The Must-Have Scarf for Fall/Winter 2020

Cooler temperatures are setting in, scarf weather is officially here! I’ve been asked a few times if scarves are still in style.

Scarves as an accessory category never go out of style, but scarf styles do go in and out of vogue. Right now we’re definitely seeing a shift away from infinity scarves and those big square plaid blanket scarves that were all the rage a few years ago. But scarves are most certainly being worn as an appropriate outerwear accessory.

My go-to fall/winter scarf for the past few seasons has been my grey Everlane cashmere scarf.

In my opinion, it’s the perfect size and weight. It’s a more traditional style, not the super long wrap-up-in-it kind of scarves that are trending right now, but a scarf you can have in your wardrobe forever.

I wear it often — with my leather jacket, with my quilted coat, with a puffer vest, and sometimes just with a sweater when I want a little extra warmth without a jacket. The especially nice thing is, it rolls up and easily stows away in a tote when you don’t need it.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans, black Bernardo leather moto jacket, and Everlane cashmere scarf

This year, Everlane came back with this scarf in a bunch of new colors, and on a whim, I ordered three of them — the cinnamon, oatmeal, and black.

I wish I’d taken a picture of all three together because it was actually the three of those scarves laying together that inspired me to put this outfit together.

(I ended up returning the oatmeal and black, and I kept this cinnamon color.)

I think this picture was probably taken right after the one above it — that piece of hair kept flying my face and driving me nuts, lol!

Anyway, I think this combination of colors is so pleasing, especially for this time of year.

My leather jacket is old, and for some reason, there just aren’t a lot of good similar options out there at the moment. I really like how mine has some moto details, but it’s rather understated without a lot of metal. It’s very versatile.

Here are a few to check out, if you’re in the market for one.

Underneath, I’m wearing the Halogen cashmere v-neck sweater in the oatmeal color, and I added a Victoria Emerson boho cuff.

This sweater just went on sale, and the price is fantastic. It’s definitely the time to stock up!

These are the Express luxe comfort knit black skinny jeans that I styled last week with the pink coat. They have that faded “washed black” look to them that’s very much on trend right now. I like how it makes them a little more casual than an inky black wash.

They run true to size, and they’re also on sale — 50% off!

To complete the look, I wore my Marc Fisher Yale Chelsea boots. They definitely have a bit of an edge to them, but they’re still pretty classic, and also very comfortable.

I often get asked how I tie my scarf. I just wrap it around and put one end through the loop. That’s it! There’s actually a quick “scarf demo” on my Insta Story, if you need to see it in action. I saved it to my highlights.

When I ran out to the mall yesterday, it was windy but not terribly cold, and I wore practically this exact same outfit.

The leather jacket provided a nice barrier while the scarf kept my neck warm, and I didn’t have to futz with a coat. Easy, comfortable, and chic! It doesn’t get any better than that.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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18 Responses

  1. The color of the scarf is so pretty and it adds just the right touch to your outfit.  There are no rules for the Thanksgiving meal 🥘.  You opted to do what works best for you and your family.  Quality time with your family is what matters the most, not who cooked the bulk of the food.  I am going to make one of the chocolate pecan pies this morning before we have to head out, then tomorrow I will have the other one to bake (for the neighbors) along with the Tex-Mex Mac ‘n Cheese for dinner.  No, I am not making my dough from scratch like your gifted daughter.  Make it a great day!

  2. Love this outfit ! Did you get the regular length in the jeans ? Honestly, my beef with skinny jeans are when they bag in the knees and I’ve never found a pair (for me) that don’t do that. I’ve tried every price point of jean and it still happens. Yours always look good and don’t seem to do that. I have slim legs, but still. That’s why i just gave up on them, it was just a waste of money. But every time I see a pair on a blogger, I always wonder if those will be “the ones”, but I cannot bring myself to order them, LOL. Seems like a silly problem huh. Have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  3. It’s not cheating, Jo-Lynne! Your family will be together and that’s what matters. I’m intrigued by the pudding! I usually make pumpkin creme Brulee and everyone gets to sprinkle sugar on their own and use my kitchen torch. I’m not sure I’ll make it at all this year. 🙁 This will be the first year in at least 30 years that I didn’t have at least 25 for Thanksgiving dinner. But I keep telling myself this too shall pass.
    I love the Everlane scarves. Often scarves are too short to suit me and this one is perfect– not too long and not too short. I have the black and the grey and wear them most of the time– to the point that it’s probably time to cull the winter scarf herd. These scarves are a great gift for someone special.

  4. My thoughts on this holiday season are do what works best for you and your family. We’re going to gather outdoors at my in-laws this year so that will be interesting. And, as we don’t care much for turkey, I ordered my usual stuffed chicken and will prepare the fixin’s so we can have Thanksgiving leftovers! Yum! Relax and enjoy the time with your children. 🙂 And I absolutely love the color combo of cinnamon and oatmeal! It’s lovely! ~Now I’m headed over to the Gift Ideas for Teen Girls post – I have a 17 year old to buy for! Thanks!

  5. I’m all about the easy route these days. So, good on you! You’ll have a delicious meal with all your favourites with less work. Bonus! I’d love the recipe for your sweet potato pudding. 

    I never would have paired cinnamon with black but it works. Love this outfit! 

  6. Love the unusual color combo of oatmeal, cinnamon and black! Looks as good as it sounds too. Good for you to order the bulk of your meal from Whole Foods. Fab idea! Anything we can do to reduce our stress and irritability, boost relaxation and fun together is a good thing. 2020 is a doozy. You will enjoy the day so much more without the aggro. Plus, you’ll have fun making the special family recipes.

  7. I’ve purchased our Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods for the last three years. Not one regret. Can’t wait to go pick it up! It’s delicious. 

  8. Wish I could order from Whole Foods. My family and myself have multiple food allergies so we can’t order anything. We have to change up everything. It’s hard. I’m not hosting this year as I do every other. Great year to have off. I’m just not into it all Right now. Mainly the fighting the grocery store crowds with covid. I’ve already moved onto Christmas. Lol. Wrapped all my gifts today. I’m all done. :). Although, I will be making some dishes to take to my daughters Thursday. Just going to be the 4 of us…..5 counting her baby. She’s the best part. :). I think your idea to order most of it is great. A lot of work to cook it all just for 5 of you. Enjoy. 

  9. It’s just hubby and me this year and I’ve decided to skip the big turkey dinner too. Instead a chicken pot pie, his favorite, and some sides to eat on over the weekend!

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