Coffee Talk 10.25.20

Good morning! It’s a dreary one here, but we did get a really nice mid-day break in the gloom yesterday, and I had a great run before the clouds and the wind moved back in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for our family photos that were scheduled for this afternoon. Oh, well. You can’t win ’em all, I guess!

By the time I got out for my run yesterday, it was almost noon, and the sun had just decided to make an appearance. It suddenly turned into a gorgeous fall day, although it only lasted for about three hours.

I decided I needed a change of scenery, so I went out of my neighborhood and down one of our narrow country roads. I live in such a pretty area, it really is a shame to run circles around my neighborhood when I could be exploring different routes, but I don’t feel safe running on some of the roads around here because they are so narrow and windy.

(That is windy with a long I — although often they are windy with the short i as well.)

There wasn’t much traffic at noon on a Saturday, so it worked out okay. The leaves are at their peak here this weekend, and it was just stunning, albeit a little warm. It was right at 69 degrees when I got back to the house, which sounds lovely unless you are running in it and the sun is high in the sky.

I should have gone earlier, but oh well. I really need to start prepping my Try-On Hauls ahead of time. They take way too long to write the day I want to post them.

ANYWHO. I’m finally getting to the point where I’m no longer doing run/walk intervals, and I can just run without having to pay attention to the time. It’s so nice. I went out almost two miles, and I would have gone farther, but it was hilly, and I knew I had to get back home.

I did take a few short walking breaks, but for the most part, I ran the entire three miles. At that point, my legs were feeling a bit like jello, so I walked the rest of the way home and just enjoyed the views.

Unfortunately, the cold weather system that is hitting our area decided to move in right about the time our Oktoberfest party was scheduled to begin at 2:00. We thought we were going to get a pleasant afternoon for it, but it turned dark and windy and chilly as soon as we got there. I’m so glad I thought to throw a puffer vest in the car just before we left the house.

We were able to stay outside for the duration of the party, thanks to a bonfire that we set up when it started to get dark. It was a fun time with lots of good food, music, and games. We kept the gathering small, but it was nice to do something festive and fun on one of our last fall weekends.

It looks like the weather is finally going to turn. We’ve had some really mild days lately, but it’s only 45 degrees right now at 9AM, and it’s only going up to 50 today, with rain moving in. I’m really bummed because our family pictures were scheduled for later this afternoon.

This year was important to me because it’s our 25th wedding anniversary, David is turning 21, Caroline is turning 18, and Becca finally has her braces off. I was planning to get a picture we could frame for one of the walls in our living room.

We worked hard to find a day when all of our schedules jibed for family pictures, but whatchagonnado? Can’t control the weather. When the kids all get up, we will have to have a family meeting and find another date. If the leaves are done, so be it. Maybe we should  just wait till it’s closer to the holidays and go somewhere with a festive atmosphere.

I’m not sure that’s what I want for our living room wall, but it would be nice for our Christmas cards, I guess. We’ll see… it will work out.

I hope you’re having a good weekend, and you have a restful and relaxing Sunday!