Spring 2013 Kid Fashion at Target

As with most things parenting-related, clothes shopping for kids is an evolution. When my babies were little and had no ability to object, they wore anything I put on them. I was in my element. I would spend hours at the mall, perusing the kids’ stores, watching for sales in all my favorite brands, dressing my little ones up like paper dolls. It was practically a full-time job, and one that I took very seriously. 

But you know how it goes. They got older and developed opinions.

The little girls that used to happily wear smocked dresses and big grosgrain hair-bows now prefer the latest in leggings and sequins. The precious little boy who used to go to preschool decked out in hand-knit sweaters and wide-wale corduroys now goes to middle school wearing athletic apparel (that he may or may not have slept in.)

Shopping for their clothes has ceased to be a treasured pastime and instead has become another errand in the list of things that must be done.

Rather than spending hours at the mall, I tend to shop online or pick up their clothes when I’m doing other errands. The kids’ clothing section at Target, so conveniently located on my way to the household and beauty products, has become my go-to resource for basic wardrobe essentials. (Such as this Cherokee Girls’ Strappy Tank — I think both girls have one in every color!)

And with their reasonable price point, I don’t want to cry when my kids bust a hole in the knee of a pair of pants or dribble chocolate down the front of a brand new blouse.

As a Target Inner Circle member, I was invited to go on a shopping spree at Target for new spring kids’ clothes . . . and not a moment too soon! Now that winter is nearing its end (or so they say) my kids clothes are beginning to look tired and worn. Being kids, they do take a toll on their clothes. Everything is faded and stained; pants are getting too short, and shirts are getting too tight. We’re all eager to trade skinny jeans for maxi dresses and sweatshirts for short sleeves.

So one sunny Saturday last month, my older daughter and I set out for a “girls’ day out” and I let her pick out some fresh new clothes for spring.

At 10, clothes shopping is becoming more and more of a challenge. So many stores have resorted to flimsy materials and tacky graphics. While my daughter is often drawn to those looks, I can usually steer her in a direction that I can tolerate, and we both leave happy. SCORE!

I have heard complaints about quality and style at Target’s kids’ department in the older sizes, but I actually have pretty good luck there shopping for my 10-year-old. I particularly do well in the warmer months because my girls love dresses, and I find Target’s selection to be quite extensive. We also get a lot of tops there at all times of year, although their pants don’t fit us so well. The exception to that is their leggings. My younger daughter practically lives in those!

This year I was quite pleased with their selection in the bigger kid sizes. Like, look at this rack. I love these little skirts with the denim jackets.

I got one of these outfits for each of my daughters. They prefer to wear them with cardigans, although I thought the denim jackets were super cute.

My 10-year old is a dress girl, and she was in heaven in the Target Girls’ department.

Here are a few things we brought home on our shopping spree.

And she can’t wait to start wearing these maxi dresses. She lives in these types of dresses during the summer months.

We got quite a few other pieces too, but my little models soon tired of the fashion shoot.

I stocked up on basketball shorts for my son. He wears those to school and basically everywhere but church 10 months out of the year. When he’s not wearing those, he’s wearing a variation of these C9 by Champion athletic pants.

I do get him into khakis and a collared shirt for church, but otherwise he  looks ready for the basketball court. Thank goodness for Target prices, because those pants take a beating.

Target is also my go-to store for kids’ swimwear. They always have cute styles and they wear quite well. We have several that have seen it through both my daughters’ for several years each. I picked up one for each of their Easter baskets this year.

They also make cute coverups!

I’m overall very pleased with the kids’ clothes we’ve bought at Target over the years. I think they do a good job at finding a good marriage of quality and price point. They lack some of the details of higher priced brands, but that is to be expected. They hold up to wash and wear, and they have styles that all of my kids (and I) can appreciate.

This post is written in partnership with Target.

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  1. I would love to buy clothes for my dd6. As the only girl, she doesn’t have access to hand me downs. She and I both love the athletic wear in the girls department at Target. We can’t pass by those bright colors!

  2. I would buy my 2 daughters lots of pretty summer clothes…and that great ruffled one piece swimsuit too!

  3. I LOVE Target and I’d make that $100 stretch by shopping their clearances. I’ve purchased some pretty nice work shirts off their clearance racks.

  4. With my two children a boy and girl (both under 4) outgrowing their clothes and shoes soo fast I have to stretch every dollar. I know I can always depend on Target to have great prices and amazing clearance prices to keep my kids in nice looking clothes.

  5. Oh please pick me! I have four kiddos to dress. We are missionaries in Mexico. I have to buy a year’s worth of clothes when we go back for visits.

  6. Love your “Girl’s Day Out”. My son also spends all of his time in basketball shorts and pants and he too may or may not wear the same pants to bed and then the next day!!! 🙂 I would use the Target gift card for new shoes and shorts and tee’s.

  7. I would buy clothes for my ever growing kids. My daughter is 11 but she is too tall for their kids section but we find some decent selections in the juniors and my son wears the mens department at 14 (again so tall) and he could stand some basketball shorts too!
    Momma might have to get herself a new pair of sunglasses too 🙂

  8. Congrats on being a member of Target’s Inner Circle! I’m so glad to see that the brand is engaging with bloggers.

    Our family loves Target. If I won the shopping spree, I’d pick up a few t-shirts for me and some swingy summer dresses for the girls (ages 6, 4, and 11 months).

  9. I’d follow your daughter’s lead and head for the dresses. I’m so glad they’re “in” again and stylish!

  10. I would buy clothes for my kids. Times are hard. This would be such a blessing!!!!

  11. I absolutely love Target! I’ve just lost 15 pounds so none of my clothing fits anymore, my wardrobe consists of one pair of pants and a few t-shirts. I would love to win this and buy some cute summer dresses and a new swim suit

  12. I Would Love To Win, Target Is My Favorite Store, I’d Buy Summer Fashions For My Kids 🙂

  13. My 4 year old only likes “soft clothes” – no collars, or buttons, or zippers. We would be hitting up the boys’ C9 stuff from Champion – that’s the style that makes dressing him go smoothly.

  14. I would totally by my babies their summer duds and maybe a little something for my self 🙂

  15. I love to shop at Target…I would buy my daughter a new bedroom set since she is due soon to move out of her crib and into a big girl bed! How did that happen?

  16. I would really love to win so I can buy some clothes for my growing 2 year old. He’s about ready for the next size in clothes…

  17. I would LOVE to win! I’m about to do Spring shopping for the whole family and the budget I have set is scary. We love Target clothes, especially for kids that grow so fast! You can’t beat the prices and the quality is great too.

  18. I would love a shopping spree at Target because they have the styles my girls love and my 6 year old needs spring/summer clothes ASAP. Her sister is covered through hand me downs and my poor Taylor has minimal clothes. I started buying an outfit here, an outfit there with each paycheck but to get it all done on one shot is what this busy mom needs!

  19. Target has cute clothes for boys. I could use this to get spring/summer clothes for my son

  20. I would love to win because I’m on a fixed income since I’m disabled and Target has everything so it would go a really long way.

  21. I just hauled out the spring/summer clothes. Both kids could use some basic tees to fill in the gaps left by stains and wear!

  22. I’d love to win this for my boys. They could use some new summer clothes since they are growing like weeds. Oh and if I have anything left over then I would buy some weed and feed for my yard lol

  23. I’d love to pick up some summer shoes and tops… and something new for my hubby too! 🙂

  24. I’d love to win and be able to get my youngest some of his favorite Shaun White clothes, and probably some of those basketball shorts for my middle schooler, he loves those, too.

  25. This would be so nice to win so that I could buy something for Summer for my sons.

  26. I would love to win because money is tight right now, and Target is one of my favorite places to shop since money always goes further there. I could buy clothing, beauty supplies, coffee and groceries all at a good price. Thanks!

  27. I love Target! My boys are in need of summer clothes and we are moving into a new house next month and will of course have lots of decorating to do!

  28. I would LOVE to win a Target gift card. I have 3 boys and we love Target clothes. My youngest needs all new summer clothes.

  29. We love to shop at Target! My daughter(9) just spent her own money on new summer outfits for herself at Target. I would use the gift card for her to shop again when she needs new clothes. Thanks!

  30. I would buy clothes for the new baby and my toddler who is outgrowing his 24 month clothes as we speak.

  31. I would love to win so I could get some maternity clothes! I am 23 weeks pregnant and I need to get out of my regular clothes.

  32. I’d love to win to treat my mom to a shopping spree. She does so much for everyone else, it would be great to treat her to something special!

  33. if i won i would redecorate my new place with a desk and new carpets for the living room

  34. Target has the cutest kids clothes for a very affordable price. I would to win this gift card so I can run to my local Target and buy my little ones a new wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity!

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