Coffee Talk 11.03.19 ☕️

Greetings and happy Sunday! I’m up at o’dark-thirty, tapping out this post a little more slowly than usual. (How nice was it to get an extra hour this weekend!?!)

Last night I thought it would be nice to make a big pot of chili. It was a chilly night (pardon the pun) so we had a fire in the fireplace, and D stopped by to hang out here with some of his friends.

All went well, the chili turned out great, but later on when I was throwing out some trash, I sliced my pinky finger on the lid of one of the cans of beans I had carelessly tossed in earlier.

It was bad, because I was actually pressing down on the bag I was throwing away to get it to fit in the trash. I still get the willies just thinking about it.

As I was standing there at the kitchen sink holding my hand under running water, my first thought was: There goes our Saturday night!

I thought for sure I’d end up at the ER for stitches, but I sat down with my hand up and applied pressure, while Paul went out to CVS and got some of those butterfly steri-strips. By the time he got back, the bleeding had slowed down, and I decided I’d be okay with at-home wound care.

My biggest challenge at this point is not bending my finger too much, so it doesn’t break open again. All that to say, I’m typing a little bit slower this morning.

Other than that minor mishap, my weekend has been really nice. R had plans with a friend on Friday night, so Paul and I took C out to dinner. She doesn’t usually want to go with us, so that was nice.

Then I had a women’s event at my church yesterday morning, and I came home afterwards and took a nap. That was totally unplanned, but my bed looked so welcoming… and that was that.

When I woke up, Paul helped me hang curtains in our bedroom. I ordered these crazy curtains last January. No lie!!!

I finally got them hemmed and ordered curtain rods, and we got 4 out of 5 hung yesterday afternoon.

We have one left, but it was getting late, and I wanted to get that chili started, so we’ll finish up today. Hopefully we’ll still be married by the end of it. Ha!

I promised him these are the last curtains he ever has to hang for me in this house. And now it’s in writing, so I have to stick to it.

To finish up our master bedroom, I have a small piece I want hung on the wall over my jewelry armoire, and then I need to find something for the wall over my bed, and that room will be done!

Oh, and I really want to get some new throw pillows for the bed. The ones I have are from our last house, and I’m tired of them.

In other home-decorating news, I got a bench and cornice for the little window nook in the upstairs hallway, and the console table I ordered for the open space by the guest bedroom finally arrived.

It was a space that was bugging me because it felt empty, and we have houseguests a lot, so I want it to seem warm and welcoming.

Paul hung a mirror over it yesterday, and now that area is almost finished. I just need to find a couple things to set on that table, and then I’ll take a picture to show you.

So, switching gears.

I’m glad you all liked yesterday’s post. I realize a lot of the outfit tweaks were minor, and I found myself wondering as I wrote the post if they were even worth noting. While some of those outfits were a few years old, they were ones I thought were still relevant last year when I posted that fall outfit roundup.

What I should do is delve back into my archives and find outfits that I find far more cringe-worthy, and post updates for those. I guess that’s a post idea for future!

Before I let you go, I found a few good sales on items I’ve shared recently that I want to let you know about.

Anthro has a bunch of sweaters on sale, including the Vera cardigan (above), and the Maggie bell sleeved sweater (below).

It also includes my Ethan camo sweater that I’ve already worn a few times. It a really nice knit, and I love the pattern — I think it’s such a classy take on the camo trend.

Also, don’t hate me if you already ordered it, but the J.Crew pointelle cable sweater (below) just went on a deeper discount. It’s now 35% off plus an additional 15% off that with code 25HOURS.

Likewise with the J.Crew mockneck in supersoft yarn. (Join J.Crew rewards for free shipping.)

And I found the Marc New York puffer vest for a much better price at Saks Off Fifth. I wore this yesterday over a grey sweater with jeans and my snake print booties, and I just love it.

The contrasting side panels are such a fun touch, and it really does add a nice layer of warmth — more than you’d think a vest cold provide. It also comes in burgundy and white.

I’m actually liking a lot of the Marc New York Performance line — I’m currently crushing on this grey zip-up teddie coat.

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got. We need to shoot an outfit for tomorrow’s post before we leave for church this morning, so I guess I better get a move on!

Have a relaxing and very blessed Sunday!

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  1. Thanks to daylight savings time, it wasn’t o’dark thirty when I got up this morning!  Really enjoyed yesterday’s post of the updated outfits. Great tweaks!  Soo sorry to hear about your finger, those kinds of cut are terrible to heal, as you always end up bending your finger & reopening them. Glad it wasn’t worse. Love the new curtains!  When we hang ANYTHING at our house, it a HUGE production, as my hubby has that engineering mentality (think road/bridge construction), so it takes forever, as he has to get it JUST right!  But thank goodness our daughter told him about Monkey Hooks (Amazon) for hanging pictures!  Saves a ton of time!  (If you have a stud right where you want to put the picture, they won’t work though, it’s back to using a molly). Enjoy your Sunday!  

  2. So sorry about the pinky. Been there done that. Ordered the pointelle sweater yesterday. Yikes! From your experience how good are they about crediting? I’m wondering if I should just do the order and return thing. First world problems. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Ouch!  I am so glad you did not need to go have stitches put in your finger.  In case you don’t know, after 24 hrs. they usually don’t do stitches because the healing has already begun.  I don’t well with the site of blood, so I probably would have ended up passed out on the floor.  Other than that it does sound like y’all have had a nice weekend.  Larry returns from his hunting trip today; he left Wednesday morning.  I am looking forward to having him home, even though I know clutter will return with him.  You look so nice in the different color sweaters you have!  Have a blessed day!

  4. Yes I too was awake earlier this morning…staring at the clock but knowing it wasn’t 7 but 6…. I’ll be ready for a nap this afternoon as well… hope your finger heals quickly:)

  5. Well I caved on the pointelle sweater today. My hubby will give it to me for Christmas he just doesn’t know it yet!  Lol. Have a great day. 

  6. Well, I need another sweater like I need a hole in my head, but I just ordered the Ethan Camo. Every time you show it, I just love the look–you wore me down!! I was thinking about yesterday’s post, and I really think the looks were just more refined, rather than updated to a newer look. For instance you front tucked a gray tee and it just looked more flattering. And on the camel sweater/white jeans, you selected a less oversized sweater, and the sleeker look was super flattering. That’s really useful food for thought–so interesting. Hope your finger gets better quickly and you have a great Sunday.

    1. Interesting observation… and yeah, I’d say as I get older, I am aiming for more polished and refined looks. Although I still get sucked in by an occasional trendy bell sleeved sweater, haha!

      Ironic, though – that camel sweater was the exact same one in both outfits. I guess it looked different styled differently.

  7. Ouch about slicing your poor finger! That’s miserable. If it does open up again, try some crazy glue. Its what they use in Emerg. Loved yesterday’s post on updating looks. I laughed at you digging out some “cringe-worthy” looks; we all have them! There are some hair styles and make up that make me cringe looking back over the decades. Have a relaxing Sunday!

  8. Ouch!  I did exactly the same thing right before my 40th birthday. I was pushing something down into the trash and sliced my index finger pretty deep on a can lid. I am not one to run to the ER but the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Long story short, my husband had planned a surprise party for me and in the photos I have a bright red stretchy tape on my finger. Fun!  I hope you heal quickly, and that stretchy tape prevents you from bending your finger enough. Good luck!  Love all your outfits. I have purchased way too many sweaters so I have to be done!

  9. So sorry about your finger-that’s so easy to do. You look great in everything you put on. I’m so enjoying your blog. I can relate to your casual style as I’m retired and a caregiver for my husband. I just felt like I needed to “up my game” a bit so your blog has been very helpful!

  10. Please continue to show us the small style changes to update/modernize outfits from the past. I find myself quickly falling behind, being a stay at home mom of young kids. Seeing the small changes, makes me feel like i just need to make a quick simple purchase to modernize myself!

  11. I am so sorry about your ordeal. I get sqimish with blood too. Glad it wasn’t worse. I feel great today. An extra hour of sleep plus cool enough in Savannah to wear fall clothes. Doesn’t take alot to make me happy.

  12. Hope your finger is ok, Jo-Lynne!
    I did it. Ordered the Ethan camo sweater. I’ve been crushing on it since you first showed it to us. Love the gray teddie coat. What do you think about that trend? I have a gorgeous hunter green one in my closet from the Nordstrom sale. I haven’t taken the tags off yet. Do you think we’ll see this trend again next year?

  13. I’ve done the finger also and it’s bad….. I’d love to see more house pictures as you complete the redo! Heal quickly🤞

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