And just like that, it’s fall. #CoffeeTalk

I took this photo yesterday. They’ve already started cutting down the corn — a sure sign the end of summer is here and fall is on its way. Soon that field will be bare.

late summer cornfield

I can’t believe how the weather has changed in the past 24 hours. I woke up this morning and had to put a sweatshirt on. Then when I opened the door to let the dog out, it was downright chilly.

I’m not usually one to welcome cold weather, but for some reason, I’m ready for it this year. Although I DO wish it had waited one or two more days because tonight we have pricey tickets to see Longwood Gardens‘ last fireworks show of the season — and also reservations for dinner at their swanky 1906 restaurant. BUT our seats are on the porch. And it’s supposed to rain . . . so I’m not sure how that is all going to play out. We can’t attend on their rain date so I may be out a chunk of change. I’m still holding out hope that it will work out. The weather is a fickle woman, as we all know so I’m not writing it off as a loss just yet.

Good news, I slept till 5:30 this morning. Yes, that is sleeping in for me! At least, compared to the way I’ve been sleeping the past month. I did crash yesterday afternoon and take a long nap, and then I was out until almost 10PM watching the Moms Night Out movie so I think that worked to reset my body clock. Hopefully I won’t have anymore 4AM mornings for a while, although, I have to say, I get SOOOO much accomplished when I get up that early.

As far as getting my bloodwork goes, I’m 0 for 2. I went back to the diagnostics lab get my bloodwork done yesterday and walked in to find a waiting room full of people. Naturally, the day that I went in withOUT my insurance card, there wasn’t a soul in the waiting room and they took me back immediately.

I sat there for almost 30 minutes, while people walked in who evidently had made appointments (I could have sworn you can’t make appointments there!!) and I could tell I was getting nowhere fast. Plus I had my daughter with me who was still feeling under the weather, if not as sick as she was the day before. So we left.

I called my primary care doctor and made an appointment to go in on Monday and have them do the bloodwork, but the results probably won’t get to my orthopedist in time for my Wednesday appointment, and then I’m traveling for 10 of the next 12 days.

I’m at my wits end. This kind of thing takes every last shred of sanity I have in me. The time wasted . . . the frustration of not being able to get answers . . . so I can’t fix the problem . . . this is why I so often just give up on my medical problems and figure they’ll go away. Funny thing is, they often do.

So I think I’m just going to start taking my vitamin D and calcium because I know I need them anyway. And I’ll have to follow up with the doctor after Costa Rica. If I even bother at all. It’s no wonder people neglect their health. Who has time??????

My husband was not super helpful when I ranted to him yesterday. Only I have these issues, evidently.

Maybe I should have waited it out, but momma’s got things to do. 

I know, I know, people have real problems. But this sorta thing just fries my gizzard.

So yeah, I saw the Moms Night Out for the second time last night.


I think it was more hysterical the second time. Or maybe I was just tired. But I think it’s really well done until the end when they manage to fit in every worn cliche in the book as the husband tries to support his wife (which, I do appreciate that they don’t make the husband out to be an idiot or uncaring.) Still, the overall message is refreshing . . . that motherhood is an important job, and we are enough even with all of our faults and shortcomings.

I do feel that we women can be way too hard on ourselves. We have a way of setting up so many unrealistic expectations for ourselves that when we inevitably fail, it’s all too easy to buy into the lie that we aren’t enough, we can’t do it all (when in reality, no one does), and we aren’t worthy of the beautiful lives God has given us.

That’s a very dangerous road to walk down because once we start to feel that way and give into those feels of failure and inadequacy, we aren’t any good to anyone.

Don’t feed yourself that lie.

You are enough, and you are the perfect mom for your children — not to say you are perfect, but you are the mother God gave to your children. Take comfort in that, and when you lose your temper (oh, do I ever . . . ) or let someone down, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t dwell in the failures; dwell on the blessings. It’s so much easier said than done, I know, and some seasons of life are harder than others, but for the most part, we have a lot more control over our feelings than we think we do.

The one thing I kept thinking as I watched the movie and Allyson’s story played out on screen was, this girl just needs some sleep.

I seriously think we women run ourselves ragged and then we can’t figure out why we can’t do it all. Sleep is sooooo important to mental health and well being . . . to physical health too!! I truly believe if we all got 8-9 hours of sleep a night, we would be much more content with our lives. So that’s my PSA for the day. Put your sleep needs first. You’ll be a much better person for it.

We also need to learn to say no more, but that’s a topic for another post.

So . . . what are you up to on this fine Saturday??