Casual Holiday Style Inspiration: Festive Sweaters

I’ve had a lot of requests for more casual holiday style this year, and I get you. My life is pretty casual too. I always like to have a festive sweater in my closet that I can throw on with jeans and feel instantly dressed up and holiday ready.

So today I’m sharing an outfit I put together with just that kind of sweater… and I’m also rounding up a bunch of other fun options at a variety of price points for your casual holiday outfit inspiration!

Casual Holiday Style: Shimmer Sweater with Black Jeans and Pumps

This shimmer v-neck sweater from LOFT pretty much the definition of casual holiday style. It has a relaxed fit, a modest v-neck, and just a touch of shimmer. The metallic bronze color is a bit unexpected but still holiday-appropriate.

In a see of red and black, this sweater will set you apart without making you stand out… if that makes sense.

This sweater is 27″ long, so not as short as some sweaters this season. I left mine untucked because I thought it looked best with the ribbed split hem, but you could give it a front-tuck if you want to make it shorter.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing LOFT Shimmer V-Neck Sweater

It runs true to size (I’m wearing my usual LOFT small, for reference) and it’s currently 40% off!

I went with a bold earring and wore a simple necklace, but I actually think I’d like this sweater better with more of a statement necklace… the things I notice when I look at my outfit pictures.

This is why I say to take pictures of your outfits and then compare them. For some reason, you see things in pictures that you may not see in the mirror.

I paired this sweater with black jeans and pumps, but you could totally wear it with blue jeans and booties or flats if you wanted to dress it down some.

Rather than a clutch, I carried a luxe leather shoulder bag, because when I go to a friend’s house or a casual event, I usually want to carry more things than a clutch can handle. Either works, it just depends on your needs and preferences.

I realize the price tag on this bag is steep, but it does go on sale. I got mine for 30% off during the Tory Burch Fall Event, and it’s an elegant and timeless bag that I hope to have for many years.

This is how I like to do casual holiday style. I’d wear this outfit wear out to dinner with friends during holiday season, to Christmas events at church, and even for New Year’s Eve! It would also work for more casual office parties.

Casual Holiday Style: Shimmer Sweater with Black Jeans and Pumps

Outfit Details:

shimmer sweater // similar jeans (option) // similar pumps // earrings // similar necklace // shoulder bag (option)

Shop More Festive Sweaters

FYI: All LOFT sweaters are 40% off today; and White House Black Market has free shipping on orders over $100. Plus, I was able to get 40% off my WHBM order this morning with code 61059.

I believe it’s for VIP members only, but it’s free to join their VIP program, and you always get an additional 5% off your purchases with that membership, so I highly recommend it.

Many of the sweaters below come in more colors than what is shown here, so be sure to click through to see all your options!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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29 thoughts on “Casual Holiday Style Inspiration: Festive Sweaters

  1. This top popped up on my Facebook feed. I thought it looked like a cute, fun top for a casual holiday party:
    I am thinking of ordering it, but if you give a link to it, I will order it through your link. We host an annual Yankee Swap pot-luck dinner for a group of friends, and I was thinking this would be a fun top for the party (with black jeans and fancy black flats.)
    Time to get into the spirit of the season.

  2. The color of the sweater is perfect for your skin tone. You’ve provided your followers with some great options for holiday sweaters. I appreciate reading your blog and all the hard work you put into it!🌹

  3. Glad you made it back home safely and enjoyed your conference. I may have to try this sweater because I bought some snake booties that are an odd brownish, rust color and been looking for a sweater to go with them. I thought I would just do a cream or white but kinda boring. Is the sweater at all scratchy on the inside? 

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s soft, but it doesn’t bother me. That said, others often disagree with my assessment of how scratchy/itchy a sweater is, so I think I’m just not very sensitive to fabrics.

  4. I love this sparkly V neck sweater for the holidays. I’m often stumped as to what necklace to wear with them. The thin simple necklaces don’t look “holiday fancy” enough to me, but I don’t know what to replace it with. Do you have suggestions as to what you would do? Thanks for all your posts!

  5. Welcome home and to the holiday rush!  With one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think a lot of people are going to end up in a tizzy.  That is a great looking sweater and a very nice outfit on you!  I agree that a statement necklace would compliment the sweater.  You are so right about taking a selfie to see how an outfit looks.  Doing that has helped me to make some necessary adjustments on more than one occasion.  Have a great day!

  6. Hi JoLynn,

    If you sign up with Best Buy to receive emails, etc.  you can get 20% off.  I just tried it on the Dyson dryer and it works!  I was on the fence myself until I read your post but now I am getting one!  Thanks for the recommendation.  

  7. I love this simple holiday outfit. I’ve ordered the sweater and wondering what type of necklace you’d put with it. You’re a cool undertone, right? Do you think this goes with warm undertones too?

  8. Help!
    Ok I love a good holiday sweater, here is the but…..
    I live in California and it was 93 yesterday. While this is seasonally above average it is normal for us to be too warm for holiday sweaters.
    I’m looking for fun graphic tee’s preferably with v neck. I can then layer with my light weight cardigan.
    If you have see some I would love some ideas to look festive and casual.
    Love you, and your blog!

  9. That’s a beautiful sweater, and it looks lovely on you! Perfect for holiday occasions. It comes in Petite sizes as well.

    That sweater also comes in Metallic Blue, on a different page at Loft. They’re both really pretty.

  10. These looks and sweater options are right up my alley… jeans and a dressed up top or festive sweater.. I picked up a few nice tops that can be worn with jeans but aren’t over dressy when we were over to the states last weekend and even took the plunge and bought a beautiful red sweater! It’s also fun to have that one festive sweater I did that too 😊

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne!  I, too, like the metallic color option of this sweater. It’s such a nice change.  Thanks for posting this and thank you for all your hard work. 

    I have a comment\question.  It appears that your blog format has changed.  Is that correct?  I have a newer model iPad, and when I opened the blog post today, I could hardly find your pictures and posts due to the amount of ads!  And because they keep refreshing, it’s quite difficult to read.  Is this the new normal? (asking for a friend 😉)

    I have always enjoyed your blog because you have wonderful (large) photos and the content is always interesting, informative, and fun, and again, thank you for all you do for your followers.

    1. Hey Sylvia, nothing has changed. That is so odd! Ugh, I hate ads, but they are necessary – they help offset the costs of running the website. Can you tell me what browser you’re reading on? I guess you already said it’s the iPad you’re using, that was my next question. I always look at my site on a phone or desktop, but I’ll borrow my daughter’s iPad and take a look. I can ask my ad network if anything has been changed, but they shouldn’t do anything that I don’t approve.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.  What’s weird is that today’s post was “back to normal” and looks fine.  I took some screenshots from yesterday’s post but I don’t know how to share them here yet. If I can figure it out I’ll send them so you can compare. 

    1. It’s insane, right!?! I never really considered them, I love my T3 and the price of the Dyson is UP there. But the I tried Cyndi’s, and the difference in my hair is astounding. I am back home, using my regular dryer, and my hair has more frizz and didn’t hold the shape I tried to put in it. I wonder if it could also be the water? I mean, I find it hard to believe a dryer could make THAT much difference. I wish I could try one here at home before investing.

  12. I’m glad you left the sweater untucked. I think the length is good on you. I don’t really get the tucking sweater trend.  I get tucking t-shirts, but not sweaters.  Is it what is trending or another reason?  I think the color of the sweater is really nice for something different.  Thanks for sharing something more casual. 

    1. I feel like it’s silly too, but sometimes it really does help the overall proportions look better. In this case, the sweater really is too long – it kind of cuts me in half – but I still felt like with the style of it, it looked better left out.

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