Coffee Talk 09.15.19 ☕️

Greetings and salutations on this September Sunday morning! I hope you’re all having a good weekend.

We actually did something fun yesterday. Most weekends, we stick around the house and work or putter, or run errands; but yesterday we dragged the girls to a PorchFest in a nearby town.

If you haven’t heard of PorchFest, it’s a free music festival held in a neighborhood with homes that have front porches. Bands and music groups are invited to perform, home owners in the neighborhood offer their front yards (and porches) for the performances, and people are invited to bring chairs and plop on the front lawns and enjoy the music. There’s a schedule so you can find the types of music you like, and it goes on all afternoon.

Food vendors and local groups set up tables along the way, so you can grab a bite to eat, and it’s just a really fun way to enjoy some local music and interact with your community.

Of course the girls balked about going at first, but I think they had a good time.

Yes, I got the grammatically incorrect tee in the next size up. I’ll probably end up using it as a pajama top, but I wore it yesterday with jeans and sneakers. I also paid a little less than that for it, I don’t know why the price went up.

So yeah, that’s about it for our weekend excitement. I went out with a friend for drinks on Friday night, and then last night we hung out with friends in our old neighborhood — the usual, but all good stuff.

I’m gearing up for a busy week. I think I have something on the calendar every day, so this afternoon I’m planning to relax in the backyard and maybe even fit in a nap. We’ve had a few gloomy days, but this afternoon is supposed to be nice. I also really want to finish my book.

I’ve been reading Colleen Faulkner’s newest, Our New Normal, and it’s one of those where I’m going to be sad when it ends. She has a real knack for creating characters you can relate to, and I always feel like I get to know them. I’ll be sad to see it end but I also want to know how she wraps it up, so I’m probably going to finish it up this afternoon.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 09.15.19 ☕️

  1. Porchfest sounds like so much fun. My husband and I love live music. I snagged that sleeveless rust top you are wearing (above) in snakeskin. Do you think I can wear it underneath “our” black Bernardo leather jacket? Will there be to much going on up top?

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Wear your grammatically incorrect T.

  2. Porchfest sounds like an awesome event. Thanks for the book recommendation as I’m always looking for new books to read. Have a great week!

  3. The PorchFest sounds like a lot of fun and a great idea.  Cute picture of you and your daughters, and Savannah!  No rain for us; highs are still in the mid to upper 90’s, but I feel a tiny bit of Fall in the air.  Enjoy your restful afternoon!

  4. Love your new coffee talk fall photo! Porchfest sounds wonderful! Enjoy a relaxing Sunday. I’m thankful its back up to the 60s and 70s here. Too early for 40s F!

  5. PorchFest is a fun idea!  That is a sweet picture of you and the girls.  And personally, I think your shirt is cute!  The rain has started here and will be here for the next week at least….better go find something to wear to church that involves closed toed shoes.   Enjoy your relaxing Sunday!

  6. I have a question for you…  Looking for good fall nail colors- you have on a great looking darker color in the photo with the Vince Camuto Kimora sandals/booties that looks like it could be either a really dark gray or blue?  Do you remember the name of that color?  My daughter talked me into a really pretty dark green last time we went to the nail salon and while I really like it, it doesn’t coordinate very well with my clothing!  I’m feeling a bit “Wicked” with this color at the moment!  🙂 

  7. I googled your tee and there is nothing wrong with saying Less Monday More Sunday. We all feel that way. Wear the tee JoLynne. 😀

  8. I have never heard of a porchfest.  I don’t think we have them in the NW, but I could be wrong. Sounds like a fun time. I love the picture of you and your girls.  You do a great job of balancing family and friends.  Its good you get together with friends so often.  

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