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April is here! I am so happy, happy, happy! Yes, it’s chilly right now but we had a few mild days, and the extended forecast looks promising. There is hope! Spring MIGHT be around the corner. If it’s not spring-like outside just yet, you better believe it’s spring-like for Daily Mom Style. I’m doing my best to ditch the sweaters and boots for lights and brights.

Day 1

I wore this outfit one day last week to hang out/run errands/work/whatever. The kids have been off from school, and the days are all muddling together. I layered this pink dolman sweater over a navy-and-white striped tank with skinny jeans and silver ballet flats. That silver necklace is a new one I picked up at a local shop and I really like the length. I’m not loving the fit of this sweater, though. It might not be long for this world.

Day 2

This was Saturday. I was headed to the farmer’s market so I wanted an outfit I could wear with my green Privos. I also wanted to wear the coral striped infinity scarf, so I ended up with jeans and a white tee under this charcoal gray drapey sweater.

day 3 | Easter Sunday!

I struggled with what to wear to church on Easter. I haven’t bothered to get into the attic to bring down my spring and summer clothes, and it’s still quite chilly. But I couldn’t bear to wear the same old, same old. I finally decided to go with white jeans and this coral blouse (Lucky Brand Palisades Knotted Flowers Smocked Top) that I picked up a few weeks ago. It worked perfectly with my new pedicure, and I even have a watch band in the same coral tone. I went for a neutral shoe.

day 4

This was the last day the kids were out of school, and I took them to this horrendous place called SkyZone, which is basically wall to wall trampolines. It wasn’t that the facility itself was so horrible. In fact, once we got in and the kids got to playing they had a great time. But it was hard to find (has anyone heard of signage when you open a new place in a huge commercial park?) and the process of getting in took over a half -hour (and I had pre-paid tickets… trust me, had I not, I would not have made it past the front door; the line was into the parking lot – in fact, I didn’t even stand in the line although I think I was supposed to. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken us to get in had I done that), and yes this is the longest run-on sentence in the history of blogging.

ANYWAY. I was tempted to wear yoga pants and a cute hoodie, but I wasn’t planning to jump on the trampolines so I motivated myself to get into a pair of jeans and a lightweight sweater. I used the opportunity to wear my new yellow ballet flats.

day 5

I wore this striped jersey knit top over a gray tank and black cords with black ballet flats to basically work from home. Savannah would not leave me alone, and this is the best pic I got!

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13 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 04.03.13

  1. I’ve got that same pink sweater from the gap (first picture). It did not hold up well (I have the same sweater in light brown and that one is still going strong, huh?) – going into my goodwill bin this year.

    1. How odd! Mine has held up okay, although I don’t wear it much. The dolman sleeves are weird – they’re not very pronounced, so they don’t have quite the effect I think they were going for. And I feel that it just makes me look frumpy. I have another similar top in black (different brand) that I love. I think they needed deeper armholes on this one or something. So yeah, Goodwill it is.

  2. Those bright yellow flats are great! I wore the same colored sandals on Easter with a grey and white striped dress and people went crazy for them – I got so many compliments!! Also, I am sort of obsessed with the perpendicular striping on the last red cardigan… the way the stripes on the inside collar (?) go the opposite way of the rest of the sweater. it’s a subtle detail, but for some reason is so appealing to me!

  3. I love your Easter outfit! Nice and “springy”.

    I tried to incorporate lighter colors and a lighter feel in my wardrobe this week, but honestly, I don’t think it worked. I’ll try again next week. My problem is that I have summer clothes and winter clothes. Not much in-between.

  4. Love all your outfits, I would say day 5 is my favorite. I love the cardigan ALOT! 🙂 I think I could wear a cardi everyday! 🙂


  5. I love the yellow shoes with the yellow bracelet! I’m determined to add more yellow to my wardrobe. And the red striped cardigan? I have that. And I wear it all the time!

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