Daily Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 09.19.12

Today I’ll be in NYC at the Fashion Forward Conference, and I’m walking in a fashion show at lunchtime. Pray that I don’t trip over my two left feet or otherwise cause myself undue mortification.

This past week I’ve still been trying to walk that fine line between summer and fall fashions. I put on this outfit on Wednesday to wear to a large consignment sale in our area.


The gray top from the LOFT is a great in-between piece. The medium weight charcoal gray gives off autumn vibes, but the short sleeves keep it comfortable for warmer fall weather. I put it with my red skinny jeans and then went over to my closet to peruse the shoe choices. I settled on these black suede loafers — perfect for those crisp, dry fall days!

Then I thought, I wonder what this outfit would look like with WHITE jeans!!!????

Even though I agree that white jeans do not have to be a summer-only wardrobe item, I have never worn them much after Labor Day. I guess it’s true what “they” say — you can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl.

I’ve been wanting to try this trend for several years, ever since I heard someone talking about mixing white jeans with fall and winter items, and I thought that this outfit might work well — the charcoal gray top with black suede shoes both keeping it from looking too summery. And I love gray and white together. So I ran upstairs and did a quick switcheroo.

how to wear white jeans after labor day

Not bad! I wasn’t totally comfortable with it, but I wore it down to the bus stop to see my kids off to school, and no one acted like I looked the fool so I headed back home and decided to go with it for the day.

Then I thought, why not take it a step further? What would it look like with BOOTS!??? Personally I love the juxtaposition of boots with short sleeves, and I thought maybe the white jeans would be extra cool with that combo. The only ones I have that I thought might work with this outfit were my black leather Danskos, so I pulled them on.

white jeans with boots

I actually think I like it.

I’m not sure what else I should do to bring the two looks together. Maybe a colorful scarf at the neck in fallish colors? Or one that pulls black, white and gray together? I’m not a scarf girl, though, and I really didn’t have anything suitable so I left it as is.

I felt like the boots were probably a tad overdressed for a consignment sale so I went with Outfit #2 — the gray top and white jeans with the black suede loafers. I also switched out my summery black-and-white striped tote for my burgundy Carlos Falchi tote that I won at the BTS Headquarters event at BlogHer.

Whaddya think? YAY or NAY?

On Thursday, I was at home most of the day. I pulled my cold weather clothes box out of the attic and re-discovered these plum skinny jeans. I wanted to be comfy and casual so I paired them with this gray and white striped top. I cuffed the jeans to make them look a bit lighter (it was pretty warm out) and opted for black leather ballet flats and a long silver necklace.

Someone does NOT want to leave me alone when I’m taking photos. She thinks because I’m not sitting at my desk that I’m ready to play.

Let’s try that again.

Okay, well, the dog is evidently now a permanent fixture in my daily outfit photos.

Thursday night was Back To School night for our elementary school so I changed into this black top because it seemed a bit more appropriate for going into school. I also threw on some big silver hoop earrings, for fun. I like this outfit MUCH better.

Friday night I met my friend Kelly for dinner. We were eating at a trendy, outdoor venue, and I wanted an excuse to dress up so I wore my newest dark skinny jeans with this plum blouse from Ann Taylor and rounded-toe wedge pumps from Aldo. This is one of those outfits that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I look at pictures, I’m not sure it’s that flattering. I might try tucking in the blouse next time.

This next outfit is totally casual because I spent the day perusing farmer’s markets and Amish farms in Lancaster county. I wanted to wear my tan cords, and I like this lightweight navy hoodie. The question was — what should I wear under the hoodie??? I finally grabbed the navy striped V-neck tee to go under it. Since I was visiting farms, I opted for sensible green Privos. I can’t say I love this outfit, but I was comfortable, and it was practical for my rugged excursion.

This next outfit I wore on Sunday to church. I built the outfit around the shoes. I first grabbed the shoes, then looked around my closet and chose the red jeans. I went to my dresser, unsure of what to put with it. I discarded a few tops, thinking they clashed with the shoes or were too plain, then I landed on this asymmetrical cardigan that almost exactly matched the shoes. Plus, it is lightweight — perfect for a warmish fall day. From there, I grabbed the black tank, and the outfit came together. I added a wide silver bangle and a long necklace with copper and silver that I bought from my friend Lisa at Studio Jewel.

On Monday I went to the Beaujolais & Burgers press event in Philly. I wasn’t sure if people would be dressed more for business or for a night out so I tried to straddle that line with these dark skinny jeans and the charcoal gray top from earlier in the week. I wore my orange flats because I didn’t know how far I’d have to walk in the city and didn’t want to be encumbered by high heels. The black bag is a classic piece that goes with anything, and I accessorized with chunky hoop earrings and a silver link bracelet.

And that’s this week!! I hope these posts help inspire you to maintain a comfortable sense of style as you stay at home, work from home or schlep your kids from place to place. Does it help to hear how I put the outfits together?? I know they’re not terribly inventive, but I prefer to be understated and comfortable, and I think most of these outfits achieve that goal.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 09.19.12

  1. ok, I really like the white jeans and boots, but no one should ever really trust my fashion sense. I think it looks pretty fabulous though, and I would totally add a scarf.

    Best wishes on the fashion show. You will be awesome!

  2. The outfits are cute, but your hair looks phenomenal! I love it so much in the back to school night photo. The cut and length are great for you. 🙂

  3. Look at the cute girl – those big brown eyes!! I’m sorry, were you wearing something? heh

    You are too skinny to wear loose at the waist shirts.
    I love those orange flats!

  4. Sometimes I think it’s kind of weird that we have the exact thoughts and sometimes the exact clothes. I have that same, gray top from the LOFT (purchased before I saw it here) and had the exact conversation with myself about the white jeans. I have never, ever worn white after labor day, but last Saturday when my hubby wanted to take me out to dinner, that is the EXACT outfit that I wore–gray shirt, white jeans. I felt like I was breaking the law at first…like the fashion police were going to take me away in bedazzled cuffs and force me to watch What not to Wear for 24 hours. I kept telling myself that Jackie did it and if anyone made a comment, that’s exactly what I would tell them!!! Everything was fine. I paired my with some cute silver and gray flats and we had a lovely time.

  5. Love all of the skinny jeans idea ! I have two new pairs and still am kind of flumbering my way through figuring out how to wear them. Thanks !

  6. I love that gray top. I was just assessing that I need more slouchy tees (as opposed to super form fitting). Also, my mission this weekend is to stop into Old Navy and pick up some colored bottoms.

    Sorry I missed you at Fash Forward. Hope you had a great time!

  7. You are one hot Christian mama! What a fabulous example you are. So glad I stumbled into your blog this evening!

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