Chocolate, How Great Is My Love For Thee?

This tin was full of assorted chocolate truffles when I bought it on Monday.  At 50% off, I might add.  Chocolate and a bargain — the perfect marriage.

This is what’s left today, a mere three days later.

One lone white chocolate truffle.  How sad.

I wish I could tell you that I had a lot of help eating these truffles.  But the truth is, I had very little help at all.  I did send all the hazelnut truffles in my husband’s lunch one day.  But that’s only because they’re the one kind I don’t like.

Lindt truffles are my very favorite chocolate treat.  I can’t pass by a store without buying a small bag.  (Or a large tin, evidently.)

I even have a system.  OCD much?

First I eat all the ones in the red wrappers.  Those are the milk chocolates.  My favorites. 

Then I eat all the ones in the orange wrappers.  Orange is peanut butter.  It’s sort of a toss-up as to which is my favorite, the peanut butter or the milk chocolate, but I always start with the red wrappers just the same. 

Then I go to the blue — the dark chocolates. 

Finally if there are any yellow wrappers (white chocolate) left, I will make do with those, but I’m not a huge white chocolate fan. 

But no matter how badly I’m craving chocolate, I do not eat the hazelnuts.  A girl’s gotta have some standards.

This afternoon my last dark chocolate truffle met a very unfortunate demise.  I was looking forward to treasuring every last morsel of the last of the "good chocolates". 

I carefully removed the blue wrapper from the candy.  I took the ball of chocolate goodness between my thumb and index finger, and then that slippery bugger jumped right out of my hand.  I tried to grab it but all I got was a fistful of air. 

It fell on the floor and began to roll towards the stove.  I dropped to the floor in a vain attempt to grab it before it disappeared beneath the oven.  Thinking I could easily retrieve it, I knelt down to find that my precious chocolate was not the only thing hiding under there.

It lay among a collection of crumbs and toys and dust bunnies that have no doubt been accumulating for the entire lifetime of this house, which is about five years.

As I knelt there on the floor, surveying the scene, I had a decision to make.  To what lengths am I willing to go for a piece of chocolate? 

Nope, not even a piece of Lindt dark chocolate is worth the task of cleaning under that stove.  So there it sits.

Now if it had been a milk chocolate, the outcome may have been very different.

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39 thoughts on “Chocolate, How Great Is My Love For Thee?

  1. I LOVE Lindt truffles!! The blue and black (really dark chocolate) ones are my favorite.

    PS, I don’t even want to THINK of what is under our stove.

  2. LOL…glad to hear that I’m not the only one who could eat through a tin of chocolate like that in 3 days! Also glad to hear I’m not the only one with lots of scary things under my stove (which will stay there until we move if I can help it!)


  3. ROFL!!! You’re better than me, I’da been under that oven with a broomstick – something, ANYTHING that I could drag that baby out with. And straight to the sink I’d go to rinse it off.

    I’m willing to sacrifice the outer layer, yes. The whole dang thing? Uhh..NO!

  4. I think I would have used a stick to get it, washed it off and eaten it. Well, I guess it depends on how bad it really was. I like the hazelnut ones though. And the white chocolate ones.

    Is there ANY type of chocolate that I do not like? I don’t know!

  5. This post did not help the fact that I haven’t had sugar since Monday. But you can bet when I decide I am a big enough girl and can “handle” my sugar I’ll be trying some Lindt. Sounds nummy!

  6. I now have a picture in my head on you diving for the ball before it went under the stove. LOL. Too funny. You can pass all the hazelnut ones through the screen for my daughter. She loves anything hazelnut. But like you, I’m not a huge fan. But I love all the other ones. Gotta go now and find some chocolate. I think I have a Terri’s dark chocolate orange here somewhere.

  7. I can imagine everything going in slow motion as it rolled under the stove while you’re yelling “noooooooooo!” I’m so, so very sorry. I wish this story had a happier ending. But do hang on to the memory of what it felt like and sounded like to open the wrapper. I know that beautiful sound well. It’s magical.

  8. Leigh – I like that! Except in the commercial, the desperate housewife would have scrounged under the oven until she retrieved the precious chocolate and ate it, dust and all.

    I wonder if there is any avenue to submit that idea for a commercial. Seriously. Anyone have any idea???

  9. Too funny! I just wrote a few days ago about how in my desparation to eat something sweet that I picked away the exterior of a carmel candy coated in white chocolate! I’ll trade you your Hazelnuts for my white chocolate.

  10. I give Lindt as a gift quite often, but I confess that I’ve never eaten any. It looks so good, I just know if I eat one that will be the end for me and you’d find me moving the stove to get any I’d dropped. I had tons of it around for Christmas and now its all gone and I didn’t eat any. Too bad I can’t say the same about all of the other stuff we had around for the holidays.

  11. I grabbed a red wrapped Lindt truffle from an offering of free goodies at Safeway, trying to remember from this post what the red ones were.

    Orgasmically decadent mouthful of chocolate heaven, it was.

    Now I’m so regretting not buying the little bag of holiday Lindts they had for sale.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering for the giveaway! The only thing is, I have to run out and buy a fresh batch of chocolate. They seem to be disappearing fast. I don’t know how that could happen…….

    Well, could you resist a full bag of truffles? I think not.

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