Coffee Talk 08.18.19

Coffee Talk + My Daily Looks

Greetings from Littleton, Massachusetts! It was a grueling drive, but we arrived safe and sound, and right in time to head over to my aunt’s for dinner last night.

We’re here for my cousin’s wedding, which is this afternoon, and then we’ll be headed back home bright and early tomorrow morning. It’s a quick trip, but I’m glad we were able to come.

Then there’s one more week before the kids go back to school and the fall crazy begins!

This will be my second year with one child in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. That means they have three different sets of holiday schedules and daily routines, but at least they all start on the same day.

My son is a college sophomore, and he has opted not to do marching band this year, which has me kind of bummed. I was looking forward to his college football games this fall, and I loved that he was a part of something like that. He’s working with a local high school band in their drumline, though, so at least he’s still in the field… no pun intended!

He will be living in an apartment near the college, and he’s taking his car this year, so we may or may not see him much on weekends. Time will tell!

My older daughter is a high school junior, and this will be her 4th year of cyber schooling. That’s hard to believe! She plans to finish high school there, and we’re starting to discuss her plans for college or whatever might come next.

She’s hoping to resume piano and vocal lessons, and I’d really like to find a community choir or theater she could be a part of, where she can use her skills. I need to look into that.

And then my youngest is going into 8th grade at the middle school, and she’s already knee deep in marching band practices. She’s a mallet player, and she loves it. Their fall preview show was Friday night, which was fun. I always love seeing a sneak peek of their new show.

She will resume piano lessons next month and continue with marching band this fall, as well as jazz band, which goes through the entire school year.

With no one in sports, our schedules aren’t nearly as hectic as they could be, but they still keep us busy.

I’ve also signed up for a weekly Bible study this fall on Thursday mornings. I’m not really sure how I’m going to make that fit in, as many weeks I can barely stay afloat as it is, but my job feels quite isolating at times, and I thought it would be a good way to meet other women and to study the Bible more diligently.

Speaking of my job being isolating, I’m really enjoying the Facebook Group I started during the #NSale. We’ve kept it open, and it’s a really fun community of women.

We share our fashion finds, help each other make purchasing decisions, and offer styling advice. If you’re on Facebook and have time for another group, feel free to join us!

Okay, I better head upstairs and start getting ready. The wedding isn’t until 3:30, but we’re meeting my parents for church this morning and then grabbing brunch somewhere afterwards.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Heads up, your email linked to last week’s coffee talk. What bible study are you doing on Thursdays? I’ve been debating continuing the one I did on Thursday mornings last year.

  2. I love the Sunday coffee talks. So glad you are going to continue them. Hope you have a beautiful day celebrating and connecting with family.

  3. I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Massachusetts and have a safe trip home!

    I’m enjoying the facebook group too.  I also lead a somewhat isolated life (nothing tragic, just home a lot) and it’s fun to have a group of women to ‘chat’ with.  And, it’s always positive.

  4. Glad you made it safe and sound. I too plan to join a women’s Wednesday morning bible study. I had gone for years then took a break. I rejoined last fall but didn’t go back for the second book study in the new year as I knew my plate was full with our daughter ‘s wedding in May.  But I’m hoping to see what the study will be on and sign up for the fall. Working from home it is a nice reprieve and fellowship time with other women. Enjoy the wedding. This is the second wedding I’ve heard that’s been on a Sunday. 😀

  5. Have a great day – I’m sure the wedding will be lovely. Thanks for sharing what your 3 children are looking forward to with school & extracurricular activities. I’m sure you’ll be plenty busy. 

    I feel like you do in that when school starts I feel like we’re off to the races:  Labor Day; fall activities, harvest festivals; Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. Wow. 

    Have safe travels back home. 

  6. I’m glad you’re taking Saturdays off, Jo-Lynne. Not that I won’t miss the posts but I think it’s important that we take steps preemptively to ward off burn-out.
    I understand what you mean about no sports on your schedule. My 4 children are 10 years apart, all played sports through high school, and my daughter played Div 1 softball as an undergrad so there was a big hole in my schedule/life when she graduated. But I truly believe a closed door opens another– we just have to keep our eye open for it. And now I’m attending sports events again because my grandchildren are playing baseball, soccer and doing taekwondo.
    Happy Sunday, everyone!!!

  7. What a wonderful event/quick vaca!  Enjoy!  Even though you’re busy, it sounds like you have everyone going in their right direction!  As parents, it’s hard to see our kids making choices that we know they may look back on & say, I wish I’d done this instead of that (like my daughter playing volleyball (she was very good) & quitting the end of her junior year!  Now at 37, she does say she wished she never quit, but it’s all part of growing into adulthood!  And also has helped her as a parent. Oh, the fun that lies ahead!  

  8. I’m glad y’all made it to Massachusetts safely yesterday.  I bet the 4 of you will be tired when you get home tomorrow.  Hopefully, y’all won’t get caught in any work traffic.  Maybe after David sitting out of the college marching band this year, he will miss it enough to be a part of it for his junior year.  It’s awesome that each of your children have their own niche.  Enjoy the extended family time today!

  9. Im consider a fall bible study myself but everything im seeing is online , I many need see what other local churches have to offer.  your daughter who goes to online HS. do you buy her alot of back to school clothes or just a few things? we started online HS in April so I not sure about all this school supplies and school clothes ( sweatpants, teeshirt, hoodie) 


    1. I don’t really buy back to school clothes. We just shop as needed. She likes to dress even though she’s at home. She’s learned the same thing as I have, working from home, that she’s more productive when she gets dressed. She actually wears a lot of dresses in the summer.

  10. Enjoy the wedding and be sure to show us your dress!  I’m sure there are many other readers like me who remember when your daughter started cyber school…how has it been 4 years already?  I haven’t commented much there, but I have been enjoying the FaceBook group. Have a great Sunday and safe drive home tomorrow.

  11. Enjoy your cousin’s wedding! I love college football too so feel your sadness about your son deciding not to play in the band…. Maybe he will change his mind next year? And you can always catch a game anyway? Glad you are taking time for yourself and not posting on Saturdays. Not that I don’t want to read a post – just we all need a day off! Safe travels home!

  12. I hear you about your son no longer being in band, but it is great that he is now helping other kids out. When my oldest son (same 2nd year of University) stopped playing soccer, I really missed watching him play. He has now found a great group of men (ok – it’s weird to say that) and is now playing men’s league. Even though no moms go out to watch, I went once and ran into another mom of a boy that he used to play with :). He is really enjoying playing again, but without the stress of practice – he just goes and plays soccer. My younger son ( Grade 11) is now the focus – haahaa – and we go and watch him play football and I decided to join the school council! It is fun to watch them grow up, but also a little sad because they aren’t our babies anymore. 🙂

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