Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Greetings, friends! It’s time for another holiday gift guide — this one for teen girls! (See all of my 2020 holiday gift guides here!)

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If I know about anything, it’s teen girls. (Mine are 15 and almost 18.) I actually went through their personal holiday wish lists to come up with some of these ideas, some are from Amy (she has a teenage daughter as well), and others are just things I thought were fun. Let’s get started!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

#1. American Eagle Fleece Oversized Side Slit Hoodie // My 15-y/o loves her AE hoodies and sweatshirts, and this one is long enough to wear with leggings.

#2. Hello Kitty Hello Tray // A cute way to help them stay organized.

#3. Apple Watch Series 6 // A splurge gift for sure, but I’ve been told tons of the kids at the high school have an Apple Watch… Hmmmmm. We will have to wait and see if Santa is feeling this generous this year, but I thought I would include it in case anyone is looking for a big ticket item to spoil their kids with this year.

#4. Clinque Mini Chubby Stick Lip Color Set // If she likes to experiment with makeup, she’ll love they soft, sheer look of this lipstick. And one thing’s for sure, she won’t have a problem finding the perfect color with all these options!

#5. Slip Pure Silk Rose Gold Skinny Hair Ties // The best hair ties that don’t cause breakage… bonus points for cute packaging!

#6. EZBASICS Sonic Face Cleansing Brush // This is on my 15-y/o’s wish list. If your teens have issues with blackheads and breakouts, this could be a nice idea for them.

#7. American Eagle Oversized Plaid Button Up Jacket // The “shacket is all the rage” with the teens as well as the adults. I like the practicality of it too. Since they don’t like to wear coats, this is the next best thing.

#8. Anker Powercore 10000 Portable Charger // Everyone needs a portable charger, especial teen girls. This makes a great stocking stuffer.

#9. Ugg Ansley Waterproof Slipper // These are the best slippers under the sun. They’re on my 18-y/o’s wish list… and maybe mine too!

#10. Ugg Wanna Checked Fleece Lined Socks // How amazing do these look! Especially while we are all home-bound, cozy socks are a must-have.

#11. Marcy McKenna 2-in-1 Beauty Case // A place to store all of her beauty products… and they won’t be on the counter! I think this would also make a nice gift for a girl heading off to college… ahem. 

#12. Hoverboard // I misspoke when I mentioned the Ripstick in my Teen Boys Gift Guide… although they are awesome fun too! We have that as well.

But it was a hoverboard that we gave to R last year that our family had so much fun with. The nice thing about it is, you can use it in the house, so they got to play with it right away, even though it was cold outside.

#13. BP Fleece Short Robe // The perfect short robe – this looks SO cozy, and it comes in a bunch of colors and a leopard print.

#14. Light Up Mirror with Bluetooth // This light-up makeup mirror comes with a Bluetooth speaker so she can listen to her favorite tunes while experimenting with the latest makeup. What could be better!?!

#15. 3-in-1 Charging Stand // How fun is this!? If she has an Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods, this charging station is the perfect accessory.

#16. BP 55 mm Blue Light Blocking Glasses // Hours of staring at the computer screen can be hard on the eyes… these blue light blocking glasses will help.

#17. Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush // This brush combines the benefits of a blow-dryer with the structure of a round brush for a smooth, shiny, voluminous blowout in one step.

#18. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer // Perfect for dorm rooms or even their bedrooms if they’re doing remote learning.

#19. 26 Colors Tie Dye Kit with Spray Nozzles // R asked for this kit so she can do some tie dyeing projects. Anything to get them off the screens, am I right!?!

#20. Fuji Film Instamax Camera Bundle // R got this last year, and she has so much fun with it. It’s a great price right now at HSN.

#21. Cannon Selphy Compact Printer // If your child is tired running downstairs to grab a paper out of the printer… or if she is headed off to college, this compact printer is a great solution.

#22. Lemon Furry Earmuffs // My girls always get earaches from walking the dog in cold, windy weather, so earmuffs are a must. These are super cute too.

#23. Pink Acrylic Makeup Organizer // If your teen has as much makeup as mine does, this will help keep it organized.

#24. Pink Acrylic Jewelry Stand // This is a beautiful way to display some of their favorite pieces.

I hope this was helpful! Be sure to check out the rest of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides, and if you have any amazing gift ideas for teens, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS ideas. The blue tooth mirror will be a HUGE hit with my 14 year old. Thanks for the idea! Have a great Tuesday. 

  2. Yay! Just ordered #15 – 3 in 1 Docking Station. My daughter is getting an iWatch for Christmas so this charging station will definitely come in handy to charge her iPhone and air pods! Thanks!

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