Daily Mom Style 01.16.13

Is this January or March? You’d never know by the weather! It has been unseasonably warm, yet soggy and gloomy with rain and fog. I’m ready to get my cold, crisp, sunny winter days back!! I haven’t even been able to enjoy running in the warmer temps because the rain and drizzle just looks so miserable, plus I’ve been nursing a sore foot. Woe is me.

ANYWAY!  Here we go. Another edition of Daily Mom Style, in which I attempt to stay fabulous after 40 while juggling the commitments of work, home and family and fighting gravity every step of the way.

day 1

I wore this outfit to attend a yoghurt demo and meet a friend for lunch. If you’re a yoghurt fan, or even if you’re not, you need to try Koru. The original recipe is from a yoghurt still produced in New Zealand, which they adapted for the US market. I don’t normally get excited about yoghurt, but this stuff is da bomb. No, really. You must try it.

I paired my gray cords with this purple v-neck sweater, and because it was drizzly out I wore my Dansko Brinkley Boots (which are currently $125, marked down from $265 at 6PM.) I took advantage of the warmer temperatures to wear my leather jacket, and I also threw on this plaid scarf to keep my neck warm and because I’m trying to do better in the accessorizing department. Speaking of accessories, I’m loving this Stella & Dot necklace. At first I wasn’t a fan of the tassel but after wearing it once, I think it adds a nice touch.

day 2

I wore this outfit twice last week — first to host a few friends for after-dinner cocktails and then to a concert with my husband.

I ordered this sweater from a little online shop I found through Lindsay’s What I Wore Wednesday linkup. Check out Daisy Rae Boutique. I love the bold stripes (a big trend right now) and the longer length. I wore it with my skinny jeans and Dansko Brinkley boots. The earrings and necklace are from Studio Jewel.

day 3

I wore this to meet a friend for lunch at the White Dog Cafe. I have found my new favorite restaurant. It’s a good thing I don’t live any closer, it could be dangerous to the credit card.

I decided to take a break from skinnies and pulled out my Joe’s bootcuts with the flap pockets that I received as a product review many years ago. I know the bootcut is a bit passé at the moment, but I still love them so I keep them around. The asymmetrical taupe sweater is from a local shop, and the orange tank is one I picked up at the JCrew Outlet. The Silpada necklace is another oldie-but-goodie, as are the 9West boots that you can barely see. I love these boots, but I don’t get the occasion to wear them much anymore. They have a really high heel so I keep them to wear with these jeans.

day 4

Just keeping it real, y’all. I wore this red half-zip with my favorite Athleta yoga pants several times this week. It’s the first thing I put on when I get home and I know I’m not going out again.

I hate how the pocket creates all that extra bulk so I’ve been thinking about cutting it out. Do you think I’ll regret that???

day 5

I thought it might be nice to wear a skirt for a change so I dug this tweed skirt out of the back of my closet to wear to church on Sunday.

The cashmere sweater is old, old, old. I think I got it at Ann Taylor many moons ago. It’s too short to wear with jeans, but it is just the right length for pairing with a pencil skirt, and I love the color and the bow detail on the neck. I wore black tights and my black suede pumps even though it was a bit misty out. I just couldn’t stand one more day of wearing boots.

This bracelet is one of my favorites — from Silpada. Nails: Shellac Rubble from the Spring 2012 Collection.

I wore my leather jacket and scarf and carried my new green R Minkoff satchel (of course!)

day 6

This was just a casual day working from home and visiting my friendly dentist for a filling. Good times!

The pink sweater is from the Gap a few years ago. I layered it over a gray tank and wore it with a pair of straight-leg jeans and silver ballet flats (Aldo, old). The necklace is Silpada; it actually matches the bracelet from Sunday.

I’m loving my new green satchel, as you can see! I’ve been carrying it with everything. It’s a bit fussy to get in and out of and it’s heavy as the dickens, but it’s so pretty that I think I can forgive it for being high maintenance.

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28 Responses

  1. Love your outfits. I pretty much wore tank tops and shorts all week. Nothing much to talk about. Oh and you have a White Dog Cafe and we have a Yellow Dog Cafe and it too would put a hurtin’ on the ol’ wallet. But it’s SO good and you can’t beat the view. It’s right on the river.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. You look great, as usual. Could you share the maker of your black suede pumps, please? I am looking for some like that – I like the heel.

  3. 1. Your second paragraph makes me smile.
    2. I love that you still pull out the bootcuts every so often. I’ll never stop loving mine!
    3. I think you look awesome in your church outfit!

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne –
    I have always liked your Brinkley boots and now that they are on sale I am thinking of ordering them. Are they pretty true to size? I normally wear a size 8. Love the bold stripe sweater it looks great on you.

    1. Thanks! I’m learning that I can wear a scarf and then take it off when I get where I’m going if I have jewelry on underneath. I used to feel like it was an either/or situation. It makes it much easier that way.

  5. Love the color of the bag!!! Would love a smaller bag in that color.

    The striped sweater is so cute.

    The leather jacket adds such an edgy touch–love it, especially on first outfit.

    I will always keep bootcut jeans, they are always flattering if they are a good fit. I just got some skinny bootcuts from Gap and they are my new favorite. I like the fit for heeled boots, but too many bootcut jeans are too big through the leg. These Gap ones are perfect.

    Any chance you’re coming to TX in March for Blissdom?

    1. I agree, bootcut work best when they’re tight through the thigh. I think all jeans look best that way, but it’s hard for me to find them small enough in the thigh and big enough in the waist. Bleh.

      I don’t think I’ll be making it to Texas for Blissdom. It will be the first Blissdom I’ll miss in, well, ever. But I am going to the Target HQ at the beginning of February (WOOT!) and then to Mom 2.0 in May and I just can’t be away from my family for another trip. Plus, the $$$. So I’m gonna have to live vicariously thru you!

  6. You look gorgeous in the skirt and sweater outfit!!!!! Of course you would look gorgeous in a grain sack, I may send you one just to prove it! My horses won’t mind as long as the grain is left here!!

  7. You look fantastic on day 3! The orange looks great on you and I just love the whole look, including the glasses. My favorite outfit of the week, for sure. 🙂

  8. Love everything you wear! You look good in yoga pants as well. I can’t pull that off. I love boot cut; they make me look taller. I’m 5’2″ and skinnies make me look short and squatty. (is that a word?) Besides, all I find in stores in these parts are bootcut. Skinnies are found in the juniors, and I’m no junior! 🙂

  9. I see that bag is becoming a regular statement peice! IT really looks incredible against everything..surprisingly neutral, right?
    Hope you are well and happy weekend to you.

    1. I know, go figure, right?? There have been a few outfits I didn’t want to wear b/c it didn’t really go (my emerald green jeans, mainly) but it goes so well with most everything else.

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