Drape Jacket with Bootcut Jeans

Greetings from Orlando, Florida! We got in yesterday for a few days at Disney World, and it’s so good to see green grass and palm trees and sunshine!

Meanwhile, it’s Day 7 of 26 Days of Spring Fashion, and I suppose it’s time I style a denim silhouette other than skinny jeans.

Today’s outfit features flare jeans and a drape jacket that I like so much, I bought it in two colors.

I promised to try some different denim styles during this series, but to be honest, I’m struggling. The cropped straight leg style is becoming more mainstream this spring, so I’ve been experimenting with that a bit, but so far I haven’t found a pair I like enough to keep.

Flares and bootcuts, though… that is a style of jeans I can get behind. The only reason I don’t wear them more is I prefer them with heels (at least on my 5’5″ frame) and that’s not always practical.

I’ve had my eye on these flare jeans for some time, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and order them to see if they’re as good in person as they looked online.

The verdict? Most definitely!

Anyone who’s hung around these parts for long knows that AG jeans are my kryptonite. I can’t resist their super soft feel, the superb washes, and the tailor-made fit — and these flares did not disappoint.

They’re obviously a little too long, and getting them hemmed is on my to-do list, but in the interest of getting these photos before I left for Florida, I went ahead and photographed them with the highest heels I own.

I love a great pair of pumps, especially paired with blue jeans. There’s that juxtaposition again!

A few weeks ago, I shared 3 tips for making an interesting outfit, and we talked about mixing styles and textures to create a subtle tension that is unexpected and interesting.

This look with the rugged jeans and feminine heels and modern drape jacket is a great example of juxtaposition in an outfit.

Another tip I shared to add interest to an outfit is to wear a completer piece.

This faux suede drape jacket is the completer piece in this outfit. I purchased this jacket because I wanted a piece that will serve the same purpose as my leather jacket and suede moto, but in my spring wardrobe.

This drape jacket has that same edgy vibe, but it’s lightweight so more conducive to springtime. I love the subtle texture in the heathered grey, and the faux suede is comfortable and soft.

In fact, I liked this jacket so much, I also ordered the adobe pink.

I chose a white tee rather than a blouse or cami to add another casual element to the outfit, since the heels and jacket are both on the dressier side.

FYI, this white tee is 30% off at J.Crew, and I really love it. It has a straight hemline, no “boob pocket”, and a flattering v-neckline. I’m actually wearing it right now in the grey, and I’m debating ordering it in even more colors. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a t-shirt I like this much.

It is a little thin, but I like the slub fabric because it has a casual vibe that is modern and on trend.

For size reference, I went up to a medium to allow room for shrinkage. The small pulled a bit across the chest.

This layered necklace sold out soon after I bought it, which is such a shame, because it’s got such a casual/cool vibe. I like how it fills the deep neckline of this t-shirt.

I love how everything came together to create a look I’d wear on a date night with my husband or to meet a friend for lunch.

And yes! My life does, in fact, revolve around food!

Outfit Details:

drape jacket // t-shirt (30% off) // flare jeans (also on amazon; see budget options below) // similar pumps // similar handbag // necklace (option) // bracelet // sunnies

More Flare Jeans:

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Such a cute outfit and I can see why you bought the jacket in a second color!
    I just bought my first pair of flare jeans and even though I went with short length, (I’m 5’5”) they are still too long unless I wear higher heels than I normally like so I’ll be getting them hemmed.  I think that’s another reason I prefer my skinny jeans but like you, I want to mix it up!
    We love the Grand Floridian, so elegant and pretty- We’ve stayed there twice as guests and often visited it to eat in one of their awesome restaurants when we lived in Orlando. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. Wow! This look is amazing on you! Is it possible to wear flares with flats? The only looks I’ve liked are with heels and since I can’t wear heels, I think it’s a “no” for me.  Do you think you could do a post on what you do to cultivate your personal wardrobe? Examples of how many tops, jeans pants, etc. work for you? And what constitutes an item to pass along?

    1. You can wear flares with flats, but I think it’s hard to pull off. It depends on body type and generally works best on taller ladies, or those with proportionally long legs. Also I think they’re better on women with straighter body types. A slim bootcut is more forgiving than a flare. Flares have a wider “bell” at the bottom.

      I can’t answer the wardrobe question easily. It varies on so many factors. I go with my gut and what I feel I need.

  3. I love this look! I rarely wear pumps because they’re just not that comfortable, but I have been wearing my only pair of bootcut jeans with booties with a chunky heel and I’m thinking this could work well with platform sandals. Ordered the jacket. Waiting for it to come in. Enjoy the warm weather, Jo-Lynne.

  4. You and Cyndi both styled the same jacket and AG jeans today, LOL…great minds think alike! What size did you purchase in the jacket? I hope you all have a fabulous trip!

  5. Can someone explain why it is necessary to wear heels with boot cuts?  Why can’t flats be worm providing the jeans are hemmed to the proper length?

    1. I hope it’s ok for me to jump in here!
      You can wear bootcut with flats, as long as they have a pointed toe. Look at outfits with cowboy boots. They’ve been styled that way for years. I wear pointy toe shoes or booties with mine. 
      I find bootcut jeans look best with a fitted top for that long, lean look. 

  6. Wow that jacket must be a winner as you and Cyndi both styled it and on the same day;) you look great in the flare jean.. I’m only 5’3 and not one for heels most of the time so I stick to the skinny or a straight which I may try incorporating this spring. Have a great day:) there’s no place like Disney.

  7. I am so happy the weather is good for y’all!  I hope y’all have a fabulous day!  The sun is shining here, as well, but the temps are on the cooler side, thank goodness.  I’m not ready to have to start mowing the grass regularly.  I like this outfit!  If I needed jackets in the spring, I would definitely consider this one.  It’s different and has great detail.  I ordered the tee in 2 colors from JCrew, but sent them back.  My upper arms are a bit full, so the tighter sleeves are not the best for me to wear.  And yes, you definitely need to size up.  Have an awesome day!

  8. I love this outfit!  Flares and bootcuts make your legs look a mile long!  I’m tall with long legs and gravitate towards this style because the inseam is always longer.  Most other styles of jeans are too short for me, unless I buy talls and there isn’t always a great selection.  I’m the girl who can’t wear skinny jeans and ankle boots because there is a three inch gap!  Lol!  Because of my height, I do often wear this style with flats or low heels.  

  9. Hey, loving this outfit!  The bootcut jeans and drape cardigan are perfect together.  I am in Orlando, too, right now for our annual conference.  We are at the Contemporary at WDW this afternoon and at Universal at Sapphire Falls for the rest of Conference. I will take this weather over the single digits at home when we flew out on Tuesday morning!!!😊

  10. I’ve never been to Disney. Crowds make me anxious. I could use some of the heat right now though. Lol

    I like you in bootcut. They make you look long and lean. I know you don’t always want to wear heels and so stick to skinnies. You could hem a pair and wear with pointy toed flats or booties. I asked several influencers and was told as long as they have a pointy toe it will look good soI ran with it. I now own several pair of bootcut. Love my skinnies though in the winter. They are so easy to style with tall boots or snow boots. 

    1. I know it works in theory, but it’s not my favorite look on me. I’d just rather wear skinnies with flats. Or even a straight leg looks better on me with flats, I think. Probably b/c I have wide hips.

      And between you and me, I hate crowds, and I have a love/hate relationship with Disney. My kids love it, though. 🙂

  11. Total winner of an outfit! I have some really pointy toe black block healed booties that work with my bootcuts. And my feet/toes don’t lose circulation.or anything!

  12. Love, love, love you in bootcut jeans. You look longer and leaner, in my opinion. Great outfit:) Enjoy your time in the sun. We are having one of the worst winters in the last 25 years, and we are gearing up for another 10-15 inches – yes, 10-15 inches – this weekend. I am so over winter! Keep those Spring styles coming; it gives those of us in the upper mid-west hope! 

  13. I like how these jeans fit through your thigh and knee area. They are a perfect fit for your curvy body tyoe. 

  14. Regarding the J Crew tshirt, you mentioned it’s a bit thin which is fine, but is it “see thru” by any means? Thanks again, great post!

  15. I think this is probably my favorite outfit that I have seen on you so far! I really like the purse and am wondering what the color is? I hope you continue to have a wonderful vacation 🙂

  16. I saw the comment from Steel Magnolias, and laughed out loud! My favorite movie and my “signature cuh-luh” so to speak. Welcome to Orlando, my home town.

  17. I have recently started enjoying your posts. Your taste is exquisite and I love the casual looks as well. Thank you for what you do!  You give great ideas on those “I have nothing to wear days”. Love this outfit! 

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