weather should be great!! Julie L, GA

  8. Love the top dressed up with the flats! Bummer it’s not available but it did inspire me to order some camo shorts from Nordstroms. I think they will be fun to wear all summer with simple t shirts and my shorelines.. Maybe you could incorporate some flat lays when you are buying stuff that is way ahead of when you can wear it. Love your blog and all the inspiration!

  9. Love the camo tee dressed up with the flats! Its a shame that tee isn’t available though it did inspire to order a pair of camo shorts from Nordstrom. I’m inspired by your pic and think I could wear them all summer with t shirts and my shoreline converse. We’ll see! Maybe you could incorporate some flat lays into your blog when you are buying cute spring/summer stuff but aren’t able to wear them yet because of the weather. It’s raining like crazy in the PNW but that isn’t stopping me from buying spring clothes and dreaming of the sun! Love your blog and am always inspired.

  10. Not a fan of camo! Guess I am the only one but I enjoy seeing different styles since we have similar builds! Thanks!

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