Coffee Talk 2.28.16

So far 2016 has been a bit of a whirlwind. It started off with my weekend in Nashville with Cyndi, and then two weeks later I went to Destin, Florida for a girls getaway weekend and blogging retreat.

destin girls beach

This month I traveled to NYC to meet Jeff Probst and get a sneak peek at the newest season of Survivor, and the following week I saw Carrie Underwood in concert.

I’m finishing out February in style with a little visit to The Lodge at Lochwood in the Poconos! I am SO excited. I’ve been invited along with a few other bloggers to experience the resort so I can share about it on my social media. We arrive this afternoon, and we are staying two nights. I’ll be instagramming and snapping along the way, if you want to follow along!

Right now March looks pretty quiet, but then I have not one but TWO blogging conferences to attend in April. I’ll be going to Mom 2.0 Summit for the 3rd year in a row. It’s in Laguna Beach, CA. I KNOW!!! 

Last year it was in Scottsdale, AZ, which was fabulous, but two years ago, it was in Laguna Beach, and it was AH-mazing. I cannot wait to go back.

laguna beach

That will be a blast because those are my people — mostly “mom bloggers” who write about various subjects, but we are all pretty much in the same space. I will know a good portion of the people attending. I’ve had my ticket since they went on sale after last year’s conference.

Then just this week, I made the executive decision to attend the RewardStyle Conference in Dallas, TX. This is a conference for fashion bloggers, and this one will be a HUGE leap outside of my comfort zone. Let’s just say I am not the poster child for a fashion blogger. Most of the women attending this conference are much younger and much more stylish than I’ve ever dreamt of being.

Okay, I was young once, but I was never on the cutting edge of fashion. Which is fine, I am comfortable with who I am, but I will only know a small handful of people, and it will definitely be a new experience.

I haven’t had an Omygosh, what will I wear? moment in years, but I was having one of those moments this week.

And then my next thought was, I don’t even know how to contour my makeup!!! Haha. Well, maybe I can learn before then. I also should learn how to apply eyelashes. That’s a requirement, I think. Aggghhhhh…

I was coming up with 155 reasons not to go, and I sent my husband an email detailing the costs and time away from family (considering that I already have plane/conference/hotel tickets for Mom 2.0, so that’s a definite.)

I basically ended the email suggesting that I skip it this year and perhaps make it a priority for next year.

His response was simply:  probably should go

I guess I’m out of excuses, then, aren’t I? I even have an offer of a roommate.

So I bought my conference ticket, and I’ll buy my plane ticket this week. Then I need to start thinking about what on earth I’m going to wear!!! I think I need to order another Trunk!!!

I will be out of my element, for sure, but I think it will be a good experience. I hope so, anyway!

In Other News . . .

My knee issue flared up again this week, so I went to the doctor. I was grateful to get in the day I called. He says I have patellar tracking syndrome (Google is your friend) and we believe it is due to the way I’ve been sitting improperly on my yoga ball chair. I spend hours upon hours in this chair, and I forget to sit correctly and end up sitting cross-legged. Not good.

yoga ball chair

I’m relieved that he told me to continue running and working out, and I’m hoping that changing my sitting position will allow everything works itself out.

Meanwhile, I do have a prescription for anti-inflammatory and a script for an MRI in case there is also a tear, but he doesn’t think that’s the case. With my history of a tendon tear and stress fracture, he’s not taking any chances, which I appreciate. I worked too hard to get back to this point, and I don’t want any setbacks, ESPECIALLY with all the travel plans I have this spring!!!

Jeans On Sale!

I don’t have time for a special post about it, so I am just going to throw it in here. Nordstrom has marked down a bunch of their premium denim!!! See all of their on-sale jeans HERE.

I shared yesterday that I found the perfect distressed white crop jeans for this spring and summer. WOOT! And they are 20% off. It’s not a great savings, but I’ll take it. I couldn’t wait around any longer because I need them for my spring fashion series that starts this week. (By the way, I sized up in these. I bought a 30.)

They also have the DL1961 Emma in white on sale. These jeans are soooo soft. They almost feel like velvet. They’re a legging style, so they’re super tight, but they aren’t tight at the ankle, and they’re not see-through. DL seems to make the best non-see-through white jeans. I love my Florence in white for a more traditional skinny jean (although they’re not on sale.) For size reference, I wear a 29 in both of these jeans.

If you’re looking for mint colored jeans (I know a lot of you are) THESE are pretty and 40% off, bringing them own to $82. I don’t know this brand, so I can’t vouch for quality or give advice on sizing, but Nordstrom has a generous return policy, so it can’t hurt to try them.

mint jeans

A lot of the other jeans on sale seem to have limited sizes, so poke around and see what you find.

This is the day the Lord has made!

Okay, that’s about it for me! I’m off for a run, and then I have to get ready for church. I’m teaching the preschool Sunday School class this morning, so I have to be on time. Yikes!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. You have some fun times ahead, and I look forward to hearing all about it. I’m also excited about the 27 days of spring fashion with you and Cyndi. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Jolynne, I know you have at least one black dress and beautiful jewelry and scarves….basics with lovely accessories. You can go anywhere! Uhhh, I think I learned that from you! Don’t try to be like the others, your followers love you because you’re not. ????

  3. Thank you for the post and the links for the jeans – I’ve been hunting for white jeans with no luck – just put a couple pairs in my cart 😉

  4. Hi J-L,
    I’d put you up against the best fashionistas anytime. Don’t stress you have a great eye and a classic touch that is always stylish. Never miss an opportunity to do something that you know you will love and absolutely regret later if you didn’t go. I don’t know anything about eyelashes but my bestie is going to be selling them in her Blow Dry bar. They must be popular. Give it a try. One more thing, how about a desk treadmill? My friends at USMS use them all day and go to swim team at night. I can’t use them since I work in a medical office and would wind up in my butt but they are suppose to be great. There is a utube video of them out there. Have a wonderful time and thanks for all the info. It’s really appreciated.
    Have a great day!

  5. You certainly packed a whole lotta fun in February! Good for you! As for your wardrobe, you’ve got great classic style! You’ll fit right in, I’m sure! Enjoy your trip to Woodloch! You’re in my neck of the woods there! If you haven’t been there before, talk about “an over the river and through the woods” kinda ride! It’s out there! And you know PA roads….. My nephew is a waiter there and my other nephew got married there, it’s a gorgeous resort! Have fun!

  6. Sounds really exciting! A really close friend of ours is president of the Dads Stay at Home group and does the Dad Summit 2.0. He tried to convince me to go to Mom Summit 2.0, but I just can’t afford that. But, as you know, I am attending my first blog conference in September, and only because it is close to home.

    I love these posts Jo-Lynne, because they really bring to light that you are human. I mean, don’t take it the wrong way. To hear you say that you felt nervous and unsure makes me(and probably a lot of other women) feel that huge and successful bloggers like you are really just like the rest of us!

    I can’t wait to read about how your experience is!

  7. I choose to read you each day for the exact reason mentioned above – you are YOU! I cannot relate to many of the over-the-top fashion blogs – they are not ME, and I would look ridiculous in my little corner of Alaska wearing some of the things they show (and don’t want to spend the money some do). I appreciate your style, honesty, and daily insights on life. You go to that fashion bloggers conference and hold your head up high! And have fun with all your travels! I’m off to Chicago today for a conference, and am putting together my little capsule for the week – with a lot of inspiration from you!

  8. I totally agree with Andrea. I follow you for YOU. With your wisdom, style, and honesty, you deliver everything that I want to see. Those twentysomethings don’t have anything over on you!. (Except maybe the fake stuff). You inspire us mature women to look our best and work on our “inner” beauty.

  9. I was reading your post thinking I want to be just like you when I grow up. Sadly, however I am older than you! You are such a beautiful, spirited, fashionista! Go and have fun! It will be a wonderful story to tell!????

  10. Please don’t allow yourself to feel intimidated! (We often give these little pep talks to our daughters but forget that the same principles apply to us as adults!) You’re a daughter of the King and you do what you do well! Your readers appreciate you for who you are. The very people we view as having it “all together” are often the ones who are facing a world of hurt on the inside.

  11. I’m living vicariously through all of your exciting travel experiences, Jo-Lynne! 🙂 As for the conference in Texas – kudos for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Not an easy thing to do! Go, enjoy, and learn a lot…then report back to the rest of us!

  12. Jo-Lynn you sure have the life! I can’t imagine being able to go on all the trips you do. I am jealous! I guess we will just have to live vicariously through you. lol I will be thinking about you when I get up at 5:00 in the morning to be at work by 7:00 am slaving with 3rd graders and then home to 3 hours of tutoring kids at my house. Enjoy all these wonderful opportunities you have! I hope to have some one day when I retire, which by the way is in only 2 years. Can’t wait!!!

  13. Jo-Lynne you’ve got this. You are an attractive, accomplished woman who has raised three kids and is part of a successful marriage. Go make us 40ish plus women proud. FOR REAL!

  14. I love your blog because you are honest, fashionable, classic with a trendy twist, and real. Please no fake eyelashes! LOL I do read a few blogs from bloggers much younger than I am, and I am always thinking that it must take them a couple of hours a day to get dressed for the day! LOL I do read some other blogs and wish I had the LV bags, Gucci clothes, and the classic Chanel bag…but I don’t, and at this point I’ve realized I never will. It’s okay. I can still dream. You show us things we can buy at Nordstrom and local boutiques, and sometimes on sale. I like that. I also love that you are not always in dresses that I have nowhere to wear and leggings/tunics that look like maternity outfits. Keep on being you. That’s why we love you. Those “younger” bloggers can learn a thing or two from you. Another thing I love is that you show cute looks with designer denim without the 6″ heels. I do not ever wear heels anymore, unless it is a wedge or stacked heel on a boot. Please don’t change. 🙂

  15. If you don’t go to Dallas and keep all of us old ladies in the loop what hope do we have? LOL, I’m kind of just kidding, but kind of not. You make a huge impact on the daily lives of many many women and I for one am very grateful for everything that you and Cindy do to help me feel connected and current. Go and shine just as you are because you’re wonderful! And glad your enjoying the Poconos! Give a wave for me if you go through Mountainhome!

  16. Jo-Lynne,
    to me you have such a great balance in life. The Lord and your family are first, and while it is important for us to look and feel good, it is not more important than the blessings of faith and family. You always look beautiful and to add to that you are as a person just as beautiful. Society can get carried away with looks and fashion and it isn’t attractive, so thanks for keeping things real and good. There is a real difference between someone who looks great just on the outside vs. someone who looks great on the outside and also shines because of the good in them and that is you. That isn’t easy to come by these days. Go shine and have a great time!

    1. It means a lot to hear that, Lori. I do try but none of us are perfect. 🙂 I think having the amazing readers that I do helps keep me grounded. I don’t ever want to get carried away so that I’m no longer relatable — or worse, compromising my integrity for the fashion blogging world. 🙂

  17. Didn’t Cyndi go through this same angst before a fashion blogging conference in Dallas last year? I think she found out it was fine. So will you. We Texans are a friendly bunch. 🙂

  18. Sounds like you’ve got fun times ahead! Cyndi was stressed over the same conference last year and said she ended up having a great time. Maybe y’all can room together? Glad to hear the news that your knee isn’t serious and so easily fixable. Enjoy your time at the resort.

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