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Today I took the day off. TOTALLY off. I got up and checked a few things online before sending my kids off to school, then I worked out, showered, and spent the day with my husband. We went to lunch and to the mall.
It. Was. Heavenly.

I don’t even have any photos to share because I wasn’t being blogger-girl, taking selfies and food photos. I just enjoyed the time away.

We do this maybe once a year. It is truly a rare occurrence for us, and it was so nice to just shop and eat and chat and not think about cookbooks or deadlines or kids or leaky toilets . . . not that we’d know anything about that!

So the cookbook is all but done. I need to flesh out Chapter 1 a bit more (the only text chapter — the rest are primarily recipes) and there may be an occasional edit, but I feel free. It should be available for sale on Amazon.com in August, and pre-release copies will be available before then. Whew! What a whirlwind!

As for the kids, both my older two kids got braces this week. It’s so unexpected for them to share such a significant milestone. I spaced my children three years apart purposefully to make my life easier… or so I thought. Never in a million years did I expect them to be both going through this phase of life at the same time. But their bone age studies indicate that they are both about to hit that famous growth spurt this year, and I can definitely see the signs.

I wanted to get a cute photo of the two of them with their braces — my son with his blue and red bands and my daughter with her 4 shades of pink. Alas, neither would be seen with one another. And my daughter won’t be seen at all. But I do have this one of my son, showing off his Phillies pride.


Can you believe that’s my little boy? *sob*

In other news, this weekend I’m missing out on the St. Patty’s Day 5K that I enjoyed so much last year. It’s a shame, too, because the weather is actually going to cooperate. But I know I’ll push it when the adrenaline sets in, and I hear that is how re-injuries occur. I can tell my plantar fasciitis is lurking. I’m trying to take good care of myself and not do anything foolish, so I will sit out this race in hopes that I will get back “on my feet” eventually… haha. I do hope to race again, even if the 5K is the longest distance I ever get to do. Only time will tell.

Tonight two of my best girlfriends are taking me out to celebrate the end of my cookbook project, and tomorrow I plan to lay low, read, do some spring cleaning and purging, and hopefully get a run in.

I plan to take a few days off, so I’ll “see” you on next with a new menu plan, some fun fashion posts, and a couple of yummy recipes! I hope you have a good one!

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  1. Sounds like a great day!! I need to have a date day with hubby, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I have to schedule ortho appointments for both of mine, too. Not fun. Sorry to hear that you have to miss your race. And have a great time with your girlfriends, you deserve it!

  2. Congrats on the end of your cookbook project! Isn’t it nice to have relaxing time with the hubby, no pressures? I’m enjoying more and more days (or partial days) like that, with only one kid at home now, and she’s pretty independent. You’ll have more of that kind of time too, before you know it. 🙂

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