Coffee Talk 12.04.22

Good morning on this first Sunday of December! It is sunny and bright and beautiful here today, and it occurs to me, this might be the first Sunday we’ve had without rain in months. It’s been a weird fall that way.

We actually got poured on yesterday instead, but it stopped raining right before our ladies’ Christmas Tea and then resumed as soon as it was over. It was almost like God stopped the rain long enough for us to enjoy our Christmas festivities, lol! But rain or shine, it was just really nice to slow down and enjoy some holiday cheer during this busy season.

It’s been a crazy week over here. Becca was diagnosed with mono, and they’re testing for some other things. It’s too much to go into, and I try not to overshare when it comes to my kids, but this explains why she’s been sick for so many weeks this fall.

For a kid who is typically very high energy and involved in so many activities, it’s a real bummer. I’m hoping she can get better over the holidays. Fortunately we have no plans to travel, which we considered doing at one point, so I’m glad we don’t have to disappoint anyone.

David has been away on a ski trip with friends this weekend, so it’s been pretty quiet around here. Both he and Caroline have been working hard to finish up their papers and other coursework so they can enjoy their winter break. They are more than ready to be done with school for this semester.

In other news, I noticed some of these Soma Cool Nights Pajama Sets are as much as 70% off and well stocked!

Also, these Dolce Vita boots came in, and I love them, but they run a little small. I’ve ordered the 8 1/2 to compare. I always wear 8 in Dolce Vita boots, so I’m not sure what’s up with the sizing on these, but I wanted to give you a heads-up while they’re still on sale and well-stocked.

The Evereve Spend More, Save More Sale ends tonight, so if you’re an Evereve shopper and you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I rounded up a bunch of my top picks here: Spend More, Save More at Evereve.

And tarte is doing a Secret Santa Sale. I just got an email, and you can pick 4 full size products from a limited selection for $44. That’s a pretty good deal, and a great way to knock out some stocking stuffers!

Okay, that’s about it for me. I’ll be back tomorrow with a try-on haul. I got several orders in this week, and I can’t wait to share with you. Have a restful and blessed Sunday!

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  1. sorry about the mono – hope she’s on the mend quickly ! just fyi – when my son had it his follow up bloodwork (which is not always ordered by docs) it showed problematic liver enzyme numbers which we had to monitor and (thank God) the situation resolved itself but if not has to be addressed – so please insist that bloodwork be done after she’s through it !

  2. Hello friend
    Yes my daughter also had it in high school …
    The sore throat can be horrible!
    Seems a lot of respiratory and coughing going on where I live! Ughh!!!
    Put on my bright blue sweater today, Your pick from years ago:) still love it!
    Happy second Sunday of Advent!

      1. Yes, the sore throat was horrible!! A tip, my doctor actually told me to get Werthers hard caramel candies instead of throat drops, he said it coats the throat. To this day, that’s what I give my daughter when she has a sore throat. Take it or leave it 😉. Prayers for your Becca!!!

  3. There is nothing like a mug of something hot and the Christmas tree lights ❤️❤️
    🙏🏻 for your daughter for a quick recovery. Our grandson was down your way for the weekend, his last outdoor soccer tournament. You know what the weather was like yesterday! They actually cancelled the rest of the tournament after halftime of the first game on Saturday. It was a mud pit. Our daughter said he woke up this morning with a sore throat. An expensive weekend for basically 20 minutes of play…..
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Is Savannah laying under the tree in the intro picture? Poor Becca! I will keep her in my prayers. I had mono as a child, when they called it by the full name. Hopefully the doctors can get her in better shape real soon. I imagine that you are looking forward to having Caroline back home for Christmas. I bet she will be spending time in the kitchen creating all kinds of good eats for y’all. Have a blessed day!

  5. So sorry to hear that Becca’s not feeling well. Prayers for a speedy recovery. It’s awful to be sick during the holiday season. Thanks for all the sales updates and gift guides you’ve done. You go above and beyond as a blogger! I’ve learned so much from you about style and dressing myself. Have a great week😊

  6. Ugh, mono! I had it the last week of the fall semester my freshman yr in college. The doctors told my parents to just take me home until the Spring semester. I had to make up my finals in Jan. Hopefully, your daughter will feel like herself soon. Your dog is so funny under the tree. Merry Christmas!

  7. When my daughter got mono for the second time it was sooo bad we took her to a disease expert suspicioning it may be something else. She was in softball at the time, her sophomore year and couldn’t even run the bases she was sooo fatigued. So she had to quit her favorite sport. Long story short the specialist did all the blood test and confirmed it was mono again and yes it can come back and she said the mistake people do is keep trying to go on. She said you have to rest rest rest and stop ALL activities including school for two weeks, doing nothing. That was so hard for her missing two weeks of HS etc, but we did it as she told us it’s not good to push through. She laid on the couch. To this day her immune system is not the same. She now has multiple food allergies etc. so, don’t let Becca push through. It could affect her health. We wish we would have known this advice from the specialist when my daughter got it the first time in 8 th grade. Mono is an autoimmune disease. I’ll keep Becca in my prayers.

    1. This is so true! I had mono in college and the fatigue was so bad I could barely walk. I was in nursing school and tried to push through only to have another bout of it about a month later. So sorry Becca is sick during the holidays but the silver lining may be extra time off school to recover.

  8. Prayers for your girl! Mono is tough to heal from especially when they’re so used to being active and involved in so many activities. My son got it his sophomore year of college and had to take the spring semester off and come home. Lots and lots of rest and supplements of magnesium and vitamin D help (along with whatever protocol your doctor is recommending of course).
    Can’t wait for the try-on haul tomorrow! As you know, fashion has been frustrating me these days. ☹️ I packaged up 7 bags of returns yesterday. I’m feeling better today (have been fighting off a cold virus myself) so after I shower and fix myself up a bit I’ll take some pictures of me in the NYDJ Marilyns I just got and send to you. I’d love your opinion.

  9. Love the pic with Savannah laying under the tree! New puppy this year so not sure if we can put up our tree as the potty training is not going really well. Maybe just the prelit tree and no ornaments. Hmmm. On another note our son had mono his first year in the Marines and Marines ARE NOT allowed to be sick. It was a tough time for him. Nothing to fool around with. Hope Becca feels better soon.

    1. Dottie,
      Hats off to your Marine son, I know you are proud of him. Our brave soldiers and veterans are so special to us!

  10. This is a random question for a coffee talk, but I’m struggling with shoes for the new pant styles. I know you have covered boots/booties, but a lot of the other shoe styles we used to wear with skinny jeans have trended out as well. For example, on mild winter days here in the South (it’s 70 today), I used to wear a lightweight sweater with skinny jeans and ballet flats. Both those items now look dated. What is the trendier alternative to ballet flats for times it’s too warm to wear boots/booties?

  11. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I had mono my senior year (in the late 70s – the dark ages LOL) so I’m sure they have better ways to treat it nowadays but it took a long time for me to recover.

    So glad the rain held out so you could enjoy your Christmas gathering at church. 😊

  12. I read your post about doing Christmas but not by wearing red. Followed your idea about light blue and silver.found a pale blue sweater with metallic stripes at the loft. I walked into church wearing it today, and a women said”you look like Christmas like a snow flake” I said yes I was trying to do Christmas without red. I told her she must have read my mind!

  13. Oh man. I had mono my freshman year of high school. I was out of school for a month. Then when I went back, I could only go for half the day for several weeks. Bless her heart. And yours, as her momma. Prayers for healing. ❤️🙏🏻

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