What I Wore Lately Vol. 35

Hi friends! It’s Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve, if you’re here in the States, and that means it’s time for What I Wore Lately.

I feel like I JUST wrote one of these posts. Seriously, like three days ago. Life is so weird sometimes.

Any-who. Let’s just dive right in.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with an hourglass shape. Unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Starting back last Wednesday… I don’t know why these first two pictures look so weird, the light was odd that day or something.

I must have run an errand or something, I’ve got my purse on my shoulder for a reason. I threw on this relaxed rust-red “ex-boyfriend” sweater with a pair of my trusty skinnies and P448 sneakers.

Madewell sweater (S) // AG jeans (28) // P448 sneakers (38) // LV Neverfull

On Thursday, I went for a run and then got showered and dressed down to my shoes, even though I didn’t go anywhere. Some days it just feels good to get dressed.

I had a Zoom meeting, so I put on some fun jewelry to jazz up the look.

Leith dolman (S) // Good American jeans (28) // AGL flats (8 1/2; size up!) // Halogen earrings // Stella & Dot necklace

I had a nail appointment on Friday, but I had a workout before that.

Zella jacket (S) // Athleta tank (S) // Vuori leggings (M; size up) // Brooks Ghost (size 9)

I just changed from leggings to joggers and added some makeup before going to the nail salon, and I stayed in this for the rest of the day. Of course, I had to switch to flip-flops after I had my pedicure.

Zella jacket (S) // Athleta tank (S) // Lululemon Align joggers (6) // P448 sneakers (39) // Anna Beck pendant // Lagos earrings

By the way, I keep meaning to buy more of these Athleta momentum tanks. I was hoping they’d go on sale this weekend because I’d like to get rid of my other workout tanks and replace them with these. I love how this one fits and stays put.

Saturday was the day I had the house all to myself for the afternoon while Paul took the kids to see his mom. After my run, I took my time with hair and makeup and threw on one of my favorite casual outfits.

It was kind of a waste of time, since I literally went nowhere and saw no one besides my family (unless you count the several thousand people who saw my Insta Story… lol!) But again, some days I just need the pick-me-up of getting fully dressed and made up. It starts to get depressing when I don’t for a few days in a row.

Anyway, this sweater is probably my favorite Anni Sale purchase of all time. (I got it last year, at the 2019 #NSale.)

It’s a Vince, but it’s not cashmere. It’s a textured cotton/polyamide/elastane, so machine washable, and I cannot believe how good it still looks, considering how many times I’ve worn and washed it. It never loses its shape or shrinks.

It must be very under-whelming to everyone else, considering it’s still fully stocked at Nordstrom Rack, but I love it and reach for it a couple times a week during fall and winter.

Vince sweater (S)// similar rag & bone skinnies (28) // P448 sneakers (38) // Anna Beck pendant // Lagos earrings

I stayed home on Sunday because I wasn’t feeling quite right — although it turned out to be allergies, I think. I wore my sherpa with leggings, but I didn’t take a picture. This is an old one.

FYI, these leggings are one of my favorites, and they’re finally on sale at 30% off! I have never seen these on sale before.They’re incredibly soft, and the ones I reach for when I’m going to be staying at home and want to be super comfortable.

Not that I wouldn’t work out in them, I just never have.

Abercrombi sherpa (S)// Beyond Yoga leggings (M) // UGG Quincy boots (9 but wish I had 8 1/2; size up half) // Pandora necklace

 I went to the mall on Monday to pick up a few things for my photo shoot yesterday, and I wanted to wear my new Paige Cindy straight ankle jeans. I also grabbed this Nordstrom Signature cashmere sweater, which is back on sale at 35% off! (It was an #NSale purchase this year.)

And I added my AllSaints jacket, which is on sale but limited in sizes. Size up in this, if ordering. I have the 8.

(There is one size 6 at Bloomies, but my link redirects to the blue one. The oxblood should show on the sidebar, though, under You Might Also Love.)

I thought these jeans were going to work with the Vince Henderson boots I’ve been struggling with… which are also on sale again — 50% off!!!

But as I was walking around the house, getting ready to go, I noticed my jeans kept getting caught on the back of the boots. I asked my 17-y/o daughter if that would bother her, or if I should get over it.

Now, mind you, the child is wired exactly the same as I am, and maybe we should both get over it. But she agreed it was annoying and didn’t look very good when they did that, so I decided to switch to my Aquatalia boots with the higher shaft.

I actually think I like these boots better with the look overall; they’re a tad dressier, which seems to suit the rest of the outfit.

AllSaints jacket (size 8; similar for less) // Nordstrom Signature cashmere v-neck (S) // Paige Cindy straight ankle jeans (28) // sorta similar Aquatalia boots // belt (M) // Lagos earrings & necklace

When I got home, I took off the jacket and switched from boots to mules for the rest of the day.

Nordstrom Signature cashmere v-neck (S) // Paige Cindy straight ankle jeans (28) // old R Minkoff mules // belt (M) // Lagos earrings & necklace

Now, a word about this sweater. I’ve been asked how it compares to the Halogen. Both are Nordstrom made brands, but Nordstrom Signature labels are generally higher quality than Halogen, and priced to match the luxury brands.

Like all the Nordstrom made brands, you get a lot of bang for your buck because you aren’t paying for a designer label… especially when they go on sale.

This Nordstrom Signature sweater is definitely a step up in quality from the similar Halogen v-neck, but in some ways, I like the Halogen better.

The Halogen has slightly longer sleeves, which I always appreciate, with a really pretty detail around the v-neck. I also prefer the 25″ body length.

Halogen cashmere v-neck (S)

I like the ribbed crossover detail on the Nordstrom Signature v-neck as well, but it has a slightly more casual vibe. (You probably need to click through and look at the pictures online to see the details I’m referring to; it’s hard to photograph with the black.)

The Nordstrom Signature is also an inch longer and has the split hem, which I find a little more awkward to front-tuck… but because of the 26″ length, it needs a front-tuck. At least for me, at 5’5″ and short-waisted.

Nordstrom Signature cashmere v-neck (S)

And while the Nordstrom Signature sweater is definitely made of a more dense, finely woven knit — a sign of higher quality — the Halogen is softer.

So yeah, it’s a toss-up for me. I have both, and I wear them both depending on what I’m going for.

I will say this, however: I expect the Nordstrom Signature sweater will far outlive the Halogen one. I may get one or maybe two seasons out of the Halogen before it starts to pill and look worn, but I expect to have the Nordstrom Signature sweater five years from now.

Okay, then!


I had a photoshoot on Tuesday morning, and afterwards I threw on this mock neck sweater from Express with my favorite washed black Good American jeans.

This sweater is 50% off, by the way! (It’s the Beige 2557.) It looks so nice on and feels really soft — there is no wool content.

It also washes up really well. With less expensive sweaters, I’m never sure what to expect, but I got makeup on the neck and had to wash it. I put it in with other light colors on a normal cycle, and then I laid it out to dry, and it kept its shape beautifully.

Express mock neck dolman (S) // Good American jeans (28) // Marc Fisher Chelsea boots (8)

I was a bit chilly, though, and I wanted to throw on a leather jacket to run some errands, so I changed to a more traditional turtleneck.

I was going to put on my black leather jacket, and then I saw my new oxblood one hanging there, and I put it on instead. Gotta get my cost per wear out of this baby, right!?!

I love this look, but at the last second, I wondered what it would look like with the Vince Henderson boots. I know I’ve tried them with these jeans before and didn’t love the combo, but with the whole outfit together, I thought they just might work this time, and they do!

The chunky turtleneck with the jacket helps off-set the chunky boot, and the black jeans and boot combo creates a long, lean leg line.

I was also wearing these Smartwool socks, which I think helps add some extra bulk around the ankle area, inside of the jeans, so they look better with the boots.

similar Equipment turtleneck (size S; 20% off, or similar for less) // AllSaints jacket (size 8; similar for less) // Good American jeans (28) // Vince boots (8) // Lagos earrings

I was thrilled when I liked the whole look together because this is an outfit I can see wearing a lot this fall and winter. It’s chic but still warm and comfortable enough to wear running errands and things.

Here’s a close-up of the jeans and boot combo.

Good American jeans (28) // Vince boots (8)

When I got home, I took off my jacket and kept this on for the rest of the day. (I eventually kicked off my boots and wore my socks, but I kept them on for a while. They are that comfortable.)

similar Equipment turtleneck (size S; 20% off, or similar for less) // Good American jeans (28) // Vince boots (8; 50% off) // belt (M) // Lagos earrings

Okay, so that’s a wrap for what I wore this week! But I do want to call your attention to a few select items on sale.

There are so many sales this weekend, I can hardly keep track of them all, but these are the ones that stand out to me.

Things I’ve Worn On Sale

Evidently the Everlane loafer mules are at Nordstrom Rack. Not sure what’s up with that, but the price is great!

These are my favorite mules, and they also have the red. Size up half; I wear the 8H. And here’s a link to all the Everlane at Nordstrom Rack, if you’re interested.

Everlane The Day Loafer Mules (size up half; wearing 8H)

The coveted Abercrombie sherpas are all 50% off for myA&F members, and they make really great gifts… or a little pick-me-up if you’re looking for one.

I’m wearing the light brown animal print, and R has this one in the mauve brown. It runs TTS (I have the S and R has the XS.)

Abercrombie & Fitch Half Zip Faux Leather Trim Sweatshirt (S)

It’s also long enough to wear with leggings, which is nice. And P.S. These leggings are 30% off too!

Abercrombi sherpa (S) // Beyond Yoga leggings (M) // UGG Quincy boots (9, but wish I had 8 1/2; size up half) // Pandora necklace

I’m also eyeing up the Asymmetrical Zip-Up Fleece in the white or blush pink, or maybe the faux leather trim jacket in the white. Both are perfect for outdoor gatherings or just walking the neighborhood on a chilly day.

Okay, I know I’ve featured these sweaters a hundred times, but they’re such a good price right now. I’m surprised they’re still so well-stocked. These are the Halogen cashmere sweaters that are 40% off now at Nordstrom — they have a turtleneck, a v-neck, and a crew.

turtleneck (S) // v-neck (S) // crew (S)

I get asked all the time about toppers for special occasion dresses and jumpsuits, and I’ve been coming up short this year. I kept lookin for this Eliza J faux fur capelet, which I have and love, but it was nowhere to be found, and I was afraid they had discontinued it.

Well, it’s back!!!!! Someone in my JLS Insiders FB Group shared it (thanks, Larissa!) and I was thrilled to find that it’s not only well stocked, but on sale as well!!!

Sam Edelman faux fur capelet

Shopbop is doing 20% off $200+ purchases (for Loyalty members only; as with most of these, it is free to join.)

The Mother Superior Tomcat ankle jeans in the Hitting the Pavement wash are included. They’re still quite pricey, but a lot of you liked them, so I wanted to point that out.

Mother Superior Tomcat ankle jeans

There’s a lot of other good premium denim included too, as well as luxury cashmere brands like Equipment, Vince, and the like.

Equipment cashmere turtleneck

And this is sort of random, but Sorel has 40% off all their wedge boots right now.

I have this pair, which I haven’t worn yet this season because it just got cold here, but I will definitely be wearing them a lot! They run true to size, are waterproof, and very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Sorel Joan of Arc Wedge II (size 8)

And don’t forget to check out my Black Friday Shopping Guide before you do any shopping! New sales are added daily, and I will be keeping that updated throughout the weekend.

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  1. How is the sizing on the All Saint’s Jacket?  Are the Paige straight leg jeans you link to the same wash as the ones you have on? Thank you!

    1. The AllSaints runs small. I also tried the 6, but I ended up keeping the 8. And the Paige jeans are the same. The website probably shows the more true color. My iPhone tends to blow out colors and make them look lighter and brighter, for some reason.

  2. Hi Jolynne!  I really like this kind of post.
    You look fantastic in everything!
    Could you please tell me what size you are wearing in the Halogen v-neck sweater.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I did my shopping Tuesday during the early Black Friday sales to beat the crowds. Fortunately the long water resistant jacket that I had my eye on went 40% off, then I saw jeans on sale and bought 1 pair straight and 1 skinny. I’m done buying anything for myself this year. 

    Have a happy Thanksgiving! 

  4. Hope you’re feeling like yourself again soon. Wishing you and your family a happy thanksgiving 💕, your friend from across the border🇨🇦

  5. Great collection of jeans with tops/sweaters/jackets! I have a quick question about your phone. I hope to upgrade from my iPhone 6 at Christmas. Do you have the 12Pro?? Do you highly recommend?? I actually still love my current phone, but I need lots more memory.

    1. Hey Sue, it’s the 12 Pro Max. I’m part of the Apple upgrade program, so I get a new phone every year when the new one comes out. I do love it, but I can’t say it’s far better than the 10 or 11 before it. The body design is new this year, but the 10 and 11 look the same as each other. So basically, if you want the latest and greatest, get the 12, but if you want to save a few pennies and just want a good upgrade from the 6, you may want to look at the 10 – if they still sell them new, or the 11.

  6. I really enjoy your What I Wore Lately posts. I do save a lot of outfits to Pinterest so I will have ideas. I’m about 5″ shorter than you so when I shop I have to check the lengths of the tops and sweaters. I love the color combinations you put together. You have such great taste!! Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Be careful and Be Safe!!❤🦃😄

  7. I had those Vince Henderson boots in my cart since you last posted them…last night was a pleasant surprise when they were on sale. Yay!  Ordered them with the Zella joggers. HAHA
    I’m taking care of my own Christmas this year. 

  8. Thank for the heads up on the Everlane mules. I’ve had my eye on them for quite a while. Ordered 2 sizes and I have a Nordstrom Rack nearby for easy returns. 

  9. I sure hope that you started feeling better as the day progressed.  Wearing the boot on my left foot is definitely having an impact on how I feel.  Like you, it would drive me bananas if my pants kept sticking on the back of my bootie.  At least you know that Caroline will be honest with you.  The boots with the more slim shaft do improve the overall look of the outfit.  Oh, I am blaming you for ordering two graphic sweatshirts from Zulily.  If I had not already sent our granddaughter her annual ornaments, I would grabbed the 2020 ornament.  Once again, thank you for explaining how Zulily operates.  I want to wish you and your family a very blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I am very thankful for you and all that you do for us!

  10. Idk if you’re familiar with Belk (think it’s only here in the south but you can shop online).  They have a great dupe for that leopard Sherpa from Abercrombie, it even has hot pink trim.  Also comes in several bright colors and a fun plaid.  It’s by Crown and ivy, if you need sherpas for a gift check it out!

  11. Hey…. what does the H mean after the size on the Everlane black mules at Nordstrom Rack? I wear a size 7. The 7 is gone but they have 7H. But what is that?  Great price. 

  12. Luv the grey turtleneck, black jeans and boots with the oxblood All Saints jacket which sets the outfit off! Bloomies has me sized for a 10uk/6us but I feel like I might need the 8. Does Bloomies have a good return/exchange policy? Thank you.

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