Coffee Talk 10.17.21

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Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend over here, and it sort of started on Thursday for us. That’s the day we picked C up at the airport for a short visit, so I didn’t get much work done.

Although once she got home, she spent most of the day getting reacquainted with her bedroom, so I actually didn’t see her much. But it was good to have her here, and I could tell she needed the down time. It sounds like she’s doing well overall. She’s made a lot of friends and likes the area.

Friday night was the high school homecoming football game. Paul still has a hard time sitting for long on those hard metal bleachers, so we left after the marching band’s halftime performance. It was a warm night, and it seemed like the entire school community was there, so that was fun.

I spent most of the day yesterday traipsing the mall with R, finalizing her outfit for the homecoming dance. When we got home, Paul was confused as to why we were gone so long. “I thought you already had your dress…”

To which she replied in her most teenagery tone, “DAD. There’s a lot more to it than the dress.”

True, very true.

Of course, we waited to the last minute to put it all together, so we ended up scrambling to find the pieces she needed in stock locally.

And she actually had three dresses here she was trying to decide between, which complicated  matters. We ordered several from Lulus, and three were contenders, but her favorite was a little too big and we didn’t have time to get the smaller size. Another one we both liked needed the straps tightened, and the third fit perfectly, but the material was kind of flat.

I should have helped her get one of the first two altered, but we didn’t have time. She ended up wearing the one that was slightly big on her, but she put my coated denim jacket over it so it wasn’t noticeable. Here’s how it turned out.

We looked for a faux leather jacket at the mall yesterday, but we didn’t find what we wanted, so she ended up wearing mine. And we also tried to find black block heeled sandals, but no one had what she wanted in her size. We were limited because the dance was being held outside on the football field this year, they required wedges or block heels to protect the turf. In fact, a lot of the girls wore Converse or other trendy sneakers, but she wanted sandals.

After trying on several pairs of my black block heeled sandals, comfort and practicality won out, and she grabbed these gold flats from the back of her closet. (Mine are all pretty high for her.) We got these for her to wear to her cousin’s wedding a couple years ago, and while they’re not quite as grownup as what she was hoping for, they matched her jewelry and were comfortable to dance in all night.

Since this is R’s sophomore year, and everything was canceled last year, this was her first high school dance. They chose to hold it outside so they didn’t have to deal with masks and social distancing. Unfortunately, a rain storm moved through our area yesterday afternoon, and it made for a damp and dreary event, but the kids didn’t seem to care. I think they were all just so excited to have the dance at all, they weren’t phased by it. If nothing else good comes from the past year and a half, at least they’ve learned to roll with the punches.

So now I have to start thinking about getting C back to Boston this afternoon. I’m praying her flight back goes as smoothly as her flight home. With all the news about airplane travel being in upheaval, we weren’t sure what to expect, but that one ran on time without any hiccups. I’m hoping for a similar experience today. I know she’ll be back home in a month for Thanksgiving, so I’m not dreading the good-byes too much this time. And there’s a lot happening between now and then, so I’m sure the time will fly.

Now that the storm moved out, we are having a beautiful fall morning, so I’m going to get outside and enjoy it for a while before church. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 10.17.21

  1. Your recap brought back wonderful memories of when my girls were in high school!💓 Enjoy every second/drama/laughs – trust me it goes way too fast!
    LOVE your blog❣️

  2. Becca looked beautiful for her first dance! You definitely had some pretty completer pieces in your closets already. It’s so nice that the school year is sort of normal for all the kids. I’m relieved that Caroline traveled safely home without any airline hiccups. Enjoy the rest of your time with your daughters today. You’re right. Thanksgivng will be here before you know it and you’ll be together again.

  3. Becca looks so grown up!! Glad you had all your kids under the same roof….that gets harder and harder as the grow up. On another note, can you give product information on the rug and mirror in the picture? That room looks so homey and curated. Love you taste in decor and fashion!!

    1. I second this comment in every way! Becca looks so lovely!! I have three daughters and it’s nearly impossible to get them all together at the same time. And any info on the rug is most appreciated!! Thanks!

  4. Becca is a stunner! Her outfit came out perfect, just what I would imagine, with you as a guide! You whole back story brings back memories of when our girls were in high school together. They are 2 years apart in age, but did everything together, including recycling a few boyfriends! I can look back now and smile, but at the time, oh the drama – and the searching for just the right everything, and the tears, not to mention the 💵!
    It sounds like Becca had a wonderful night, even though the rains came and went. And you are so right, these kids seems to roll with the punches and keep on going.

  5. Becca looks lovely, love that color on her. Time flies, she looks so grown up! Enjoy your family time with Caroline, Thanksgiving is right upon us!

  6. Oh the memories that all came back with my two girls and dances etc. when I read your Coffee Talk. So fun to read. My son was much easier to get off to dances….. Much cheaper too. Lol. Becca looks so nice. She’s really grown up in her looks this last year. Love the way she did her hair. Very cute choice for her dress etc. I’m sure she appreciates your help. It’s so hard these days to shop in store, last minute. No inventory. 🙁
    So glad Caroline got to get home for awhile and enjoy some downtime. She sure sounds like she enjoys college and fitting right in. To say she has met lots of friends is a blessing. I’m sure she loved seeing her beloved doggie while home. I always dreaded the back and forth as it tugged on my heart strings so much but she will be home soon. I don’t know where the month of October is going. I’m just not ready to start planning out Thanksgiving. Have a great day.

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics of Becca-she looked fabulous! That color was gorgeous. Your story made me smile as I recalled those memories of my daughter’s high school experiences. The weather really could have been a bummer but I think these kids have learned to be more flexible as a result of the past two years. So great that Caroline made it home for a visit. Thanksgiving is really just around the corner.

  8. So glad you had a good weekend with Caroline. Becca is so grown up and beautiful. Definitely brings back fun memories of my own school dances and those of my kids as well. Savor these moments…they fly by so fast!

  9. “ her most teenagery tone” It made me laugh so much since I know exactly what you mean having myself a 14yo daughter here at home.
    Becca looked so beautiful. I’m glad she enjoyed her first high school dance.
    All the best for Caroline on her way back to Boston.

  10. Becca looks so pretty! She looks like you but with light hair. Those high school days are so fun. Glad to hear you’ve had a great family centered weekend.

  11. Thanks for letting us in to your personal life a little. I appreciate your perspective on teenage girl formalwear. You are the second person this week who has mentioned Lulus. I have high school girls, senior and freshman. I will def check it out.

    On another note, is there a way to check out your picks/favorites from a given retailer? I could swear that was part of your old website. I was looking for some Loft items.

  12. Thanks for the update! Becca looked beautiful and it’s great that your jacket fit and looks so nice with that beautiful dress. Too bad about the rain but you are right we all have learned to go with the flow more since COVID. Also Loved when my daughter came home from college so fun that Caroline was home for the weekend. Lastly can you tell me where your striped top is from love stripes and love mustard. Thanks!!

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