Duboeuf Beaujolais & Burgers Press Tasting

Duboeuf Beaujolais

I love my job. Last night I got to attend the Duboeuf Beaujolais & Burgers Press Tasting in the Walnut Room downtown Philly. It was a gorgeous evening to walk around the city. I may or may not have stopped into the Athleta store on the way, but I digress.

You have to understand. Red wine and burgers is my love language. I’ve always loved a good burger, but since going gluten free, I often order burgers when eating out because it’s easy to order off the bun and makes for a satisfying gluten free dinner. Plus, burgers usually come with fries — my other guilty pleasure.

I always order red wine with my burgers — usually a Malbec or a Pinot Noir. I prefer lighter red wines. But after last night, I will be ordering my burgers with a Beaujolais from now on! It was absolutely a match made in heaven.

Author and wine expert Mark Oldman was there to guide us through a taste test of six Duboeuf Beaujolais wines paired with burgers from three of the top restaurants in Philadelphia.

Duboeuf Beaujolais Press Tasting

What is great about Mark is that he isn’t the last bit stuffy, and he showed us how to smell and taste the wine and how to compare the various wines to one another. I also love that he confirmed that red wine — especially the lighter ones — taste better slightly chilled. I don’t feel so guilty now for putting ice in mine when restaurants serve them room temp.

He explained that Beaujolais is a pivot wine — meaning, it straddles red and white. It is as light as a white but with the body of a red, so it’s great for people who prefer one over the other. He described it as affordable, likable, and universal; almost everyone enjoys a Beaujolais.

All the wines were all lovely, but my favorite of the night was the Chiroubles — followed closely by the Morgon.


 Have you ever tried Beaujolais? Have you tried it with burgers?? Do tell!

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4 thoughts on “Duboeuf Beaujolais & Burgers Press Tasting

  1. I completely agree with you on the Chiroubles! It was wonderful! Mark was rock-star-cool and the burgers were fantastic! Today is the first day of the week my local farmers market opens…I have been waiting patiently since Monday to get my hands on some incredible ground beef to recreate Burgers & Beaujolais with my husband!!

  2. I’m not a red wine fan myself but I’d like to try a Beaujolais (although I have no idea how to pronounce it!). It just might hit the mark. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a burger with wine that I can remember.
    And on a completely unrelated note… I was at the library the other day and noticed a book on homeschooling. It was one of those books that they set at the end of the shelf kind of to highlight. I picked it up and opened randomly to the middle. I noticed the name Jo-Lynne then saw that a post you wrote back in 2006 was referenced. I thought it was funny. Of all the books in the library they happened to set it out, I happened to pass by the shelf and pick it up, and happened to open to that page. Very random.

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