Daily Mom Style 03.13.13

What I Wore This Week

Here we are again! It’s another edition of Daily Mom Style, in which I chronicle my daily outfits in an attempt to stay fabulous after 40 while working from home and driving the mom taxi. Hopefully I can inspire you too!

I love this casual, comfy outfit. The wide stripes are on trend and the loose styling of the top is forgiving when you need a little forgiveness . . . ahem.

Striped Tee with Skinny Jeans and UGGs

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday to my PSMM Workshop. I wanted to look professional but not too fussy so I went with dark skinny jeans, a magenta ribbed sweater and this fitted khaki jacket that’s been hiding in the back of my closet, waiting for springtime! I also pulled out these brown wedge pumps, which are about 10 years old. I don’t wear them often, but sometimes they are exactly what I need.

Sunday was another mild day, and I really wanted to wear this black and white dot blouse. I love black and white with colored denim, but I’m not sure I love it with the cropped jean jacket. Maybe I need a blazer? And the yellow flats . . . are fun for spring but I don’t think they did much for this outfit. Bah.

How to wear Green Jeans

I wore this outfit to have lunch with a friend and then to take some photos for my Sony215 project that I’ll be sharing more about later this week! I wanted to wear the scarf, and I thought it might be fun to try it with gray cords. It was a mild day but I wanted to be sure not to be chilly so I layered this black cardi over a long sleeve white tee. I couldn’t bear to break out the boots so I went with these silver ballet flats — not ideal for walking around town taking photos, but they were alright. I keep saying this, but I really need some “fashion sneakers” for days liks this!

Casual Mom Style

And that’s all I’ve got this week! I spent a couple of days in yoga pants. Sue me.

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18 Responses

  1. Loving the shoe selections this week! I noticed the cute brown wedges on Saturday, but the yellow flats are my favorites. What a great punch of color!

  2. I really like these outfits! The dot blouse is a lot of fun and so are the wide stripes. That striped top looks super-comfy.
    Looks like you had a great week! And you got to take some photos outside – a sign spring is coming. Yay! 🙂

  3. I swear we have the same taste. I have a khaki coat that is similar and also yellow flats and a turquoise purse that looks much the same! You’re adorable! About to turn 40 myself so looking to you for inspiration!

  4. lovely as always! may i ask where do you get your long-sleeved tees from? always trying to find the “perfect” ones … thanks!

      1. thx! it was the one under the black cardi i was curious about; so hard to find one fitted enough to go under cardis without being too tight. i’ll check out b.r. for them – thx again!

          1. ha, no wonder it fit so well 🙂 never mind me then, i’m just confused!! you look great anyway 🙂

          2. You know what??? I just looked again and I realize that it was a long sleeve tee!!!! I noticed the white in the chest area and realized a tank would have been more bare. Then I read the description and it was. That tee was from Nordstrom – their low end Caslon brand. I don’t wear it much but that day I was going for warmth.

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