Easy DIY Halloween Costume: Butterfly

I rarely dress up for Halloween, but a few years ago all the room moms agreed to dress up to surprise our kids when we came to help out with the 6th grade Halloween party at school so I was put on the spot. WHAT could I come up with that was cute and fun AND EASY!??

I didn’t want the typical witch costume. I wanted something cute and slightly creative. My friend suggested a butterfly. All I’d need, she said, was butterfly wings and antennae — easy to find at any costume or halloween store. I’m sure if I were super crafty I could even make them, but hello, have you met me? Crafty I am not.


I went to Target and picked up these pretty butterfly wings and the antennae. I love the deep black/blue hue — more rockstar butterfly than cutesy butterfly.

Then I rifled through my closet and found black jeans, a black long-sleeve tee, and black boots. You can’t tell in this photo but I did my eyes up with liquid eyeliner and navy blue eye shadow. I certainly could have done more with the makeup, had I the time or talent, but this worked. I painted my fingernails a deep gray/blue as well.

Voila! Easy, peasy butterfly costume! This would be awesome for kids too.


Gosh, my hair was short back then!! LOL.

We have a Halloween box in the attic where we keep all of our costume materials. I’m pretty sure my butterfly wings and antennae ended up there. Maybe I’ll dust them off again this year!

How about you? Do you dress up for Halloween??

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