Coffee Talk 06.23.19

Happy Sunday, friends! It is a gorgeous morning here in the suburbs of Philly, and I’m getting ready to head out for a run in a bit.

We had friends over last night and hung out on the deck while the kids swam. It was a nice time. Today is wide open, and I have no plans after church other than to sit outside and read.

I cannot believe we are gearing up for the last week of 25 Days of Summer Fashion! I got so far ahead with my outfit photos that I haven’t had a shoot in a while… which worked out well because it rained all week. Alison is on vacation, so Paul and I will be shooting a few more looks this morning to wrap up the series. I have to get gussied up for church anyway, might as well make the most of it!

I was going to share my outfits from the past couple of weeks with you today, but I don’t have time to put links together and all that, so I’ll save that for next weekend. I was pretty much a slug this past week, so I don’t have a ton of looks anyway.

And of course the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just a couple of weeks away. I shared some about that in yesterday’s email newsletter (if you’re not on the list, you can sign up HERE!)

I’ll be updating my post about how to prepare for this epic sale when it gets a little closer. I like to get past the 4th of July before I start really delving into that, although I did get the catalog on Friday and had fun looking through it.

I was thinking about starting a separate newsletter list or maybe a Facebook group for just #NSale coverage. That way, people who want the info can be sure to get it, and I’m not overwhelming everyone else with too much #NSale talk. What do you think? Would a newsletter (that would mean extra emails) or a FB Group be better?

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got. I slept a little later than usual and I need to get a move on here.

I hope you all have a lovely and restful Sunday!

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48 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 06.23.19

  1. As for another email….does not matter to me. I read all you send and intend to continue to do so lol

  2. I love your blog…it is the second thing I read each morning (after my devotional!). Thank you for the time and effort.  I have gained so much insight from you as far as fashion and trends and acted upon your wisdom.  I’m almost 70, and while I don’t want to look 18, I do want to look trendy and fashionable!  So THANK YOU!  I’m not on FB so I always enjoy e seeing your “mail” delivered to my mailbox!  Have a blessed Sunday and thank you again. 

  3. As someone who has decided against joining the Facebook/Instagram world, an additional newsletter would be my preference! 

  4. a FB group would be more interactive if, you are there before the 12th, you are able to share quick pics, and we can share info with each other?. Also, what is a level 3 and level 4 called in the “Nordy Club” vernacular? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I was thinking that! So here is how the levels break down with the new Nordy Club lingo…

      Level 4 = Icon
      Level 3 = Ambassador
      Level 2 = Influencer
      Level 1 = Insider

      You can find your level on your Nordstrom credit card statement – the Account Summary page – on the right it says Nordy Club Benefits, and under that, Status: Icon (in my case, lol!)

  5. I’d prefer an email over Facebook as emails are right in my face in the morning. LOL. I’d actually have to remember to go to Facebook. Happy Sunday.

  6. Email preferred for N Info. I don’t do Facebook.. Enjoying Summer Series with you & Cyndi. Have a great week. Thanks!

  7. email or FB are fine with me – email is more available immediately but I will follow you either way. I really look forward to your style suggestions. Thank you!

  8. If it won’t be a whole lot of extra work for you, having a separate email or FB group for those of us interested in the Nordstrom sale, makes a lot of sense to me.  But do t create more work for yourself!  Have a beautiful Sunday!

  9. I’m not on FB either so extra email newsletter is fine by me. I enjoy your emails so its not something extra inundating my inbox 😉
    Have a lovely, restful Sunday!

  10. I also vote for emails (d/c’d FB)! I really enjoy your posts and all the info you share. You are one hard worker. Thank you!

  11. I prefer the Nordstrom Anniversary information to be included in your regular emails.  Not all of us are on Facebook.

  12. I’m not on FB so I would prefer an email, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t have to be an extra email. If a person is not interested in that topic, they don’t have to read that. I, however, will read whatever you send. 

  13. Would love an email … really look forward to your posts !!  Plus, I’m in the boat with the others who go not gave a Facebook account …. have a wonderful and blessed day 😊

  14. I’m trying to figure out what to do with all these belts I have and never wear. Nice belts. Any suggestions from ANYONE. Some skinny. Some wide. Jolynne sometimes it’s good to be a slug but doubt you were.

    1. You can use belt to make a chair seat. Just google “chair seat from old belts” and you will get lots of examples and how tos. I used old belts to re-do the seats on 2 old chairs with failing cane seats. 

    2. Haha, it was just such a dreary week. I didn’t get out of my workout gear most days. I am not one for belts. I just don’t feel they flatter me. I have given most of mine away.

  15. I don’t do Facebook so I vote for the email .. it’s nice when you can send pics of your try on session during the sale so we can see what the items fit like..

  16. I’d prefer an email since I’m not on Facebook. Thanks for asking and for all that you do for us!

  17. Either way is fine for me, i really enjoy it all! Could you talk about glasses frames soon? I wear glasses most of the time rather than contacts and have to live with my choice for 2 years at a time. Thanks for all!

  18. I do not do Facebook and am perfectly happy to read another email from you!
    Enjoy your Sunday! Also this is my first Nordstrom anniversary sale so def relying on you to guide me thru!  Thanks

    1. Yeah, I was thinking it would be more interactive. Of course, it requires some level of moderation, but I’ve been thinking for a while about a JLS Insiders FB group of some sort, so this could be a good way to test the waters.

  19. I prefer email too. It was interesting to read how so many are not on FB. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it too… weeks go by that I don’t check it. I find it to be a big time suck at times. Thank you for all you do Jolynne!

  20. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. 😊 

    For the NSale, I think whatever is the least amount of work for you works.   Maybe include a separate section in your daily emails/blog that readers can choose to read or not.   🤷‍♀️

  21. I don’t have Facebook so for the NSale update I’d rather have newsletter. It even could be just an add on down below your daily post. I think those of us who like fashion don’t mind you just posting about the NSale how you’ve always done it. 

  22. A newsletter would be great. Choose the one that works best with your schedule- I read everything you send.  

  23. I don’t FB anymore so, if you prefer to separate the Nsale info from your usual emails, I wouldn’t mind another email. 😉

  24. Hi Jo-Lynne, I vote for the email.  Facebook has so much extra that slows things down (for my old MacBook, anyway).  Hope you enjoyed your afternoon!

  25. Either a new FB group or newsletter is fine with me. I love all your posts, so I’ll follow whatever you chose to do. 🙂

  26. I vote that you do what works best for you for the NSale coverage.  I always enjoy everything you provide.  I also love seeing your weekly reader favorites and how everyone relates to the pieces I liked as well.

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