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Good Sunday morning! Can you believe that summer is half over? It feels that way, anyhow. This week we leave for our annual Maine vacation. When we get back, my son starts band camp, which pretty much occupies the entire month of August. Then it’s back to school.

I know, it’s only July 12th and I have the better part of summer left, but it seems like it’s flying by.

Juggling the kids’ and my work and my physical therapy appointments is a challenge, but we’re managing. I’m really happy with my new physical therapist. He is definitely taking a more aggressive approach than I’m used to, which is what I need right now. Some of his methods remind me of a chiropractor. He does manipulations in addition to soft tissue work and strengthening exercises, and he believes that we can make a lot of progress in a short period of time if I come in daily, so it’s definitely been time consuming, but it’s good.

Since I’m leaving for 2.5 weeks, I’m all for doing as much as I can before we go. I just hope I don’t lose any of the progress we make when I’m gone. I’ll have to be diligent with my exercises, and diligence is not my strong suit, so we’ll see.

I’m still run/walking 2 miles most days, although I know I need to cross train, so this morning my husband and I are taking to the trail for a bike ride before church.

We have a busy day planned with several social functions, so I need to cut this short and get a move on.

I’m really excited about our vacation coming up. We are going to Maine by way of Cooperstown, NY and Manchester, VT. I’ll be sharing our escapades on Instagram, so if you enjoy following along, make sure you’re following me on Instagram.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I agree! The summer is flying by. However, it’s been rainy and chilly here for most of it so it hasn’t felt like summer. Rain in the forecast for most of next week. UGH! Have a good trip, and hopefully your vacation will be filled with sunny days!

  2. I just found your blog this past week and I love it, especially your daily Mom style posts. You always look so put together! Enjoy your Maine vacation and you’ll love Manchester (I live in Vermont).

    1. Thanks, Jodi! This will be our first time in Vermont, although I went to college in Massachusetts and have been to Maine at least 45 times. (FOR REAL. Every summer of my life minus 2 or 3, plus several Christmases.) I’m looking forward to exploring Manchester.

  3. We just returned from Maine and Vermont so I cannot wait to see your pictures ! So glad your PT is coming along!

  4. We are heading through Cooperstown this month as well! We are heading to Pittsburgh first. So glad to hear your foot is feeling better! I have been on a year long thyroid disease journey and finally feeling like myself again. Wishing your continued healing and health!

  5. Glad to hear things are looking up with your foot AND you can get back to your running. I know you missed it.

    I am frantically trying to get ready for our trip to Juniata College for Johnny’s college visit, and then from there to our friends house in Ohio. We are only gone for 5 days, but it still seems overwhelming.

    Have a blast on your trip!

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