Coffee Talk 11.25.18

Good morning! I’m happy to say I’m writing from home this morning. We drove seven hours in the rain yesterday to get here, but thankfully the traffic wasn’t terrible. While it was steady the whole way, it never got too bad — mainly because there weren’t a ton of tractor trailers. I guess they were on vacation.

We had a really nice time in Virginia. For those just tuning in, I grew up in the Roanoke area, and my immediate family still lives down there. The kids had a great time with their younger cousins, and I got to grab dinner with my BFF from high school, which is always fun!

I’m excited to be home and start thinking about Christmas. I can’t wait to dive into decorating. I ordered candles for the windows — something I never did in our last house — but I think they will look really nice here. I had no idea how many options there are for window candles. I picked up a few boxes at CVS, but we didn’t like them so I’m returning them.

After that, I started asking around and researching, and that’s when I learned about all of the options — battery or electric, LED or incandescent, warm or cool… blah blah blah. And then there is the issue of height and weight and will they tip over, and is there a timer or a sensor, or a remote control. I-yi-yi.

So anyway, after a bunch of research, I ordered these, and they arrive today. I’m eager to see how they work for me. They weren’t cheap, but evidently you get what you pay for when it comes to these things, and I had a gift card that helped. If you have any that you love, let me know! I can return these if I don’t love them… and for that price, I need to love them.

The girls and I would like to set up our artificial tree today — we usually set up two. The artificial one is my “fancy tree” that goes in the living room, and then we always go out as a family and chop down a live tree for the family room. We’re hoping to do that next weekend, so I thought it would be fun to set up the artificial tree today, but I’ll need Paul’s help to string lights, and he may not be up for that. It is not his favorite task, by any stretch!

I also need new ribbon for that tree this year. Where do you get your ribbon? Also, if you have any tips for making it look really gorgeous, lay them on me. I have a bad habit of winding the ribbon too tight, and I really want to learn how to make it more loopy… haha! I don’t even know the proper term. I guess I’ll be perusing YouTube this afternoon!

Anyway, that’s our plan for the rest of the weekend. And somewhere in there, we need to get my son back to college. It will be weird having him gone. I was just getting used to having him around again! But it’s only a few weeks till he comes home for a month, and I’ll probably be ready to send him back after that. Ha!

I’m off to run before church. I got much-needed new running shoes when I was in Roanoke, and I’m excited to start breaking them in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Go to YouTube and watch Lovemeg09 her newest tree decor video talks about ribbon and her trick on how to do it easily is my favorite by far! She cuts them into strips and then tells you how to put them in the tree. It was SO much easier and looks beautiful on her tree and on both of my trees!

  2. Last yr I bought ribbon at Michaels that was made for trees, that twisted itself as you put it on, it looked great. 

  3. I just learned some new tricks on ribbon this year. First you need to start with sturdy ribbon, it holds betters when it has a nice wire on the sides. The second tip is the really pretty trees you see cut the ribbon. That’s how they make it pop out and do all the cute loops. Shophelloholiday.com has beautiful ribbon. Good luck. I can’t wait to see how it comes out. 

  4. Good morning! Can you tell me the name of the place you got your initial necklace? I’ve wanted one forever and I think I’m going to buy myself one to commemorate my upcoming retirement (next month! Yay! Yikes!)
    Thanks much!!

  5. Hi Jolynn. Plow and hearth has excellent window lighting options that are quality and guaranteed. Can’t wait to see your decorations. 

  6. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping in some stores and on line… I was able to get the deals on Thursday too which saved me from going to some on Friday.. because I’m in Canada it wasn’t affecting any family plans. I finished up with getting all the stocking stuffers pretty much done except a few on Saturday. I like the candies you’ve ordered they look really nice. We bought the three candelabra ones (plug in) 24 years ago when we built our first house and yes I still have them. I only had to replace a couple.. really got our moneys worth lol… I just bought new wide ribbon at Michaels craft store 50% off. With the wired edges. Better to twist etc. now we just need to find our artificial tree. We have been debating on getting one but have always been real tree people and very picky at that… so we shall see😉that needs to be decided today as my decorating is done except this. Have a great day…

  7. I hope you have a great time decorating the house. Looking forward to pics when it’s finished. No advice on candles or ribbon, we don’t do either lol.

  8. I’m glad y’all arrived back home safely!  Traveling yesterday was much more calm than today will be.  Yesterday around 1, I lugged all of the gifts, wrapping, boxes, etc., down from the attic, then began wrapping, until 9:45 last night.  And I only wrapped gifts for 8 people and 1 dog.  Now I’ve got to figure out where to store them, since there’s no room around my skinny tree because it’s in the corner where Java likes to lay.  Since he’s almost 13 and not in great health, I refuse to invade his space more than I already have.  I hope breaking in your new running shoes was enjoyable!  Have fun putting up the tree today!

  9. We drove in the same steady rain you all did yesterday! From Long Island NY to my spend the night at Dad’s house in Richmond VA and our drive was 10 hours with all traffic and accidents! And now we have a 5 hour drive back to our home in NC! #homewardbound

  10. Hello! Decorating a new home is always fun, I just wanted to share a YouTube channel I enjoy ChristopherAllen.  He has done a holiday decorating series this year that I have found really helpful. Happy Decorating!!

  11. First off I just have to say how much I love your blog! When it comes to home decorating, I love it and it comes natural. Dressing myself, not so much, so I just copy your looks and look as though I know what I’m doing! I enjoy changing the look of my tree from year to year, so I don’t invest a lot of money in ribbon, etc.. I tend to buy random ribbon or decomesh (always on clearance) from just about anywhere I find it – Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, . I always take the ribbon or mesh and start it from the top of the tree. I let it fall down the tree and just push it in here and there. Very fast to put up and fast to take down and I think it looks great once all the other ornaments/decorations are put on after.

  12. Jo-Lynne, I love the burlap ribbon sold at Hobby Lobby.  I have it on my 3 trees.  It looks beautiful with silver and powder blue (or Tiffany blue) mixed in with some rustic type balls.  

  13. We used to live in the perfect house for candles in the window. I loved having them. We found battery ones were too dim. That was before the days of LED. We bought ours at Menards. Ours were electric and soft yellow glow. Our house was 100 years old with original woodwork around the windows. My husband used a staple gun to hold the cord in place so the candles would stay put. There were outlets by almost every window except our enclosed front porch. We had to rig a few drop cords but not in our main living areas.

  14. Hey Jo-Lynne
    Thanks for all info thru weekend was waiting on
    Green turtleneck from Nordstrom’s but got message …sold out..wanted to wear to party
    this week
    I also love the Costco ribbon…my favorite
    Black white plaid!
    Would look great on some black laterns in
    your new family room.
    Happy decorating!

  15. I did not read all the comments, but Laura, Garden Answers – on YT, just did a video on her tree ribbons and bows. That gal has more energy than a fresh battery! She puts 8 trees up in her house, while the baby sleeps. Talk about an I-yi-yi! (in a good way!!!)
    Years ago, when Baldwin was still made in Reading PA, I splurged for some of their electric candles, but only for my downstairs windows. Hind site (you know how it goes) I should have purchased for the upstairs too. A nice heavy weight is best. If you can not get that, then buy the plastic tabs that go under your window sash. This is what I am talking about, but there are other brands and sites, of course! https://express.google.com/u/0/product/1323845461447287641_806389226356882768_1074976?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt,eid-ygcnqnyulq&gtim=CIGqn9LctOrXOBCNoLvAionCzmgY8Lp5IgNVU0QooIWi4AUwoM5B&utm_campaign=1074976&gclid=Cj0KCQiArenfBRCoARIsAFc1Fqcuxi1MtK6lRcvnBfkUX88pEfZoAbwN26f1SruoJh7sDU7pqHEYHE8aAuJsEALw_wcB

  16. Hi …. regarding your window candle question … I found really nice battery operated window candles on QVC… they are Valerie Parr Hill ….. they are also adjustable if you have panes in your windows . They come in different finishes and were truly worth the money !! 

  17. Happy to hear you had a nice weekend in Virginia. I’m really interested in these window candles. I want them to be bright enough. Looking forward to your opinion on them. I would need sixteen so I really want to be sure they are worth the price. Have a great week!! 

    1. So far, I’m really impressed with them. They are nice and heavy (don’t tip) and they have options for timer or sensor – 4, 6 or 8 hours each. If you position them correctly, they shine brighter towards the street and dimmer towards the room inside. They also can be adjusted for height. I only looked at them from my front yard, so I still need to see them from the street to be sure they’re bright enough, but at this point, I think we’re going to be keeping them. The color of the light seems okay too, not super warm, but not really cold either. We didn’t have enough batteries for all of them, so right now only 4 on the lower window are set up. I’ll get more today and finish them up, and go out tonight and look at them from the street. 🙂

  18. I bought my window lights last year from QVC.  They stay lit 6 hours then turn off. They have two height adjustment.  I love them. Use command strips for some hold on the window sill. 

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