Coffee Talk 11.03.19 ☕️

Greetings and happy Sunday! I’m up at o’dark-thirty, tapping out this post a little more slowly than usual. (How nice was it to get an extra hour this weekend!?!)

Last night I thought it would be nice to make a big pot of chili. It was a chilly night (pardon the pun) so we had a fire in the fireplace, and David stopped by to hang out here with some of his friends.

All went well, the chili turned out great, but later on when I was throwing out some trash, I sliced my pinky finger on the lid of one of the cans of beans I had carelessly tossed in earlier.

It was bad, because I was actually pressing down on the bag I was throwing away to get it to fit in the trash. I still get the willies just thinking about it.

As I was standing there at the kitchen sink holding my hand under running water, my first thought was: There goes our Saturday night!

I thought for sure I’d end up at the ER for stitches, but I sat down with my hand up and applied pressure, while Paul went out to CVS and got some of those butterfly steri-strips. By the time he got back, the bleeding had slowed down, and I decided I’d be okay with at-home wound care.

My biggest challenge at this point is not bending my finger too much, so it doesn’t break open again. All that to say, I’m typing a little bit slower this morning.

Other than that minor mishap, my weekend has been really nice. Becca had plans with a friend on Friday night, so Paul and I took Caroline out to dinner. She doesn’t usually want to go with us, so that was nice.

Then I had a women’s event at my church yesterday morning, and I came home afterwards and took a nap. That was totally unplanned, but my bed looked so welcoming… and that was that.

When I woke up, Paul helped me hang curtains in our bedroom. I ordered these crazy curtains last January. No lie!!!

I finally got them hemmed and ordered curtain rods, and we got 4 out of 5 hung yesterday afternoon.

We have one left, but it was getting late, and I wanted to get that chili started, so we’ll finish up today. Hopefully we’ll still be married by the end of it. Ha!

I promised him these are the last curtains he ever has to hang for me in this house. And now it’s in writing, so I have to stick to it.

To finish up our master bedroom, I have a small piece I want hung on the wall over my jewelry armoire, and then I need to find something for the wall over my bed, and that room will be done!

Oh, and I really want to get some new throw pillows for the bed. The ones I have are from our last house, and I’m tired of them.

In other home-decorating news, I got a bench and cornice for the little window nook in the upstairs hallway, and the console table I ordered for the open space by the guest bedroom finally arrived.

It was a space that was bugging me because it felt empty, and we have houseguests a lot, so I want it to seem warm and welcoming.

Paul hung a mirror over it yesterday, and now that area is almost finished. I just need to find a couple things to set on that table, and then I’ll take a picture to show you.

So, switching gears.

I’m glad you all liked yesterday’s post. I realize a lot of the outfit tweaks were minor, and I found myself wondering as I wrote the post if they were even worth noting. While some of those outfits were a few years old, they were ones I thought were still relevant last year when I posted that fall outfit roundup.

What I should do is delve back into my archives and find outfits that I find far more cringe-worthy, and post updates for those. I guess that’s a post idea for future!

Before I let you go, I found a few good sales on items I’ve shared recently that I want to let you know about.

Anthro has a bunch of sweaters on sale, including the Vera cardigan (above), and the Maggie bell sleeved sweater (below).

It also includes my Ethan camo sweater that I’ve already worn a few times. It a really nice knit, and I love the pattern — I think it’s such a classy take on the camo trend.

Also, don’t hate me if you already ordered it, but the J.Crew pointelle cable sweater (below) just went on a deeper discount. It’s now 35% off plus an additional 15% off that with code 25HOURS.

Likewise with the J.Crew mockneck in supersoft yarn. (Join J.Crew rewards for free shipping.)

And I found the Marc New York puffer vest for a much better price at Saks Off Fifth. I wore this yesterday over a grey sweater with jeans and my snake print booties, and I just love it.

The contrasting side panels are such a fun touch, and it really does add a nice layer of warmth — more than you’d think a vest cold provide. It also comes in burgundy and white.

I’m actually liking a lot of the Marc New York Performance line — I’m currently crushing on this grey zip-up teddie coat.

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got. We need to shoot an outfit for tomorrow’s post before we leave for church this morning, so I guess I better get a move on!

Have a relaxing and very blessed Sunday!

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