Daily Mom Style 01.28.15


Welcome back to my weekly Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style post where I share what I wore this week and link up with other fabulous fashion bloggers around the web!

I’ve really been trying to ramp it up this week and put some different outfits together. It’s always a bit risky to put new combinations together. I tend to go for the tried and true, and sometimes my attempts at being creative don’t always turn out as well as I hope. But then there are always a few winners that become new tried-and-true favorites, so I guess you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince . . . or something like that.

Go For The Gold

Let’s face it, coming up with clever titles for my outfits is not my strong suit! But anyway, I drug this gold boyfriend cardigan out of my closet this week. It was actually the black and white striped tee that I wanted to wear. I tried it on under my red puffy vest, and it wasn’t working for me. Plus, it’s very thin and really needs long sleeves on top, so I decided to try it under a boyfriend cardigan. The easy choice would have been my black one, but I was afraid that would be too plain, and as I said, I’m trying to ramp up the style factor a bit, so I put on the gold sweater instead. I came *this close* to switching to black but I decided to stick it out. It bothers me that the stripes show through, but I’m weird like that.

Fashion Over 40: gold cardigan over black-and-white striped tee

I pulled on my trusty Florence skinny jeans, and I looked longingly at my gorgeous cognac Frye riding boots gathering dust in my closet. There is no way I can fit them on over the brace I have to wear for my torn tendon. The would have been PERFECT with this outfit, but I settled for my grey suede UGGs. I think my black riding boots might have been a better choice, but these are more comfortable so I kept them on.


I put on the long pendant to break up the front of the top and carried this charcoal structured tote. I added silver bangles, and a new outfit was born!

Fashion Over 40: gold cardigan over black-and-white striped tee

Active Chic

I wore this outfit the day I had my facial. I didn’t even put makeup on after I got home; I just threw on sunglasses and called it a day! Just about everything in this outfit is from Athleta. I just ordered these trouser-style, slim-fitting Pilayo® pants from their urban-inspired METRO PANT collection. I LOVE them. They have rear pockets and some really cool stitching that you can’t see in my photo. And you probably remember the tomato red vest and gray tee from earlier in the season. I’d prefer this outfit with these cute sneakers that don’t clash with my vest, but I know I really need to let it go… let it go…

Fashion Over 40: Athleta for an active lifestyle

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I wore this outfit around the house on Saturday, although it’s really a better outfit for a day when I’d be out and about. I realize most people don’t wear cashmere to sit around the house, but it’s warm and comfy, and as I said, I’m trying to put more effort into myself this week so here we are.

Mom Fashion: casual winter outfit for a mom on the go

I started assembling this outfit with the hoodie because it looked yummy and I wanted to wear it. I always gravitate to lilac with silvery-grey tones so I chose the lilac tank next. I would have put on blue jeans, but then I thought perhaps I should try something less expected, and my eyes fell on these plum skinny jeans. They’re very comfortable and flattering; I don’t know why I don’t wear them more often! So out they came. I’m not sure that I LOVE the lilac and plum combo. I guess it works, but for some reason it’s not wowing me.

Mom Fashion: casual winter outfit for a mom on the go

The grey boots seemed like my best bet for the outfit and for wearing around the house because they’re cozy and warm, and I doubled up my new Alexia necklace to fill in the neckline.



Shop this look: Ann Taylor Cashmere Hoodie // J.Crew Favorite Tank (old) // Joe’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans {similar} // silver S&D Alexia Necklace

Poncho Love

This is what I wore to church on Sunday. I’d had a few too many nachos the day before and was feeling a little blah. Time to pull out the poncho! I often wear this with a black top and red jeans, so I wanted to change it up a bit this time. This red top is the perfect shade, so I pulled that out and then the only decision to make was jeans or black pants. Since the poncho has a black stripe, I chose my black ponte knit pants. These read almost like leggings, which I like with the drapey poncho. My black riding boots finished the look. I would have preferred my black boots with the wedge heel that I wore so often last winter, but I have to stick with flats as long as my foot is in this brace . . . and probably for a long time afterwards. The poncho is rather short, so the proportions work out okay. If it was longer, this outfit would really need a heel.



Snow Day

I wore this on Monday, the day our school was cancelled due to the MASSIVE winter storm that was predicted. It snowed all day, but it never amounted to much. It was just enough for the kids to play in, but not so bad that we couldn’t drive in it. In other words, the PERFECT snow for me!

Casual Winter Outfit: Snow Day

Casual Winter Outfit: Snow Day

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