A Peek Into My Closet

Happy February 1st, friends!!! I honestly wasn’t sure we would ever see the end of January. How about you?

I get a lot of requests to see my closet, and now that we’re fully settled into our new house (and our new closets), I’m ready to share it with you!

My Master Bedroom Closet Reveal

The closet situation the master bedroom was one of the biggest draws to this house when we were considering making an offer on it. I was more than happy with my situation before and considered myself fortunate to have such a lovely closet organization system and plenty of space, but I shared that closet with my husband. I love him, but dude is a bit of a Messy Bessie, and his closet is a wreck most of the time.

I know, I know, #firstworldproblems, but now that we have his and hers walk-in closets, I don’t have to look at his mess and I can keep mine looking just the way I like it. It is glorious! Especially considering my occupation, it’s really nice to have my very own closet space because I spend a lot of time in there.

When we moved in to this house last July, there was no closet organization to speak of. See what I mean…

Master Closet Before

This was my side.

And this was Paul’s side.

My side is a little larger, but it has the attic access door. We don’t use the attic, but if we ever need to get up there for any reason, it could make a mess in my closet. Plus it makes the ceiling is ugly, and the light fixture off center, but it is what it is. I still wanted the bigger side, of course!

I actually won a custom makeover from EasyClosets in our last house, but EasyClosets specializes in do-it-yourself closets, and Paul had absolutely no time for 2 closet installations when we moved into this house. I asked around and ended up going with Closets By Design for this project.

A designer actually comes to your house to meet with you and look at your closets and discuss your unique needs, and Stephanie was great. She measured both areas, and we showed her pictures of our last closet and explained what our needs are, and she helped us come up with a custom design that suits us perfectly.

I was also pleased with the installation process. It was pouring rain for the entire day the installer was here, but he laid down floor coverings and was very neat and careful coming in and out of our house on our brand new light-colored carpet. He put both closets together himself, and he was in and out in less than a day.

Master Closet After: Paul’s Side

These first few pictures are Paul’s side right after the installation back in August. I put everything in and organized it for him, and it’s the only time his side has ever looked photo worthy, so I’ll share my iPhone shots with you.

Those boot boxes on the left are mine. He doesn’t use all of his space, so I figured I would help him fill it!

I chose a dark mahogany finish for the closets in our last house, but we decided to stick with the plain white cabinets here to save on cost. I thought I’d miss my pretty dark mahogany, but I actually like how light and bright our closets are with the white.

Master Closet After: My Side

Alison came over a couple weeks ago to take pictures of my side, and this is how my closet looks right now. I only keep in-season clothes in my closet, so this is obviously my fall/winter wardrobe.

My clutches and smallest bags are on the top shelf, and I use acrylic dividers to keep them standing upright. Then my sweaters are stacked on the shelves underneath. I know it looks like there is no rhyme or reason to how the sweaters are organized, but it makes sense to me. I also intentionally do not stack like colors together because I think it’s easier to tell them apart and see what I have when they’re separated.

My blue jeans are on the top left, and my pants and colored jeans are on the top right. I clearly have the space to hang them all on one side, but I split them up since I can.

Then on the lower racks, I have tops on the left (a lot of those are basic layering tees) and jackets and vests on the right.

FYI, when you hang your pants on top and the shirts and jackets on bottom, it’s a lot easier to see what you have because the jeans don’t extend as far out as the tops and jackets. I had it the other way when I first put my closet together. Then before this photo shoot, I switched them, and it has made such a big difference.

I use these wood-look plastic coat hangers to hang all my clothes. They’re thinner than regular wood hangers, so they make better use of space, and they’re cheaper too.

I keep workout clothes, pajamas, and my underwear/lingerie in the drawers, and the very bottom “drawer” is a laundry hamper.

I folded everything the KonMari way! It really is the most efficient way to organize a clothing drawer. I can’t believe how much more I can fit my drawers in this way, and they stay tidy longer because I can easily see what I have, and I don’t make a mess pulling things out from the bottom of a stack.

My shoes and boots are all on shelves on the left side of the closet. I tried to keep the shoes I wear most on the middle shelves because they’re the easiest to see right there at eye level. Then I put my pumps and year-round dressy sandals on the bottom and tall boots on top.

I do have a few more pairs of boots that were still in boxes when these pictures were taken. I have since moved them out so I don’t forget what I have, and they sit on the floor in front of the pumps.

Alison asked what I do when I get a new pair of shoes, and I told her one of these has to go. I employ the one-in, one-out rule to keep my wardrobe manageable.

Here you can see the right side of the closet, where I keep my handbags and dresses. I also hung my blazers with the dresses, and I kept my casual jackets on the other rack under the pants, along with my workout jackets and quilted vests.

If I had more dresses, I’d keep all the jackets together under the pants, but as you can see, that would leave a lot of extra hanging space under my handbags. I only have 3 sweater dresses, a LBD, and then a few cocktail dresses I keep on hand “just in case.”

And finally, my robe hangs on the command hook on the wall so I can grab it easily in the mornings.

When summertime comes, I will reassess and possibly rearrange things, but this system seems to be working for now.

photo credit: Alison Cornell

So yeah, that’s how it all turned out!

I’m very pleased, and because I have a spot for everything, it isn’t too difficult to keep it tidy.  Sometimes I end up with a few things on the floor, but the sweaters stay stacked neatly most of the time, my drawers have stayed intact since doing the KonMari folding, and I try to keep my shoes and bags organized as well. Like I said, I spend a lot of time in here so it’s much more pleasant when it’s orderly.

How about you? Are you a neatnik when it comes to your closet, or is it more of a free-for-all?

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