A Peek Into My Closet

Happy February 1st, friends!!! I honestly wasn’t sure we would ever see the end of January. How about you?

I get a lot of requests to see my closet, and now that we’re fully settled into our new house (and our new closets), I’m ready to share it with you!

My Master Bedroom Closet Reveal

The closet situation the master bedroom was one of the biggest draws to this house when we were considering making an offer on it. I was more than happy with my situation before and considered myself fortunate to have such a lovely closet organization system and plenty of space, but I shared that closet with my husband. I love him, but he’s a bit of a Messy Bessie, and his closet is a wreck most of the time.

I know, I know, #firstworldproblems. But now that we have his and hers walk-in closets, I don’t have to look at his mess, and I can keep mine looking just the way I like it. It is glorious! Especially considering my occupation, it’s really nice to have my very own closet space because I spend a lot of time in there.

When we moved in to this house last July, there was no closet organization to speak of. See what I mean…

Master Closet Before

This was my side.

And this was Paul’s side.

My side is a little larger, but it has the attic access door. We don’t use the attic, but if we ever need to get up there for any reason, it could make a mess in my closet. Plus it makes the ceiling is ugly, and the light fixture off center, but it is what it is. I still wanted the bigger side, of course!

I actually won a custom makeover from EasyClosets so we used them in our last house, but EasyClosets specializes in do-it-yourself closets, and Paul had absolutely no time for 2 closet installations when we moved into this house. I asked around and ended up going with Closets By Design for this project.

A designer actually comes to your house to meet with you and look at your closets and discuss your unique needs, and Stephanie was great. She measured both areas, and we showed her pictures of our last closet and explained what our needs are, and she helped us come up with a custom design that suits us perfectly.

I was also pleased with the installation process. It was pouring rain for the entire day the installer was here, but he laid down floor coverings and was very neat and careful coming in and out of our house on our brand new light-colored carpet. He put both closets together himself, and he was in and out in less than a day.

Master Closet After: Paul’s Side

These first few pictures are Paul’s side right after the installation back in August. I put everything in and organized it for him, and it’s the only time his side has ever looked photo worthy, so I’ll share my iPhone shots with you.

Those boot boxes on the left are mine. He doesn’t use all of his space, so I figured I would help him fill it!

I chose a dark mahogany finish for the closets in our last house, but we decided to stick with the plain white cabinets here to save on cost. I thought I’d miss my pretty dark mahogany, but I actually like how light and bright our closets are with the white.

Master Closet After: My Side

Alison came over a couple weeks ago to take pictures of my side, and this is how my closet looks right now. I only keep in-season clothes in my closet, so this is obviously my fall/winter wardrobe.

My clutches and smallest bags are on the top shelf, and I use acrylic dividers to keep them standing upright. Then my sweaters are stacked on the shelves underneath. I know it looks like there is no rhyme or reason to how the sweaters are organized, but it makes sense to me. I also intentionally do not stack like colors together because I think it’s easier to tell them apart and see what I have when they’re separated.

My blue jeans are on the top left, and my pants and colored jeans are on the top right. I clearly have the space to hang them all on one side, but I split them up since I can.

Then on the lower racks, I have tops on the left (a lot of those are basic layering tees) and jackets and vests on the right.

FYI, when you hang your pants on top and the shirts and jackets on bottom, it’s a lot easier to see what you have because the jeans don’t extend as far out as the tops and jackets. I had it the other way when I first put my closet together. Then before this photo shoot, I switched them, and it has made such a big difference.

I use these wood-look plastic coat hangers to hang all my clothes. They’re thinner than regular wood hangers, so they make better use of space, and they’re cheaper too.

I keep workout clothes, pajamas, and my underwear/lingerie in the drawers, and the very bottom “drawer” is a laundry hamper.

I folded everything the KonMari way! It really is the most efficient way to organize a clothing drawer. I can’t believe how much more I can fit my drawers in this way, and they stay tidy longer because I can easily see what I have, and I don’t make a mess pulling things out from the bottom of a stack.

My shoes and boots are all on shelves on the left side of the closet. I tried to keep the shoes I wear most on the middle shelves because they’re the easiest to see right there at eye level. Then I put my pumps and year-round dressy sandals on the bottom and tall boots on top.

I do have a few more pairs of boots that were still in boxes when these pictures were taken. I have since moved them out so I don’t forget what I have, and they sit on the floor in front of the pumps.

Alison asked what I do when I get a new pair of shoes, and I told her one of these has to go. I employ the one-in, one-out rule to keep my wardrobe manageable.

Here you can see the right side of the closet, where I keep my handbags and dresses. I also hung my blazers with the dresses, and I kept my casual jackets on the other rack under the pants, along with my workout jackets and quilted vests.

If I had more dresses, I’d keep all the jackets together under the pants, but as you can see, that would leave a lot of extra hanging space under my handbags. I only have 3 sweater dresses, a LBD, and then a few cocktail dresses I keep on hand “just in case.”

And finally, my robe hangs on the command hook on the wall so I can grab it easily in the mornings.

When summertime comes, I will reassess and possibly rearrange things, but this system seems to be working for now.

photo credit: Alison Cornell

So yeah, that’s how it all turned out!

I’m very pleased, and because I have a spot for everything, it isn’t too difficult to keep it tidy.  Sometimes I end up with a few things on the floor, but the sweaters stay stacked neatly most of the time, my drawers have stayed intact since doing the KonMari folding, and I try to keep my shoes and bags organized as well. Like I said, I spend a lot of time in here so it’s much more pleasant when it’s orderly.

How about you? Are you a neatnik when it comes to your closet, or is it more of a free-for-all?

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74 Responses

  1. Love the new closet. I have been busy cleaning out my closet, but it is going to take me another two weeks or more. Seeing how well yours turned out is an incentive for me to get my butt moving!

  2. Jo-Lynne, this is so fabulous! I am envious of your organization. I feel very fortunate that I have an entire closet room (we converted the smallest bedroom in our house into my closet), yet it is still a complete disaster. Probably because I just have way too much stuff and I need to do a major closet clean out and get organized. It has to be been done soon, too, because it is becoming dangerous as mountains of clothing and shoe boxes are starting to fall on my head! Thanks for the inspiration! 


  3. Your closet is amazing!  How and where do you store out of season clothes and shoes? And, do you really divide your wardrobe into 4 seasons? I feel like I would forget what I have if it’s packed away.

    Thanks for keeping us stylish!

  4. Your closet looks great  and so nice to have that space. When we built I think my mind was elsewhere lol. I have heard a few times our jeans should be folded on shelves… Have you ever heard of this theory? I do…but it’s also due to needed space. I have been organizing and decluttering since end of December but that’s just me for my start to a New Year. I just added drawer organizers from Ikea for my t shirts  and smaller items which I now do the same way as you’ve done. Much easier to see what you’ve got for sure!! I had done that for my son’s dresser drawers over a year ago but ha never thought to do mine. Have a great weekend:) going to be sunny and cold here .

  5. Thanks for sharing your closet I’m tucking away these ideas. That is our next house project and I can’t wait. I am a neatnik and my husband is a messy Bessie for sure but he tries to clean up once a week on his side so I keep semi-sane. Ha! I think I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff I rarely use so my space can look more organized like yours. It’s really beautiful!

  6. Great idea to put pants on top and tops on bottom😉! I think I’ll try it. Lol, my husband and I are the complete opposite. He’s the neat one; I’m a bit (a lot) messier. We, luckily, also have separate closets now. We are looking to downsize houses and when I see a MB with only one closet I worry. No going back, I say! 

  7. Oh, to be this organized!! I love the way it all turned out, and it looks like you’ve made a great use of the space you have. I seriously need to implement a new system for shoes. I have shoes and shoe boxes coming from every direction! Do you keep your boxes, and if so, where do you store them? I hate to part with original boxes because that’s how I store and protect out of season shoes/boots. Plus, it’s nice to have them when I go to sell…

  8. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. Do you happen to know the dimensions of your closet? I’m seriously tempted to just show this to the closet designer and say “ I’ll have what she’s having” 😉

  9. Oh my goodness; I have a feeling that pants/jeans on top is going to be a closet game changer.  
    The hubby and I share a well organized space, love the acrylic dividers you suggested, and thankfully he’s a neatnik too.  

  10. So simple looking and I mean that as a grand compliment! Thank you for sharing – I am switching my jeans/pants/slacks to the top shelf soon. And great idea for dividing like color sweaters – both make perfect sense! Thanks again for sharing.

  11. My closet was pretty and organized once upon a time. I do not subscribe to the one in, one out rule, though I probably should. As such, my closet is packed and overflowing. I end up wearing what I can easily access. My takeaway is that my closet needs some major TLC!! Thanks for sharing yours. It has given me some great ideas.

  12. Your closet is so well organized and neat. Plus, there is enough space between hangars to see what you have at a glance. I have a similar size walk in but I don’t have a closet system installed. I think I need one to make better use of the space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Wow! That’s amazing! I tried to organize mine when we first moved in, but now my husband has brought some of his things in and keeps the floor a mess! 🙁 I even bought a flush mount chandelier to hang, but since he’s been in it, I lost my motivation! Lol!! But to his credit, we do not have double master closets, I was trying to convince him to use the guest room closet! HAHAHA! Oh well… indeed #firstworldproblems!
    I also-probably have TOO many clothes…. but oh well… what’s a blog follower to do!?!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Your closets look terrific – so zen like: clean, simple, well organized.

    Yes, we are in the winter blahs/ blues here too. Having a winter getaway is so nice to look forward to. Keeps me sane. The weather took a turn for the worse. Its 3F or -15 C here and with windchill feels a frozen -10F or -23C. Ugh!! 😝

    1. YIKES! Still cold here too, around 12° and snowing. I went to the gym, came home, showered, and then went back out to go to Loft and fishtailed all over the place. I turned around and came home. #notworthit

  15. Wow!!! I absolutely love it!! * we are in the process of redoing our closets as well… What a huge difference it makes. I love being organized! This was very helpful to me!!! Our bedroom closet is a small walk in and we never utilized the back wall which would give us more space.. Thanks for all you do!! xo

  16. I am neat to a point. Then when it gets messy I clean it up. Question. If you wear something an hour or two and then want to wear again do you put in a special place? You have inspired me. Going to clean up mine now. Ha

  17. It looks amazing Jo-Lynne! I love the acrylic dividers and hangers you use. Do you stuff your handbags with tissue when storing them or have you found another method to keep their shape?

    1. PS: I like how your tee’s are so organized in the drawers but don’t they wrinkle being rolled and folded? Do you have to steam press your folded items each time you wear them?

  18. Awesome! thanks for sharing. I had California Closets come into our old house to update the closets – of course two years later we moved (!), but I think it is what sold our old house. I am sooooo lucky that in our new house my closet has been done perfectly (it was a former showhome) and I have my pants on the bottom and tops on top – but I think I am going to switch them like you do – makes more sense and then I could see all the blouses! Great tip! PS I love February because of Valentine’s Day and the fact that my birthday is a week later -LOL! 🙂

  19. Beautiful closet, I am envious!  How do you fold/store long cardigans?  I don’t like to hang them but I haven’t found an efficient way to fold them.  

  20. I just did some rearranging in my closet from your closet post. What a difference. I love pants on top rod & tops below. Thank you so much.

  21. Did you change out the lighting fixture? I want to change the one we have in our walk-in but can’t decide what I like and what will work best. 

  22. I recall you telling us why you don’t hang your jeans/pants at the waistband, but I don’t recall why.  Would you please tell me again!  It seems like draping them over the hanger takes up more space.  I am a neatnik for sure so, like you, I am thrilled that Larry and I do not share a closet.  Due to the lack of storage space in our home, I do have some extras stored in my closet, but they are in various see thru containers.  Have a great rest of the day!

    1. I feel like I can see them better this way, and I have soooo much hanging space, it just makes sense. If I were going to fold them, I would have had to design the closet differently.

      Paul has shelves on both side walls, for example. If I had done that, then I’d fold my jeans.

      1. Thanks!  While I have a decent walk-in closet, it isn’t huge, so I have to hang my jeans at the waistband vs draping them over a hanger.

  23. I love your closet, thank you so much for this reveal. It inspired me to change how my clothes were hung, and now I think I it’ll be easier for me to come up with outfits.

  24. Your closet is so well organized and pretty now…We are getting ready to down size and sell our home so I am purging everying thin my house at the moment….My husband and I have decided to rent a place until we can find out where we would like to retire….Your tips are very helpful to me …

  25. Your closet looks great!  I went through mine after reading your purge post a year or so ago.  I don’t have the beautiful closet, but mine is organized and yes, I am the tidy one.  ; )

    Glad the gym is helping you stick with your workouts.  We have to find what works to keep us at it!

  26. Your closet is so neat and organized. Thanks for the tips on organizing it. I am going to move my jeans up and tops to the lower clothing rod. 
    Jolynne, I must say I expected you to have more clothes. I suppose it’s an illusion – after all a girl can’t keep everything she styles. 

  27. Ok girl, I’m seriously impressed and a little jealous at how organized your closet is! Wow! It also looks like you’ve embraced Marie Kondo’s minimalist approach as well. Your closet isn’t overflowing with everything you’ve owned for the past 5-10 years!! 
    Our master bedroom has two closets; one is a pretty large walk-in (which is mine 😉) and the other is a standard size closet (which is my husband’s ). The problem with mine though I think is that because I have so much space it’s allowed me to keep waaaay too many things and I’ve ended up with that “ a lot of clothes but nothing to wear” syndrome. Last weekend I began a Kondo cleaning and filled up 4 big hefty trash bags of clothes I haven’t worn in a long time or don’t make me feel “Joy” 😌 when wearing them. It felt so good to pare down!! Tomorrow I’m going to start attacking my garage- yikes! Part of the problem there is my husband; he’s so sentimental and has kept boxes of stuff (crap 😂) from all his decades of life and can’t let anything go.  I’m working on him! 

    1. LOL, I have always kept a fairly minimalist closet. In fact, this seems excessive to me. I was kind of embarrassed to post it. I had a friend once come in to my closet to help me pick out an outfit, and she looked at me and said, “You need more clothes.” haha! I feel like I have a better variety now, and can pretty much dress for any occasion that might crop up, whereas I used to always scramble for something. But I really can’t stand to have things in there that I’m not wearing. It is easy to spread out, though, when you have the space.

      Paul keeps a lot of sentimental stuff too. One thing I’ve learned from the Kondo book and from working with a professional organize is, you can’t fix them. You have to focus on your own stuff and hope that they get inspired by seeing your space evolve. That definitely happened with Paul. He let me KonMari his closet in the old house, after I did mine. But I had to let it be his idea.

      1. Good advice about the husbands needing to get there in their own time. 💙
        I went through just two small cupboards in my laundry room today and got rid of most of the contents (old vases, old candles, ugly tablecloths, broken flashlights, some knick knacks that are not cute anymore 🤪 Then I started to take four cranberry colored, floral pillows off our couch and put them in the goodwill bag, but both my husband and son begged me not to get rid of them yet! I just ordered some new lighter, neutral colored ones from pottery barn to replace the old, but these boys of mine love the old!! 🤨 

        1. Haha, yes, I have had that reaction when I replaced things. I feel bad for a few minutes, and then I’m like, get over it! LOL! It’s just stuff. I don’t get too attached to things, I guess.

  28. Your closet looks awesome! Very timely post for me as it just so happened that my husband and I had decided a week ago to get some quotes to have our master bedroom closet organized. We had a Closets by Design rep out at our house today and having seen your post helped me figure out what I want for my side of the closet. Ours is only around 6’ x 10’ so it won’t be as fabulous  as yours, but I’m excited to get it done. I’m a bit of a clutter queen (hubby less so), and since I’ve been buying more new clothes ever since I started following you last fall, I think having an organized closet will inspire me to keep it up. I’ve already been purging old clothes and other junk from the back of the closet. I can see why you bought the acrylic shelf dividers from Amazon. I thought those were expensive, but after finding out the price of the ones from CBD, I’ll be clicking your link to get those Amazon ones! 

  29. Wonderful closet! I usually clean out my closet when changing out seasonal clothes, but am not sure I can wait until Spring this year. My closet got into a mess over the holidays!

    I am always looking for new (better) ways to organize my closet and my drawers. One thing that I did not see in your closet was scarves. How do you store your scarves? That is always something that I struggle with. I have tried several different ways to store them, but have not been satisfied with any of them. Any suggestions are welcome!

    1. I usually hang them – like pants. But right now they’re all folded on my dresser or my desk. Kind of all over the house. I think I want to try to clear off half a shelf and fold them there. Maybe next winter… lol!

  30. Love your closet! One of my biggest problems is how to manage my jewelry. I keep the good stuff in a safe but struggle with the rest. Right ow I have everything in boxes that are labeled and then sorted by earrings, necklaces and earrings.

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