My Fall Closet & What I Kept

Good morning, and hello Monday! I get a lot of questions about how I organize my closet, as well as what items of clothing I kept from my fall style series, so I’m combining both in this post.

I’ve shared my closet before, but I reorganize it with each change of seasons, so this is pretty much how it looks right now.

When you walk into our closet area, mine is on the left and Paul’s is on the right.

We designed both of our closets soon after we moved in back in 2018, and we used Closets By Design. You can see more about our design process and both closets HERE.

My Master Bedroom Closet Reveal
I have to say, I always feel a bit uncomfortable sharing pictures of my closet and summarizing everything I’ve purchased (and kept) from a new season. It seems a bit braggy, and I’ve received a snarky comment or two in the past.

Yes, it’s a lot, especially considering that most of my clothes and shoes were purchased in the last few years, but keep in mind, this is my job. I wouldn’t be able to put a variety of outfits together, and experiment with different lengths and styles, and give you shoppable links to most things I wear if I didn’t have a good variety to choose from.

I’m actually a minimalist by nature, and I would love to pare down more, but I know I’d regret getting rid of some things. That has happened before.

Plus, the older I get and the more “investment pieces” I purchase for my own enjoyment, the more I find myself keeping longterm.

In years past, I had more of a “disposable wardrobe” each season, based on what I needed to style for the blog, but I’ve been trying to move away from that so I can be more true to myself. I can’t exactly preach “quality over quantity” and then buy a bunch of fast fashion and ditch it every season for new.

So, with that all said, this is my fall/winter wardrobe  as it stands now… bearing in mind, I keep more than I personally need so I have a variety to work with when I want to style new pieces for posts or try-on hauls.

My Fall Closet

The drawers you see in the middle house most of my lingerie and socks, etc. plus some pajamas and workout gear. In the summertime, I can fit all of my pjs and workout gear in those drawers if I use the KonMari folding method (Google is your friend.) But in the winter, I have to expand a bit onto the shelves to the right.

The bottom drawer is a hamper, which is AWESOME. I hated to give up drawer space, but I love having that hidden hamper. (Paul has one too.)

I try to keep all of my sweaters on the shelves above the drawers.

At some point in the winter, I usually have to allow some to overflow onto a shelf on the right, but this year, I moved my clutches over to the right so I have one more shelf for sweaters, and I’m hoping that will be enough space to accommodate any new pieces I add. If it’s not, that will be my sign to purge.

Speaking of which, I only have a set number of hangers, and when they’re full, I go through and purge. It’s one way I keep my closet from getting out of control. (FYI, here’s a link to my hangers — they’re plastic but look like wood; I love them.)

Currently, the very top right stack is my scarves, but I can move those if I need that spot for more sweaters.

Looking to the left, I have all of my pants and jeans hung on the top bar and my tops and shirts on the bottom.

I used to have jeans hanging on the top left side of the drawers, and pants on the top right side, but I recently combined all my pants/jeans so I could add more shelves on the top right. (In the summer, that is hanging space; in the winter, it is shelves.

Also, I have way too many pairs of jeans for my comfort level at the moment. I’m planning to purge some, but I’m still waiting to do some experimenting with different boots. This is an odd time of year, when I’m still figuring out what I actually need.

As far as all the short-sleeve tops, I kept a lot from the summer for layering under cardigans and jackets this fall, but I will probably get rid of some of those when the weather finally gets cold. It was 70 degrees a couple of days this week, so I haven’t fully transitioned all my summer clothes out yet.

On the left wall, I have my shoe shelf.

This area is challenging me this year. I have a lot of boots from last year, plus new ones, plus a lot of classic pumps that I rarely wear but feel like I need to have accessible.

I had to move some boots over to the shelves on the right, and I would prefer they were closer to the rest of my shoes/boots, but the shelves weren’t cut to the right size to put where my jeans are. So it is what it is.

Also on that right side, I have my clutches and special occasion bags up top, and workout gear and sweats on the bottom shelf.

FYI, I never had a shelf for workout gear and sweats before Covid, lol! I used it for boots last year, I believe. Or maybe extra sweaters?

On the bottom, to the right of the drawers, is all my vests, sweatshirts, etc.

I hang my cardigans — they are on the left of the drawers with the long-sleeve tops.

And rounding the corner to the right, I have my handbags on the shelves on top and dresses and jackets on the hanging rod below.

These are the acrylic dividers I use for my bags, and my belts are hanging on the wall with a command hook. Running shoes are on that bottom shelf, and I have a few older pairs of tall boots tucked away under my vests/sweatshirts too.

22 Days of Fall Fashion: What I Kept

As you all know, when Cyndi and I do a seasonal style series, we create at least one outfit per day for the entire month, and we try to make everything current and linkable. That’s a lot of new clothes!

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that we don’t keep everything we style. It doesn’t mean we don’t like them or recommend them; it just means we don’t need them all.

I think I’ve finally returned everything I don’t plan to keep from 22 Days of Fall Fashion and the #NSale, and I’ve also gone through everything I kept from last year and decided what stays and what goes, so my fall closet is pretty set.

I’m dividing this up by category, and I didn’t bother double checking to see that I included everything. I also didn’t add commentary about sizing or anything, and some of these are sold out, but I linked what I could.


Tops & Tees

Pants & Jeans



Jackets, Vests & Blazers

Sweatshirts, Leggings & Joggers

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, and I didn’t tackle accessories, but I think this hits the highlights!

As I said above, this list isn’t all inclusive, but it’s what I was able to find as I went through my ShopStyle account. Good thing I save everything I link!

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51 Responses

  1. I am impressed with your organization and I envy the room you have to organize it. Do you always keep your winter boots in your bedroom closet? Will those stay there all season long? I was just thinking that will be space freed up soon enough when the snow starts to fall. All the best! 

  2. What’s your set number of hangers ? 😊
    And do you use the sweater stacker/divider things from container store ? 
    Wondering if they are worth it . 
    Beautiful closet !.. I could use an intervention 🤣

    1. I linked my acrylic dividers – they’re from Amazon. And I have no idea how many hangers I have, lol. I just decided at one point I wasn’t buying more. I should count sometime.

  3. Your closet is awesome! Thank you for sharing! I don’t find it braggy at all that you would share it. It’s great for ideas and inspiration.

    By the way, I laughed out loud at your “boobalicious” comment in a past post. Haha….I’m the opposite of boobalicious.

  4. Thank you! I enjoyed seeing what made the cut, there were a few surprises. I hadn’t thought of hanging up my sweatshirts, but that could open up some space in my dresser. I need to go through my tights drawer and only keep the ones I use. I have some gorgeous pink tights, and turquoise that I never wear. I always think I’m going to, and then rethink everything.
    My Thanksgiving dress will be interesting this year. We are eating outside so my mother can join us. With our weather it could be 80 that day and we all need sunscreen, or it could be rainy and cold. I’m thinking it won’t be a fashionable event! But we’ll all be together and there will be turkey and pumpkin pie and plenty to be thankful for.

  5. Love the closet. Question do you keep your winter boots in your bedroom closet once you’ve worn them outdoors? Just curious.

    1. Yeah, for the most part. But I don’t always wear them upstairs right away. If they’re messy, I take them off in the mudroom. Also, the Sorel “duckboots” usually stay in the mudroom. I brought them up so they were present and accounted for. 🤣

  6. Love you closet organization. Do you use a folding board to fold your sweaters? I use one for tshirts. I have noticed that my cardigans get that funky shoulder pooch, I have tried different hangers and they still get it. I’m thinking of trying to fold them, what do you think?

  7. Anyone giving you snarky comments is just jealous of your fabulous fashion! You seem to be very down to earth and relatable to me, and I look forward to getting inspiration from your outfits. Your closet also looks similar to mine. Keep doing what you do!

  8. I keep the dress shoes that I rarely wear in clear storage boxes, or attractive solid boxes with a label (or photo) on the top shelf. That opened up about 4-5 spaces for everyday items.

  9. Although we won’t be using a service/company to design our closets in the new house, I am getting a vision of what I want from this post. Thank you so much! I have a very large walk in closet now, but it is limited on what can go where since the closet has eave walls. It will be so much fun to design a closet with “normal” walls. Thanks again for the great ideas. I will add them to the New House notebook I am keeping. And I will pin this to my Pinterest board Home.

  10. Hi. Your closet looks great. How do you store your cardigans please? That’s always such a challenge for me! Thanks for introducing me to those great hangers…just ordered them!

  11. Love your closet!!! Have you thought about a shoe closet in your mudroom? I personally do not like keeping shoes in my clothes closet. It makes more room for clothing-lol!!

    I love having all our shoes by the backdoor in our mudroom. It’s very easy to grab the right shoes as we are getting ready to leave.👡👠🥿🥾👟👞

  12. The best way I have found to hang cardigans without the dreaded shoulder bulge is to fold cardigan in half, then put on the hanger, like you would for a pair of pants!

  13. Good morning. I appreciate your style and honest information concerning the clothing you share on your blog.  It has saved me several trips to the store and helped make decisions on a variety of outfits. I ENJOY seeing the high priced items whether you keep them or not. Many times I write them on my wish list.  Keep up the great work!  

  14. This was a fun post to read. I like how you have your closet layer out and you can cleaning see everything. I’m one of those women who has clothes in the second bedroom closet which is now my husband’s office. But because of our crazy south Texas weather, I have to be prepared for anything. I would like a shelf in my closet for sweaters instead of in a drawer because I forget what I have if I do t see it. Last night I woke up thinking about a poncho I bought in the spring and didn’t wear much due to Covid and couldn’t remember where I stored it. Craziness! 
    Also I noticed your Hunter Boots in your closet and purchased a pair for the NStorm Sale and would like to see how to style them? I want to be able to wear them to work (casual environment) as the ones I got are super cute. 

  15. JoLynne , your inclusivity and thoroughness continues to amaze me.  Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. I have to keep telling myself I’m not a blogger and don’t need what you do. Sincerely Sharon.

  16. Thank you for the tour into your closet! You gave me some great ideas. I know you are opening yourself up and being vulnerable to snarky comments so appreciate you taking the opportunity to give us a closet tour. We love it! Hopefully people realize this fashion blog is your career and livelihood hence you need fashionable clothes to stay current and promote your brands. Its supposed to warm up here to the 50s – hooray! Need to pull out my Duck boots for the slushy conditions. #1stworldproblems 😉

  17. Hey there 
    I do enjoy your blog for many reasons and you deserve the credit for helping me identify what styles are considered “in” and more importantly how to find the ones that work for me. The options you show are aspirational for me and I never feel like you would wear something that I would not  like to try. So in short, good job!
    I wanted to say that taking the time to talk about your closet was great and actually I would love to see more about how to keep our homes stylish and functional since we are spending so much time at home. If you can refer to other bloggers that would work too. 
    Thanks for all you do

  18. Wow!!!!  Your closet looks great. Don’t ever feel you need to apologize for all you have. You are down to earth and not the least showy.  Those hangers look great. I color code my clothes in my closet to keep organized but often feel I want all matching hangers. Fun post for sure. 

  19. Love this informative & fun post. I always gain a tip from you & reader comments. I keep all my seasons in my closet but in seasonal sections.  I look at everything a few times a year to donate, etc. I don’t seem to wear dresses often so I keep those, along with special occasion/holiday clothes in a closet of a spare bedroom – cuz all our kids moved out.  Purses, shoes, boots all in my closet too. It’s a system that works for me. Can’t imagine why you’d get snarky comments other than ugly jealousy. I find it energizing. Thx!

  20. Thank you for sharing what you kept. I didn’t realize that you purged almost all your wardrobe at the end of a season. It makes sense to me now, given what you do for a living, but also makes sense now why some of my favorite tops that I bought after seeing them on you have never made a repeat appearance on the blog. Mystery solved!!

    1. LOL, yes, I know… it is kind of weird. I mean, I’m used to it now, but I can see how it would seem weird as a reader. And I’m just not the kind of person who keeps a lot of things for years just in case. I like my closet to be pretty pared down to what I wear regularly.

  21. Great post – again!  I too switch out my closet fit the seasons but here in Texas it can be difficult.  It can be in 70s-80s one day and in the 30s-40s the next.  🤦‍♀️

    Confession — I think I have more jeans than you do.  I say I’m going to pare down but I have straight, slim, skinny and bootcut – all in different washes- dark, light, black, white.  And while I typically – especially during COVID – gravitate to the same 3-4 pairs, I do wear all of them at some time or another.  SIGH… 🤷‍♀️

    1. Yes, I truly wear all mine. I also have 3 pair of black pants, but I rarely wear them. And then there are the green cargo utility pants, and an old khaki pair that I wear on rare occasion, but when I need them, I need them. Oh, and the coated black ones for holiday.

      Although, I should probably try some of those older pants on. They may be too big, in which case, I can ditch them.

  22. I love to be organized and I sure enjoyed seeing how you go about it in your closet. Thanks for sharing. I have a small closet but a huge dresser (14 drawers). So I fold all my sweater, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans. I fold them in such a way I can see each one when I open the drawers. I just recently did that and I love being able to see what I have, verses before I only saw the top of each stack.
    The next step for me is to go through and make outfits with each piece because there are some things I just am not using. I am not sure if its lack of ideas of what to do with it or what. wish you could come help me style myself!! I love how you put things together.

  23. Thanks for sharing your closet! It’s beautiful!! I enjoyed this post a lot. By the way, did you end up keeping the black Coach leather handbag??? Thanks!

  24. I have serious closet envy!
    I am a crazy organizer, and love seeing everything, neat, and within reach. I actually keep colors together, only because I like the way it looks. (like I said, “crazy”)
    I also change out my closet with the season…I’ve narrowed that down to “cold & hot”.
    Have kept myself to 2 handbags…(winter-summer), and the 2 are usually big splurges, because I only have the 2. Lately, I have been making more investment piece purchases, and have finally found styles that work for me…you have helped me a great deal with that.
    I am definitely going to adopt your hanger rule. It’s a good one.
    Oh, and I blame “The Mall” for all my shopaholic and organizing tendencies….(I worked there after school in my teens).

    1. Ha! I worked at the mall too. 🙂 I do love it when it is all organized, but it doesn’t stay this way for long. Still, having a workable system means it never gets too out of control.

  25. Wow-wow-wow! Your closet looks amazing! It’s so neat, organized, light and bright! In my last house we had “California Closets” design our master walk-in and I loved it! It’s the one thing I miss about our old house. Although we’ve been in our current house for 10 years so not sure why we haven’t done it here?! 😀 I definitely want to add it to our to-do list! I need more shelving for my folded items.

    1. So worth it. We had a nice closet design in our old house, and when we moved in here, it was one of the the first things we did — paint, carpet, closet organization. I couldn’t imagine living without it once I had it.

  26. I’m a day late reading this post.  Oh well!  I love your closet because it’s so organized, which makes my brain very happy.  I noticed that you have all of your pants and jeans draped over the hangers.  I am wondering if that makes a line on the legs, causing you to steam them before wearing them.  In my mind, hanging them that way, takes up more space.  Am I wrong about that?  Thank you!

    1. I don’t steam or iron them. If they get a line, I figure it will work itself out with a little bit of wear. 🙂 And as far as space goes, I’ve always hung my jeans this way. I haven’t tried any other method to save space b/c I have more hanging room in this closet than I really need.

  27. I love your closet organization! I was wondering why you hang your pants on top rod, and shirts on bottom rod? My instinct is to hang shirts on top and pants on bottom. 

  28. I am new to your blog, and now read it everyday! You have great style, and make it easy to plan current looking outfits. I especially like your closet post, thank you for sharing!

    I hope this isn’t a silly question, but how do you handle returns? Do you take packages to the post office? Do they charge shipping fees? How do you track refunds? 

    Thanks and thank you for your wonderful blog!

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