CM4 Q Card Case iPhone Wallet *GIVEAWAY*

You know when you find a new gadget and you just love it so much you want to shout it from the rooftops? That is how I feel about my new CM4 Q Card Case iPhone Wallet.

This is so clever. It is an iPhone case that has a pocket in the back that will hold up to 3 cards — I usually put my driver’s licence and 2 credit cards inside.

When I agreed to review this, I thought I might use it occasionally — when I am going somewhere and don’t want to lug my handbag. But I have ended up using it on a daily basis. I make a lot of short trips, dropping kids off at school and music lessons, and I’m bringing my phone anyway. With my driver’s license inside, it’s all I need! And if I do end up stopping for gas or for to pick up a veggie for dinner, I have a credit card with me as well. It’s just one less thing to think about when I’m trying to get out the door.

The case is really nice — made with a soft touch rubber and fabric combo (it feels like leather) and comes with a screen guard and polishing cloth too! The “natural throw” buttons make it easy to use and keeps the iPhone well protected.

The CM4 Q card case is great for men too — they can pretty much ditch their wallet with the CM4 Q Card case. My husband already has his eye on mine, but I’m not letting him have it!!

Check out this quick video I made to show you how easy this is to use! This is such an awesome gift idea. Everyone who sees it wants one.


You know the drill.

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85 thoughts on “CM4 Q Card Case iPhone Wallet *GIVEAWAY*

  1. This would be awesome for work! I work at a university and can use this while I am out and about to carry my phone AND my university ID. Would love to win!

  2. I would like to win one because I feel like all I carry anymore is a diaper bag. This would allow me to put a few of my essential things in something CUTE for me to carry (in the diaper bag). LOL!

  3. What a great gadget! I would use it all the time in place of a purse, because all you really do need can fit in it! And of course, who goes anywhere without their phone!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Just yesterday I ran to the store before getting the kids and realized I forgot my purse at home. Had my phone, though! The phone wallet would have been perfect!

  5. Would love to win this so that I don’t have to carry a bag to just run into the store for milk or drop the kids off somewhere.


  6. I would love this for myself! I am constantly fiddling around for things when I leave the house. This would cut down SO much on all of that searching!

  7. I have one sort of like it that I thought I couldn’t live without, but it’s a harder plastic. This one looks so much better! I’m a blog subscriber and a twitter follower…jaeartworks, but you already followed back a long time ago. Thanks!

  8. I wouldn’t mind winning this for my girlfriend. She carries her iPhone everywhere but not her wallet because it’s the size of a brick, so this would be perfect for her. It’s even in her favourite colour!

  9. I’m always grabbing my phone and wallet to run in the store. Would love to leave the wallet and just grab the phone!

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