Monochromatic Grey Look with Victoria Emerson

My grey jeans have been on constant repeat this fall, and lately, my favorite way to wear them is with other shades of grey.

There’s just something so understated and elegant about a monochromatic outfit, am I right? 

Even better when I have jewelry to match. This outfit was actually inspired by this Victoria Emerson Marbella boho wrap.

Best of all, Victoria Emerson Design is running a 40% off sale sitewide, just in time for holiday shopping!

I love her layered look bracelets because they’re one and done, and they make such a gorgeous statement.

This one combines shades of silver and grey that provided the perfect inspiration for this dressed-up casual look that I wore to church yesterday.

This Marbella wrap is a mix of leather and beads — seed beads, copper beads, white turquoise beads, and crystal beads with chain wrap, plus pavé crystal beads on weaved cord — all topped off with a genuine white gold plated clasp.

This bracelet adds a touch of glam to my casual outfits and complements my dressier looks as well.

Another Victoria Emerson bracelet that works perfectly with my monochromatic grey outfit is this silver dorado on ivory 5-wrap.

This one is ivory leather with a mix of clear, white opal, silver dorado, and smoked crystals.

I like how the ivory leather plays off the ivory in my outfit.

With the 40% off sale she has going on right now, this is the perfect time to get your holiday shopping on. Don’t shoot the messenger, but Christmas is only 7 weeks away!

Get one for you, your bestie, your mom, your sister, your kid’s favorite teacher, your most reliable babysitter . . . what woman in your life would not want one of these versatile accessories?

As for the rest of my outfit, this grey stripe cardigan is soooo soft and cozy.

I paired it with an ivory cami, and I wore darker grey jeans, lighter grey booties, and I carried an even lighter crossbody bag.

The key to a monochromatic look is to combine different shades of the color you’re featuring, plus try to get a mix of texture and patterns.

Here are some more Victoria Emerson pieces that I love — all 40% off  right now!

This Tavira mini boho bracelet has such a pretty pastel color palette.

And this 3-wrap with bronze crystals and red leopard stone beads on brown leather is back in stock — it’s one of my favorite fall pieces. It looks so good paired with leopard.

I also love this 5-wrap with clear crystals on black for my edgier looks. (The Nerja mini boho bracelet I’m also wearing here is currently sold out.)

This three wrap leather bracelet and the double wrap on tan leather are the perfect pairing and look great with denim and light neutrals.

This 3-wrap with blue howlite beads and silver accents on white leather is a gorgeous piece for wearing with white and grey and other light neutrals.

My exact watch is sold out, but I linked up some of my other top picks below.

And finally, this Tuscan beaded boho bracelet is a long-time favorite that has just been restocked.

Shop My Victoria Emerson Favorites:

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30 thoughts on “Monochromatic Grey Look with Victoria Emerson

  1. Good morning – hey listen, I’m all about doing things to keep your skin looking good and holding back the aging process for as long as possible. I’m like you in that if facial surgery is your option, that’s fine, just know when to stop. I’ve seen way to many women who go from beautiful women to a big freaky looking. Know when to stop!!  

    Love the outfit today & the Victoria Jackson bracelets. Looks so good. I also really liked the crossbody bag but it’s sold out.  Funny story:  back when  the Boho bracelets were first out I bought a gorgeous one for my best friend & sent it with her Christmas present. She called on New Years asking if it was a belt….she was horrified that it didn’t fit!  Lol. She was thoroughly relieved to find out it was a bracelet that she now loves  

    You have a nice peel. I’m sure we’d all love to know how you feel it’s working & if it’s worth the expense!!

    Thanks for being such a champion for us. 


    1. I agree, it’s gets really scary when women get carried away, and start looking rather strange, and damage their skin.  You need to be gentle with your skin.  Unfortunately, societal pressures move many women in that direction.  We need to be strong and show our daughters that confidence and natural beauty is the way to go, with natural, gentle skin care.  It’s starts with a simple peel, and when that isn’t enough, the procedures get more complicated.  I use simple organic, virgin coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid ( not an actual acid) which draws water naturally to your facial skin, and in a few weeks your skin is supple and wrinkles are seriously diminished.  It works!  

  2. How’s your pinky doing?  I’m liking monochromatic looks more now, thanks to you helping me know how to put them together.  They do have that certain flair.  I agree on the versatility of the VE bracelets.  I enjoy wearing all of mine.  I am giving my hairdresser one for Christmas.  Have a great day!

  3. I love that sweater SO much! The bracelets are really cute, I just wish I could wear them at work. I am always carrying boxes, and trying to open doors with my elbows. I would be afraid I would break them!

  4. I just love the bracelets! I’m thinking I need that sweater though, did I miss the post on this sweater? Where did you get it from?

  5. Love the gray. (I now have gray jeans which you styled awhile ago.) And I love VE bracelets; I now have several. I don’t have gray booties/boots, but wouldn’t black also work (not exactly monochromatic gray)?

      1. Any other suggestions for shoe color? I just don’t want to go out and buy another pair of boots/booties (well, I would love to, but I have to stop somewhere haha!)

        1. Oh, I hear ya. Black is really fine, or another light neutral? Even taupe or blush? Or if you have another grey shoe, like a loafer or ballet flat, I’d go with that. It doesn’t have to be boots.

          1. I’m looking at gray booties or boots anyhow. Haha. I do love footwear. Thank you for the ideas. 

          2. I found a pair on Macy’s on sale. I’ll see how they look in person. Never let it be said that I passed on an opportunity to buy footwear haha!

  6. Love today’s look. Mixing the grays, ivories, and silver is such a perfect combination, and those tones look great on you.

  7. This look is spot on! Cozy, comfortable and classy.Recently, you were trying to remember the design blog you were using when you were first decorating your new home. Could it be ?

  8. I’m looking for a black belt with a silver buckle and I remember you wearing one with an outfit a while back. Can you link that one for me? Thanks! 😊

    It’s still hot here in So CA….today it was 83 and super dry (only 6% humidity). I slept with heavy moisturizer and gloves on last night because my hands are cracked. My fourth graders were all hot and sweaty after lunch recess and complaining that the air conditioning wasn’t cold enough. I told them to think about how lucky they are to still wear shorts and t-shirts in November cuz in lots of places the kids are all bundled up! I wore my new Treasure & Bond blazer with jeans and loafers today and I roasted. 🔥😣 My saving grace is that is does cool down now at night- I was making dinner with all the windows & french doors open and I had to grab a sweater cuz it’s now about 63. 😁

    So even though I’m not shopping for sweaters, I’m still watching what your wearing on Instagram. Your last few outfits are darling! 

      1. Thank you! It’s exactly what I’m looking for. 
        Yeah- still hot and dry here. I gave up on trying to dress like fall and wore my short denim skirt, my LOFT sleeveless red floral top (like yours ) and sandals today ☀️🤷‍♀️ Supposed to be close to 90 at the end of the week & throughout the weekend. 

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