Coffee Talk 11.06.16

Good morning! Did everyone remember to set their clocks back last night? It was a good night to gain an hour because Paul and I went to a concert last night and didn’t get home till late. The venue was small and laid-back, and it was a fun time. Anyone remember these guys???


They were fantastic. They play so many different instruments, and they have such a great sound. It was my first time seeing them in concert, and I’d totally go again if they’re back in the area sometime.

Before that, we stopped by the mall for a few errands (FINALLY getting a couple of tops tailored to fit better, YAY for the Nordstrom alterations department!) and the grabbed dinner at a steakhouse. It was DEE-licious. I had dreams about that steak. AND the chocolate mousse… I don’t usually indulge in dessert these days, but it sounded SO good, and we split it so it doesn’t really count, right?

Earlier in the day we got some cool outfit pictures down by the river. The fall leaves are about at their peak right now. I keep trying to fit in as many photo shoots as I can while it’s so pretty outside because once winter arrives, everything is going to be so grey. That’s when we’ll head to the city and get street shots.

I’m really looking forward to our winter fashion series coming up. I’ve got some cute holiday looks I’m planning, and I love layering up for cold weather. The only issue is the lack of daylight. It might be hard to get outfit photos for each day, but we’ll do our best. I can always take some mirror selfies if I’m in a bind, right? You won’t take my fashion blogger crown away, will you?

It’s funny because back in the early days, I always took my outfit pictures inside. And with a camera timer, at that!!! My husband wasn’t involved AT ALL. In fact, he thought it was ridiculous and couldn’t figure out why I was taking pictures of my outfits. I felt ridiculous too, but every time I said I was going to drop it, several people told me the fashion posts were their favorites, so I kept going, and here I am. Crazy, right??

I never considered myself a fashionista. I’ve always loved to shop and I knew what I liked, but I was in no way any sort of fashion expert or trend setter. In fact, my style was pretty plain. (Not that it’s anything magazine worthy now, but I’ve come a looooong way, trust me.) Thank goodness for Pinterest, right??

Okay, enough about me. What do you have coming up this week? Tell me what’s going on in your world.

Oh. One last thing. This Blurred Tartan Scarf is temporarily back in stock in the Burgundy Combo. I don’t expect it to last long. They probably had a few returns or something. I am actually featuring it in my post tomorrow, but I am afraid it will be gone again and I wanted to give y’all a heads-up in case you saw it in yesterday’s Instagram Roundup and wanted one.

Have a blessed Sunday!