The Unedited 215 Project Sneak Peek #Sony215

With the exception of my college years in the suburbs of Boston, I have only lived in two places that I have any memory of — Southwestern Virginia and Philadelphia. This year I’m coming up on my 18th wedding anniversary, and it occurred to me that I have now lived in Philly almost as long as I lived in Virginia.

When I moved here, everything was new to me — the traditions, the foods, the sports teams — the culture of Philly is quite distinct. I was enthralled with it all, particularly how you’re within an hour of the country, the city, the beach, the mountains, and let’s not forget the biggest mall on the east coast. Yes, let’s just say at 23, I had found my home. Now I’ve been here for almost 18 years and lived in 4 different areas of the suburbs and I still love it every bit as much as I did when I was a new bride.

Last week representatives for Sony reached out to me and asked if I was up to their Unedited challenge – basically to take 50 shots of Philly (and surrounding areas in the 215 area code) to showcase what makes Philly cool – and afterwards they will be displayed in my local Sony Store. But here’s the catch. The photos have to be unedited, straight from the camera.

I thought this challenge sounded right up my alley, although I admit I’m quite intimidated about sharing pictures that I haven’t had a chance to doctor up with my BFF, Photoshop. But I agreed to answer the call, and in exchange I received a brand new Sony NEX-5R camera to use and keep.

So far I am LOVING this camera because it has interchangeable lenses like my SLR but it is so small and lightweight that I can carry it easily in my purse. It’s also quite feature rich, although I’ve had a learning curve to get comfortable with it. I wish I had more time to master the camera before my challenge starts, but my photos are due on Friday so it’s been a bit of a trial by fire!

My only complaint is that I am not used to using the display screen to view my shots when taking pictures and it is very hard to see clearly to line up my photos straight and frame them nicely. I’m dying to have an optical view finder to look through. But that’s not a deal breaker. I’m sold on the picture quality and the lightweight, compact body. It’s official. The Sony NEX-5R is my new boyfriend.

I spent today in Philly taking pictures. I coerced my husband into taking the day off, and we had a blast visiting our favorite haunts and seeing what unique photo opps we could discover.

I got in some pretty interesting positions at times . . .

I was eager to get home and see what I got. So far, I’m pleased. I am itching to put the into Photoshop and tweak just a smidge but I will be strong and true to my challenge. No editing allowed. 

Here’s a sneak peek. You wanna see??

(I was so jealous of all the people jogging on Kelly Drive!)
Sony Unedited 215 photo 2
My daughter’s favorite Pennsylvania Dutch treat . . . Whoopie Pies at Reading Terminal Market!
Sony Unedited 215 photo 3
I want to live here. Please????
Sony Unedited 215 photo 4
I was captivated by the beauty of this old cemetery.

I’m only about half done. I can’t go back into the city again before they’re due, but I’ll be taking some in and around the ‘burbs where I live. I’d love to hear your suggestions! What have I missed?

You can follow other Sony Unedited project participants by searching the hashtag #SonyStore. I was not paid for my participation in this project, but I was provided with the Sony NEX-5R to keep.

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  1. This may sound weird, but for us to really see how the camera performs … more inside shots? And more close ups. I’m in the market for a new camera (mine is held together with a rubber band!!), but I often need to take pics for my blog inside the house, and I LOATHE AND DETEST using a flash! I want a camera with a low light setting that works well. And I need one that focuses on things very close, like flowers or crochet/knit stitches.

    Also, can you tell us how much the camera costs retail?

    1. The price at Amazon is $648 with the kit lens. https://amzn.to/Wcd19U

      I wanted to find more subjects to shoot close up but today just didn’t seem to work out that way. I am going to Longwood Gardens tomorrow and hope to get some great close ups of flowers and such!! I hear ya on the flash. I refuse to use it.

  2. I have a Sony Cyber-shot that cost about $250 several years ago (need to upgrade majorly). I am researching cameras now and had almost decided on a Nikon D3200. But now may reconsider. I have 2 boys and have to take lots of “action” shots. How does it perform capturing a moving target?

  3. Beautiful pictures! I am glad to know that I am not alone in my love for old cemeteries. There is just a calm peace about it. Your pictures are lovely! Oh, are those Rocky’s steps?

  4. I was looking at this camera the other day at Best Buy for my teen daughter and just love the size of it. I’m happy to see the amazing shots you were able to get from it. I’m impressed. I think those shots are just as good as my Nikon outdoors.

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