December Favorites

I’ve been hit or miss with my monthly favorites lately — with our winter fashion series coming on the heels of our fall fashion series, plus all the holiday gift guides I wanted to share, I haven’t had any empty days in my editorial calendar. On this last day of December, I’m slipping this one in here under the wire!

This is basically a roundup of old favorites and new finds that I’m particularly loving right now.

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2018 December Favorites

Mango bucket bag // This bag is probably not new to many of you, but I’ve been carrying it a TON this fall and winter, and I love it for so many reasons. Mainly, it’s just different, and I like to be a little bit different within the boundaries of my classic style. It’s also a great size for day to night and can be dressy or casual. It’s also currently on sale for $119!

Vince Ridley Booties // These were a gift from my mom for Christmas. I was unsure if I’d like them, due to some of the reviews, but I absolutely love them. For one thing, the comfort is outstanding. I wore them all day yesterday and I could have worn them even longer. They’re leather lined, and the shaft is soft and not at all stiff. I wore them barefoot, and they didn’t rub anywhere inside. The cylindrical heel is the perfect height and offers great stability.

They do have a bit of a worn-in look to the suede, but that is intentional. I can see why that would bother some people, but I like the casual look. They’re Vince, so the full retail price is up there, but they’re 50% off and still fairly well stocked. Also, despite what the one reviewer said, I found them to be true to size.

Superhuman Sensor Mirror // Another gift from my mom, and I’m enjoying this mirror so much! It is so much easier to see to put on my makeup — especially the more detailed areas like eyebrows and eyeliner.

LOFT Flare Sleeve Sweater // This sweater is so pretty. I absolutely love the flare sleeves and relaxed ribbed turtleneck, and it’s a nice soft knit. The bright pink and orange colors are almost sold out, but I actually really like this mocha melange. It’s a great neutral and will go with your blue jeans, black jeans, as well as any colored pants you might have in your wardrobe. I would even pair it with white jeans for an unexpected twist.

And actually, the velvet moto jeans the model is wearing are really good too — I tried them on in store. They’re 50% off, and the sweater is 60% off!

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil // I love and use this shower oil year-round, but never do I love it so much as I do in the wintertime. I still need to lotion after I shower, but washing and shaving with this oil helps keep my skin moisturized and soft during these cold, dry winter months.

Daily Ritual Women’s Hooded Sweater // I was really impressed with this Amazon Fashion find. It’s soft and cozy, the colors are nice, and the fit is fantastic. It comes in 5 great neutrals.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Exotic Orchid // Another Christmas gift — this one from my daughter. This lipstick is GORGEOUS, and it also came with a neutral lipgloss — Lancome L’Absolu Gloss in 202 Nuit & Jour — that I like to wear on top to tone it down just a tad, and also to give my lips a glossy sheen. I was wearing that combo in the picture in my Coffee Talk post yesterday.

YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug Lid // I mentioned this in my Christmas Wish List post, but I actually ordered it for myself. To me, from me gifts are the best kind, yes???

I love it, but to keep your coffee nice and hot, you do have to use the lid, which in my opinion detracts from the coffee drinking experience. Sometimes I use the lid, and sometimes I don’t.

Abeo Halifax Slippers // These were gifted to me by The Walking Co., and they’re actually my second pair. I love them — the quality if the shearling and suede is right up there with UGGs, and they have built-in shearling orthotics to help support finicky feet. They’re also on sale and come in a gazillion color choices.

Gorjana Super Star Necklace // This is probably my most-worn necklace right now. I love the star motif, and it stands alone or layers nicely with other necklaces. I almost always wear it when wearing a v-neck top, and sometimes I layer it with this charm pendant and/or this crescent pendant. I’ve also got my eye on these earrings.

Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked3 Palette // This didn’t make the graphic above because I remembered it after Amy created it, but I wanted to tack it on here because I am LOVING this palette. I used the Smoky palette for years, and I still like that, but these pink hues are really nice for a change.

I’ve been playing around with it, and I think I’ve finally mastered my favorite combo of colors. I’m planning to do a post on it sometime in January. I basically use Dust on the inner half of the lid, Buzz on the middle/outer half, then Nooner on the browbone, and a mixture of Darkside and Blackheart in the corner and crease. For daytime, I don’t always use Blackheart, but I definitely amp it up for evening.

I’m not really up for a video, but I’ll get Alison to take some pictures next time she comes out so I can do a blog post on it.

I hope this post was fun. Have a fantastic and SAFE New Year’s Eve!

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21 Responses

  1. The Urban Decay eye make up has been on my shopping radar this past year. Do you find its worth the splurge? Do the colors hold up and not disappear by mid afternoon?
    Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!🎊🎉

    1. Totally. It has great pigment, blends well, lasts a good part of the day (it does fade some, but if you use eyeshadow primer, it doesn’t crease and stays pretty well), and it also lasts for.ev.er. I’ve had my Naked Smoky palette for a few years, and I am no where near the bottom of any of the colors, and I use the same ones over and over.

  2. Great suggestions, but might I add Buxom’s eyeshadow palette available at Sephora & Ulta? A nice case with space for six shadow inserts (and they have 40 to choose from). The colors are amazing and last all day at work. I’ve used mine for a year and haven’t even started running low. I hate washing them off at the end of the day because they STILL look good. $40 for the set.

  3. I love that bucket bag but like one with a zipper closure. But the shape is so different. Buy?  Not buy?
    My house is completely bare of Christmas! Now, don’t open the guest room as it might all spill out. 😉 I’ll get it all organized and packed away tomorrow. It feels good to have bare surfaces for a bit. I’m trying to decide if I want to put my decor back as it was or change things up 🤔
    We’re staying in tonight and having a quiet celebration ourselves. We’ll probably be in bed before midnight. How boring!  
    Happy New Year, Jolynne! 

    1. Yeah, I’m not big on zippers. They get in my way, haha! It does cinch up pretty tight, though, when you pull the drawstring. I hope to be in bed by midnight too. Boring is my middle name. 🙂

  4. Those earrings were in my stocking for Christmas, and I love them. I think I’ve worn them every day since. Happy New Year!

  5. I wanted a Yeti mug too and as luck would have it, my husband received one (not from me. LOL) I agree about the lid. I had mine on Insta and someone asked how I like it and that was what I told them. You need the lid and I don’t really like that part either. Bummer…but it’s not stopping me. Happy New Year, Jo-Lynne!!! XO

  6. Happy New Year to you too.  Great post.  Its nice you added what you do about your Christmas decorations.  I’m always sad to have to box it all alway(it come and goes so fast) and I think I might leave up longer, but I always end up taking down New Years Day and getting back to normal.  Only one year EVER did I leave my Christmas village up about another week.  Its a collectors one and so beautiful and I love it lite on my piano, but I already decided tomorrow…..maybe starting tonight 🙂 its all going to be put away.  Have a great party.  You are so energetic.  You host alot.  

  7. Hi!! I’m so appreciative of your hard  and beautiful work. I have always liked the long cardigan and the top underneath it, pictured in the collage of 9 pictures, bottom right. Where are they from? God bless you! Carol

  8. Saw that beautiful scarf on your Instagram pic today… can you share where we might find it?  I just got a black leather jacket for Christmas 🤗. If not perhaps some others?  Heading to friends tonight for their yearly new year’s party… usually 50-85 plus people. Always fun to  reconnect:) then our daughters fiancé’s family I’m for supper tomorrow. 
    Happy New Years 🎊🎆🎈

      1. Yay! I have always regretted not buying that cardigan. Every time I checked for it, both on Nordstrom’s site and Madewell’s, it was sold out. Just clicked on the link above, and it said there was one left in my size. Woo-hoo!

  9. Great post!  Since I have been introduced to Lancôme makeup and really like it, I am interested in the lipstick that you got for Christmas.  And the sweater from Amazon is something I’m going to check out for our DIL.  After seeing the price of the makeup mirror, I decided that I really don’t need it, especially since I don’t wear makeup every day.  After getting up at 5, I’ve got to shut my mind down to take a nap so that I won’t be yawning my head off at our neighborhood gathering tonight.  We’re determined to shoot fireworks, even if it is raining.  I wish you and your family a fabulous 2019!

  10. This may be more applicable to yesterday’s post, but I was just reading another blog and realized how much I appreciate how you really describe the fit of the items you show.  I may have mentioned this before (once or ten times) but it would be helpful to know where the waist of the pants are on you.  I don’t expect you to raise your top, but maybe point to it, in the try on sessions or Instagram more casual pics?  Thanks for all the content!!!  And Happy New Year!

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