Day 27 of Winter Outfits + Coffee Talk

I know that today is the 28th, but I’m still in my jammies so I’ll post my outfit from yesterday along with some “coffee talk,” and tomorrow I’ll post day 28. How’s that? Nothing like milking this for all it’s worth, yes?

I have to admit, it is going to be nice not to be stressed out about getting my outfit up each day, even though I totally intend to keep putting myself together. Just putting on makeup along with my yoga pants or an outfit I wore the day before makes me feel better.

This week. Wow. If you missed it, my foot flaked out on me again, and I ended up back at the doctor’s office. Fortunately he thinks it is just due to “reconditioning” and not further injury to my tendon or the bones in my feet. He thinks I have some sinus tarsitis going on — which is basically inflammation in the subtalar joint of the foot. It’s usually caused by instability in that region due to an ankle sprain, flat feet, or, as in my case, recovering from wearing that medical brace for so many weeks. I think I was trying to do too much too soon. I blame the Fitbit. I really wanted to start moving more, but I am going to have to take it verrrry slowly, I guess.

In other news, I’ve finally gotten hooked on Gilmore Girls. I know, I’m about 10 years late, but I tend to be a late adopter. I like it, but I also realize now that I’m well into Season One, that it glorifies a lifestyle that I really don’t condone. Unfortunately, I allowed my daughters to get hooked on it too, and I’m not sure I want them watching it anymore. I don’t mind discussing some of the issues it brings up, but I also don’t know how far it’s going to go. Moms of girls, how do you handle this?? Inquiring minds wanna know.

So yesterday, this is what I wore. I wanted to wear the grey cashmere hoodie, but I was trying to change it up a bit. I still like it best with the lavender tank and lighter jeans, but I decided to try it with the orange tank and darker jeans.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit

I’m really struggling with a few extra winter pounds right now. I really don’t want to do that sugar detox again, so I’m trying to do it the old fashioned way by cutting back on calories, especially those delectable carbs. I keep track in MyFitnessPal. I like how it syncs with my Fitbit, but that’s also what got me doing too much too soon, so I have to be careful not to become obsessive. Who, me??? Ha!

My point is, I was tempted to wear the sweater zipped up because it gives me more coverage around my middle, but look at the difference. It’s fine this way, and I admit, I wore it that way most of the day because I found it more comfortable.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit

But see how much better it looks unzipped. I remember Stacy and Clinton talking about how creating that vertical column is slimming. This is why those boyfriend cardigans are so popular.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit

So here’s the whole outfit again. I really like this combo. I think it’s a keeper!

Fashion for Women Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit

Shop the look: grey cashmere hoodie (sold out) // J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank // DL1961 Florence Skinnies (Topeka wash) // Tara M. Tiffany Ankle Boot (similar) // Rebecca Minknoff MAC Mini (current colors) // Stella & Dot Bianca Lariat & Engravables bar necklace

Hope y’all have a lovely Saturday!