Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

It’s that time again!  In fact, it crept up on me this year.  I was on Twitter last night, and I saw the link to The Tour of Tours and realized it was already up and running and I had missed out!  Oh well, better late than never, right?  I immediately set about taking pictures of our various Christmassy decorations, and when I got to the family room where my husband was watching the Eagles, he started in.  “Those are never going to look right.”  “You need to use a tripod.”  “Why are you holding down the flash?  You should use a setting for that.”

I am not and have never proclaimed to be a fancy photographer, although I routinely drool over photos like Emily’s and Dawn’s.

Finally my husband said, “Just stop.  I’ll do it.  Hand it over.  Go to bed; I’ll upload them to iPhoto when I’m done.”

And that, my friends, is why I’ve never bothered to figure out how to take pictures like Emily and Dawn.

Needless to say, I gladly handed over the camera and went to bed.  And when I woke up this morning, THIS is what I found in iPhoto.  (With a few tweaks and edits from me in Photoshop Elements.)  (Actually, this ended up being a joint effort.  I took a bunch more pictures this morning in the daylight.)  (I think I am rather fond of parentheticals.)


Welcome! Won’t you come in?











Please, take a peanut butter ball on your way out.  Oh, you want the recipe?  It just so happens that I have a post with that, complete with a vlog showing how I dip them.  I got this recipe from my aunt many years ago, and I make them every year.



I hope you enjoyed your tour! Feel free to stay a while and look around, but I know you have a lot of houses to visit.  Be sure to leave a comment if you stopped by so I can return the visit.