Fashion Friday: Wraps and Accessories

I had two people email me fashion questions this week.  I had to giggle.  I really am so NOT a fashion expert.  But I’ve learned a lot in the last few years from reading fashion blogs and by making a concerted effort to pay attention, so I’ll do my best.  As always, I want to hear what YOU think about these fashion conundrums.

First, Christie has an urgent request:

It’s the husband’s work party this weekend. Got me the dress, which looks much cuter than this picture shows.   What shoes and jewelery would you recommend?  I turn to you because you are the master accessorizer.  🙂


CUTE dress!  Having met you, I think that will look BEAUTIFUL on you.

For shoes, you could go with red patent leather pumps for a real pop.


Or Metallic is a nice option.


Of course black patent leather is always classy.


For jewelry, you definitely want something in the neck.  And a chunky bracelet.  Oooh.  If they still have it, I got a bracelet at Banana.  I wore it last night and got a ton of compliments.  Such a nice statement.  Of COURSE it’s not online.  But it was like this, but more strands, and chunkier.


In looking around for jewelry, I’m seeing way more gold than silver. I don’t know what you prefer, but I just think silver is nicer with that dress.  I’m thinking of something like this in the neck, although again, I’d do silver if I could find it.  You want something that dips, I think, since the neckline is such a deep V.  Ooooh, what about this?

wreath charm necklace

Or for a more delicate look, something along these lines.


Of course you’ll want to coordinate the necklace and bracelet somewhat.  I think I’d go with metallic shoes and some of the chunkier jewelry.  I love the bracelet pictured above but I didn’t find a necklace that I’m in love with.  Of course if your party is THIS WEEKEND you won’t be ordering online anyway.

And yes, I realize that everything I posted is really spendy.  These are just ideas.  You should be able to find any of these items at various price points, depending on where you like to shop.

* * *

Then a few days ago Andrea sent me this:

I have a semi-formal party next weekend and need a shawl type thing to go around my shoulders (dress is sleeveless).  I have no idea how to wear or tie a shawl around me. I don’t really want to drap it over shoulders, as I would get annoyed by that quickly!  Any ideas?

I’ve seen it done several ways.  You can, of course, drape it, as you say.  But it is cumbersome that way.

Another idea is to drape it over your shoulders and around in front and then back under your arms and tie it in the back.  My mom did this with a stiffer wrap over her gown to my brother’s wedding.  It looked elegant and stayed out of her way.

Or you can wrap it around in front of you and throw the one end over your shoulder.  Depending on the material, it may stay put.  OR you can secure it with a really pretty, festive pin.  I did this last year b/c I was so ding-dang cold at the party I went to!  I put it around my shoulders from behind, with the ends in the front, and then I put one piece across my body and threw the other over the opposite shoulder.  It stayed in place that way and kept me warm, and it has a sort of fun, dramatic look worn that way.  Of course, it obscures the front of your outfit, so you have to be willing to sacrifice that.

I hope that helps.  Maybe we’ll get some more innovative suggestions in the comments.

* * *

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