Dog Days of Summer

The summer that felt like it would never arrive is now here with a vengeance. I don’t mind the heat one bit, and I absolutely adore waking up to the vibrant sunshine streaming through my windows, but the farmers are already bemoaning the lack of rain and the effect it’s having on their crops. Even our little garden is withering away, although I’m holding out hope for the tomatoes.

Speaking of farmers, I spent a day last week touring one of Horizon Organic’s farms. I’ll tell you all about it when I have time to gather my thoughts. We had a great time, the kids especially enjoyed dissecting a cow patty. Yeah, I know! You’ll have to wait to hear the rest.

I spent most of the weekend reading. I finally finished the Wilderness Series. I love how she ended it — wrapping up each character’s story with newspaper articles. It gave a great sense of closure, for which I was grateful. I had seriously been wondering how I was going to go on without these characters in my life, although I admit, the last book grew tedious towards the end and I was actually ready to be done with them.

Last week I survived our first sleep-away camp. My son went to a camp nearby, and we had no contact with him for exactly 137 hours, not that I was counting. I think he’s going to be a lifer. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since he got back; I’ve never seen him so animated about anything except possibly the Phillies winning the World Series 3 years ago.

This week my youngest is at VBS, and next week my middle goes to a nature camp, so they’re all getting their turn. I’ll tell you one thing; having 2 kids is a heckuvalot different than having 3. I wasn’t sure I’d notice the difference, but man. Not that I’d give up one of my kids for all the shoes at Nordstrom, but I’m just sayin’. It’s different.

If I had a menu plan for this week, I’d share it with you, but I’m getting very lax in the meal planning department. I need to get my act together, but I generally just cook up whatever meat and veggies I find at the farmers’ market. The grill is my best friend!

I had a great run this morning, and this afternoon I have a babysitter and no particular plans, other than hosting two of my favorite Philly girls and their kids for dinner, so I’m off to see what I can find to do with myself. I am not allowed to drive within a mile of a shopping mall. That’s the only rule.

What are you up to today? How are you spending the dog days of summer? Talk to me.

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24 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Every time I see the word cow patty I think about some guy in Japan (I think) that made some sort of battery out of them. Blame my husband he is the one who finds the weird stuff.

    I am excited and dreading our first sleep-away camp. I still have a few years but I am already thinking about it.

    As far as we are staying out of the heat as much as possible. It’s 100 plus today and the humidity is on up there. I keep telling myself it’s worse in Louisiana, doesn’t help though. The only course of action is A. stay inside in the ac cooled house or B. stay in the pool. I think I am going to head to the pool!

    Good luck with staying away from the mall. =)

    1. I went grocery shopping. LIVING LARGE, that’s me! LOL.

      It’s almost 100 here today. NASTY. I’m letting my son fry is brain on video games. He did play tennis for about 20 minutes before giving in to the heat monster.

      Now the pool sounds like just the ticket…

  2. Glad to read you are still running! If I had free time with no kids and was banned from a shopping mall I would go to the bookstore and read for as long as I wanted. Or maybe I would grab a book and go to the pool on my own.

    We’re not doing a whole lot around here. Going to the gym, library once a week, swimming at least once a week. Thanks to the relaxed summer schedule Travis and I have had a few more date nights, which is nice. Sure we pay a sitter but it is totally worth it. Having six kids at home full-time and in this heat that keeps us inside means I need a break a little more often.

    1. I hear ya. I love having the kids home, but it sure was nice to get out last weekend! Hub took me to Ruth’s Chris. YUM YUM.

  3. I am trying to get through our family’s “Summer of Fun” list while simultaneously organizing a few August camps. So far, things are going well…

    1. I think I may need to get some inspiration from your “Summer of Fun” list! Is that printed anywhere??

  4. We are melting here in ATlanta. Kids are watering each other – http://mybusychildren.com/water-attack/

    My peas are drying and blackberries too. NO matter how much I water them. And tomatoes started getting cracks on them. Not a very successful gardener this summer

    I cant wait to hear about Horizon farms. This is pretty much the only milk we buy because it is both Organic and not Ultra-pasterized when you buy by Gallons

    1. Glad to hear you can find it not ultra pasteurized. That’s the only way I can find it and since I have local farms that are so convenient, I buy mine locally. But I know not everyone has that option and I was really pleased with what I learned at this farm. The farmer and I got talking about raw milk . . . 🙂 I’ll write it up sometime this week!!

  5. Softball, softball and more softball. That is what our summer has been about.

    We did get last weekend off so we went to a wedding. It was beautiful and the cake was yummy to boot :}

    Interested in reading about the farm……

  6. Running mom’s taxi and trying to get back in the swing of cooking.. It’s just too hot! My husband went gluten free and dairy free staring today. I’m reluctant to talk about it with my IRL friends because they think I am getting weird about food. Younger daughter has been gfcf since March 31, 2008 to treat autism. Hubby has been having pain issues that could be fibromyalgia, but probably not because he has none of the risk factors. We are trying diet because I think he has something autoimmune going on and I believe that diet helps. Older daughter and I will be going GFCF next week. She has day camp this week and it is just not worth it to pack her lunch every day. She would be the strange kid who mom won’t let her eat pizza. It feels good to talk about it even if it is just someone who’s blog I read. Lol! I hope this diet works for my husband. The alternative is heavy duty pain killers.

    1. Oh I hope it works for him! It’s hard at first, but once you get used to it, it’s not too bad. At least you’re already used to cooking that way, right?

  7. We are experiencing the 11 year old going to her first week of camp in two weeks. I am less worried about her (she is so excited) than I am being alone with the 8 year old!

  8. Hot, hot, hot here in Ohio in my un-airconditioned house. We raise cattle so a patty holds no romance for us – LOL!
    I’m spending the summer letting my hair be it’s wavy self ( curly girl method), doing minimal housework, and working my way thru a stack of books. f you like historical fiction, try James Alexander Thom’s books. He’s my favorite!!!
    I have older teens who are doing their own thing, and I’m trapped at home with a 7yo and a 2yo. We have a small pop up pool in the back yard – I’ll be moving from there to the hammock today.

    1. I wish I could let mine go curly! It’s that awful straight with just enough wave and frizz to look RIDONKULOUS. I’m putting it up in a clip most every day now. BAH.

  9. Not sure if you read the comments but I wanted to tell you thank you. I read your blog about you and your family visiting Philly for a day. My family and I (2 kids and hubby) visited Philly last weekend Friday- Sunday. Besides the Philly’s game on Friday night we didn’t have other plans. On your suggestion we did several of your activities including the horse and carriage ride…. which was very well worth it.

    thanks again!

    1. I read every single comment!! 🙂 I’m so glad you had a good time and that the activities I suggested worked out for you.

  10. I love the photos. I just arrived back from my holiday but want to be back. So I spend my summer working, reading, enjoying the sun and waiting for my vacation in october.

  11. I’m on book #3 of the Wilderness series and have really enjoyed it. Thanks again for telling us about it a few weeks back, I’d never heard of it before.

    We’ve spent lazy days at the pool, sleeping late, playing cards and games, going to the library, tennis camp and basketball camp, and this week is VBS. Summer is ZOOMING by, like it always does. Boo. I should make a list of some must-dos before it’s completely over and we’re shopping for school stuff.

  12. Love the pic of the kids at the farm, that was a great day! Summer is flying by with trips to the beach, mountains and lake this summer…never enough time! Glad you are enjoying yours 🙂

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