Fall Shoes Try-On Haul: Loafers, Mules & Clogs

Alrighty! It’s time for Part 3 of this week’s massive fall try-on haul. (See Part 1 and Part 2, if you missed them.) This one is all about fall shoes… specifically loafers, mules, and clogs.

I’ve been ordering shoes like it’s my job. Well, okay, so it sort of is, but I really don’t remember ever having this many different options to choose between at one time. I did a huge return to Nordstrom yesterday, and my credit card is sighing in relief, ha!

SIZING NOTES: I’m usually a solid 28 (or 6) in jeans and small in tops, but my shoe size varies a bit more. I consider 8 my true size, but I have very flat feet, and they’re on the narrow side as well. I usually have to size down half in mules and slides, and sometimes I size up half in closed shoes likes loafers, boots, and sneakers. On rare occasions, I size up a whole size in closed shoes.

All that to say, I will give you sizing advice when I can, but I’m not always the best gauge with shoes. When in doubt, order two sizes and return the ones that don’t work out.

Fall Shoes: Clogs

Clogs are making a comeback this season, and I’m kind of liking them! They work really well with the straighter denim styles, for some reason. Before you ask, no, I would not wear socks with clogs unless I’m wearing longer jeans, but definitely not with these cropped styles. For me, these are more or less fall looks, but we do get some mild days during the wintertime, so I expect to wear these right through till spring.

UGG Judi Clog

at Zappos // at Nordstrom

Spoiler alert: This pair is my favorite. These clogs are by UGG, and they are such gorgeous leather. I love the stitch and nailhead detail. They have a foam footbed as well as the signature UGGplush and sheepskin lining — it’s just under the ball of the foot and the toes, but it definitely gives them that extra bit of cozy comfort that UGG is known for.

Also, I totally forgot to take mirror selfies with these, so I’m using these pictures. These outfits will be on the blog in a few days!

Whereas most of the clogs I tried felt stiff and hard, these hug my feet and are very easy to walk in. They have a 3 1/4″ heel with a 1″ platform for a 2 1/4″ heel drop. I like them so much, I’m tempted to get them in the Chestnut Suede as well.

Size-wise, I had to up in these. I first tried the 8 and they were way too short, so I ordered the 9, and they fit perfectly.

Swedish Hasbeens Classic Clog

at Bloomies // at Nordstrom // at Evereve // jeans // top

I’ve wanting to these for a while, but the price point gave me pause. When I finally got around to ordering, I had a hard time finding them in my size. A lot of retailers carry them, but they’re low inventory almost everywhere. Evereve and Nordstrom seem to have the best selection.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately due to the price point, these were a bit of a disappointment. I love the look, they’re such classic clogs. But they were stiff and uncomfortable. I really expected a softer leather for at this price.

They have a 3 1/4″ heel with a 3/4″ platform, for a 2 1/2″ heel drop, so in theory they should be very walkable, but I felt more stable in the UGGs.

These run true to size; I’m wearing the 8US / 38EU in these pictures.

Mia Elsa Clog

at Zappos // at Nordstrom // jeans // top

I like the styling of these and the braided trim, but they were also stiff and uncomfortable, and they felt and looked a little cheap to me… but that’s in comparison to the UGGs and Swedish Hasbeens. They have a leather upper and are made in Sweden, so they aren’t like Target cheap. Speaking of Target… they have this pair for $34.99. They’re Polyurethane, not leather, but they look comfortable. Might be worth a try if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Anyway! All that said, Alison tried these when she was at my house, and she loved them. She has higher arches than I do, and they fit her better than the UGGs. She felt like the UGGs were too tight. So again, it really depends on each individual person. These are a nice, affordable option if they fit your feet. Unfortunately, they are low inventory.

Size-wise, these run really small, and I would need to size up to a 9 for sure.

Fall Shoes: Mules

I’ve been a huge fan of mules for several years now, they’re pretty much my favorite shoes to wear in the fall and spring. Again, I would not wear socks with any of these, so they’re not winter shoes for me, except for on the mildest days. But for fall, they’re my faves.

Able Tracy Mule

shoes // jeans

I think the print on these is so fun, and it pairs so well with light wash jeans, but they aren’t made for flat feet like mine. I think you can see in these pictures how they sit up off the top of my foot. This is my biggest problem with mules.

Other than that, they’re comfortable and seem to be decent quality for the price point. They have a haircalf upper with a leather lining, heel-to-toe padding, and a flex sole; and they’re made in Brazil.

ABLE is a new brand to me, but I’m impressed so far. They describe themselves as an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. I also appreciate their 100% fit guarantee. If you need a different size, color, or style, they offer unlimited free shipping (U.S. domestic orders only) until you get exactly what you want.

And no, I did not get Savannah to pose like that. She just came in and sat down and watched me take pictures, lol!

Also, these shoes are the size 7.5, and I need the 8. I actually ordered both, because I often size down half in this style shoe, but they came separately. I didn’t have the 8 when I took these pictures. The 8 is definitely the right size, lengthwise, but as I said, they don’t fit my feet well. If you have higher arches, definitely give them a try.

JenniKayne Genuine Calf Hair Mule

at Nordstrom // jeans // top

These mules were part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they seemed way overpriced so I didn’t order them at the time. Then they went on sale again, and I caved. I just think they are SO cute, and I love that giraffe print. It would go so well with all the grey and black jeans in my closet.

You hear the “but” coming, don’t you?

Yeah, the quality just isn’t there, I’m sorry to say. They feel stiff and papery, and they’re also a little too big/tall for my feet. Such a disappointment. I tried, I really did. But when I walked out of them just trying to get from my closet to the mirror, I knew they were a no-go.

Also, they run small. Definitely size up, if ordering. I needed the 9.

Sam Edelman Laurna Mule

at Nordstrom // jeans // top

These have been around for a few seasons, they’re a good quality dupe for the iconic Gucci Princetown mules.

They have a rather stiff sole, but the leather is soft and comfortable, and the way they come down over the sides of the foot makes they pretty easy to walk in. Again, they’re a bit wide for my feet, but in general, I think they’d be pretty comfortable and easy to wear.

These are true to size, or size down if in between. I have the 7.5.

Vince Camuto Rachey Loafer Mule

at Zappos (on sale) // at Nordstrom // at Amazon // jeans // top

I absolutely love the styling on this pair — the trendy snip toe, the two-tone metal chain link detail, and the loafer-inspired styling. I’m wearing the cream, but I also really like the black croc embossed pair at Evereve.

I’ve had these sitting in my room for weeks, and I haven’t been able to commit because they aren’t the most comfortable on my feet. Again, it’s my feet, not the shoes. They are just a smidge too big for me (not length-wise, just as far as staying on my feet.) I thinkI’m going to keep them and just wear them places that don’t require a lot of walking. I like them too much to give them up.

Size-wise, these are the 7.5, and they just fit. I usually size down in Vince Camuto slides, and I doubt I could walk in the size 8 so I’m going to stick with these. All that to say, they’re true to size or size down if in between.

Vince Camuto Riteren Rouched Flat

at Evereve // at Vince Camuto (on sale) // jeans // top

I think these are cute and fun, and I like that they’re more feminine than some of the others. This color is great too.

They aren’t the most comfortable of mules — they’re lightweight and soft, but they’re a tad big on my flat feet — but I can walk in them. I’ve already worn them once, out to dinner, and I had to walk a few blocks in them and I was fine.

Size-wise, they’re pretty true, or size up if in between. I’m in the 8.

Dolce Vita Serla Mules In Truffle Suede

at Dolce Vita // at Evereve // jeans // top

I’ve already featured these, but I’ll put them in here because they’re so good. These are comfortable, walkable, and soft inside… love, love, love. I also love this color, and the braided detail.

These are true to size, or size down if in between. I’m in the 7.5.

BP. Hailey Western Mule

at Nordstrom // jeans // top

This is another pair I think I’ve already featured, but again, they’re good and I realize not everyone sees every post. These are also comfortable and walkable, and I think they’re flattering, but I like them better with grey or black jeans.

They’re true to size, or size down if in between. I’m wearing the 7.5.

Fall Shoes: Loafers

Loafers this year are getting chunkier, and lug soles rule the day. That said, there’s still a time and place for more classic loafers and flats. I have a mix in here.

Sam Edelman Laurs Platform Loafer

at Zappos // at Nordstrom // jeans // top

Oh, how I wanted to love these! This olive green is so on trend right now, and I love the platform lug sole, but I can’t keep them on my feet. My heel slides out of them when I walk because the sole is too stiff and doesn’t bend with my foot. Maybe if I bent them and tried to stretch them some… I don’t know. But I think they need to go back.

All that said, don’t hesitate to give these a try if you like them. Again, I have flat/narrow feet issues. I really see these with black or grey jeans. I just was trying on a ton of shoes at once, and didn’t bother changing out my jeans. And if you don’t like the green, they also come in black, ivory, and a really pretty shade of blush/taupe they call Maple Sugar.

These loafers have a 1 3/4″ heel with a 1 1/4″ platform, and they run true to size. I’m wearing the 8.

Sam Edelman Christy Loafer

at Nordstrom // at Evereve // jeans // top

Now, these I love. They’re very similar to the Laurs above, but without the platform, so the sole has more give to it and they’re easier to walk in. I just wish they came in that gorgeous Alpine green.

I also really like that chain detail — it’s different than the Laurs, and it is two-tone metal, so they will work with any of your jewelry or bags. This is such an amazing idea, I can’t believe no one else has done this yet.

These run a tad small, I almost tried the 8.5 but as I wore these around the house a bit, I think the 8 is going to work. I’m afraid I’d walk out of the 8.5, but my toes are right in the end, so you may want to size up if you have higher arches/wider feet.

Vince Camuto Golinda Lug Sole Flat

 at Evereve (in black at DSW)  // jeans // top

I’m sorry to tell you these are currently sold out. I’m only sharing them here because I’ve photographed them with other outfits, and I think some of you were waiting to get my review on them. I am HOPING they will get more, but I don’t know if they will or not. I need to ask my contact at Evereve.

I love everything about these — the versatile neutral color, the miniature studs, the classic loafer styling without the horsebit (sometimes the metal is a bit much), and the lug sole. They’re also very comfortable.

I can see wearing these with so much this fall. I hope they restock! Also, they run a bit small. I was waiting to wear them out until I could try the 8.5. So if they do restock, maybe order two sizes and see which works best for you.

I clearly love these because I have so many pictures, lol! I threw in one more for no reason other than the fact that I love them.

Vince Camuto Cretinian Loafer

at DSW // at Nordstrom // jeans // top

This pair is the closest I can find to the Golinda style above. They have those same mini studs around the midsole, which I love. I just wish they came in that tortilla suede. (By the way, the Peach Noughat is ugly in person. It’s nothing like it looks online. It’s more of a peachy-pink.)

I do like the pebbled leather and the contrasting wood stacked block heel, and the classic styling should be highly versatile. Also, they have a convertible heel, so you can wear them as a mule or loafer. I should have tried them on like that… maybe I’ll add a picture in a bit.

If you don’t like the white, take a look at the animal print and the cognac/caramel colors. Size-wise, I’m undecided on these. I have both the 8 and 8.5 sitting in my room. Definitely size up if in between.

Vince Camuto Prenten Loafer

shoes // jeans // top

These are a bit more of a feminine, classic style for those who like that. They’re comfortable and easy to walk in. I have them in both this caramel (animal print) and the tortilla.

I don’t have a lot more to say about these. I’m not super excited about them, but I think they’re going to come in useful in my fall wardrobe.

These run true to size, or size up if in between. I’m in the 8.

J.Crew Factory Corduroy Slip-On Sneakers

shoes // jeans // top

Okay, last pair! These are obviously a sneaker, not a loafer, but they sort of having a similar style so I’ll throw them in here. Unfortunately, this color sold out.

These are comfortable and cozy, but they run a little big for my flat feet. For that reason, I returned them, but I would have kept them otherwise. I think they’re really cute and fun for casual looks.

They run true to size, but a little wide.

Okay, and that’s it for today… and probably for this month! I think I’m going to swear off try-on hauls for a few weeks. As much as I enjoy putting them together, they take an insane amount of hours.

If you have any questions about quality or sizing, feel free to ask in the comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I didn’t get this post in my email this morning. Wonder why? I had to go to your search bar and type in shoe post and it popped up. No one has commented this AM, so wondering if they are still waiting for it too in their email. Love the shoes you posted, but of course my favorite and one I’d like to order is the Vince Camuto Golinda Lug Sole one. 🙂 I’m really liking the more lug sole loafers coming out. I’ve really liked this one since you first styled it. I put my name on the notification if it gets restocked. I tried a very similar one more in a taupe color but dark on the Macy’s clearance rack and it fit great and was cute but wasn’t really liking the color, so left it on the rack. Have a great Sat. and thanks for the extra time you put into these try-on hauls. I know we all appreciate all the information you give. I don’t blame you for taking a break.

  2. PS Boy how did I rate? I got 3 of my questions in the Q&A. LOL Thanks for the answers. I had gone onto JCrew yesterday looking for the black and white(cream) striped tee and I had put the long sleeve black and ivory one on hold for today, but the drive is 1 plus hrs. away so not sure if we are going up today. I wanted to try it on. Thanks for the other recommendations. Let me know how the LOFT one is. I’d think you’d be really popular in your area and see lots wearing your post clothes. Also, so interesting to read how others react to your shooting pictures for the blog out on the streets. LOL

  3. Love shoes so I think this post is great! I’m so disappointed that Evereve is out of those loafers though. Why can’t the DSW sell them in that perfect color too?! I’ll keep watching Evereve’s website. Unfortunately, my local store is sold out of them as well. Definitely a popular choice. Thanks for talking about them, as I was one who was waiting to hear your thoughts. Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Saturday! My favorite from above are the Vince Camuto Prenten classic loafer; it fits my personal style best. I actually have them in two colors – love my leopard ones. The clogs look really cute on you. I’m not seeing them in my area at all….at least not yet. Thanks for all your hard work researching fall clothes & shoes!

  5. Boy, you sure shared a lot of cute shoes with us. My closet is so full of shoes now, that it’s pathetic, especially since I’m a retiree. However, I really do want to try a pair of clogs even though I’m not sure how my bad ankle will tolerate them. Finding loafers that have arch support and will stay on my skinny heel is a real challenge. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. This post and the denim post were SO helpful in figuring out which shoes to wear with the new lengths and hem widths of jeans! I ordered the VEJA sneakers with black trim to wear into the fall instead of all white, and do hope Evereve restocks the Vince Camuto Golinda! Let us know what your contact says.

  7. So many cute shoes! I’m so glad to see you post the slip on sneakers. I have several in my closet and hoped they would still be in style this year. I lived in them last year up until it got too cold for bare ankles. The corduroy is so nice!

  8. I got a pair of Dansko olive camo colored clogs during the N sale. Cute and comfortable! Wish it would cool off so I can wear them.

  9. I can see why these try-on posts would take a lot of time, but I surely do enjoy them and appreciate your hard work on them. You really give such a clear picture of what these clothes/shoes feel would really feel like to wear. I hope you have time for a Saturday break!

  10. I love mules because I have a very narrow heel. It’s one of the few shoes I can wear adult slip off. However, this year in particular they are all so flat. I have a pair that I love but they are so flat and I hate the feeling of wearing a completely flat shoe. Do you think it is possible to add on another heel Just to give me another half inch or so. I’ve never tried doing that but I just wondered if anyone else had

  11. Luckily for my $$$ I don’t love mules or loafers-I do love clogs but have to have a back strap! I’ve been shoe crazy lately so actually happy to find a post I didn’t purchase from!:)

  12. I love the look of the green platform loafer shoe but like you I probably could not keep them on my feet. I had a pair of Bass leather thick sole loafers years ago and they would slip on my heel and not flex right for my slim feet.

  13. Really enjoyed this post. I ordered the Ugg clogs in black and the Vince Camuto Golinda lug sole flats in blue from Nordstrom. I’d prefer the taupe, but since it isn’t available anywhere I decided to try the blue. Thanks for all your hard work on these posts.

  14. Thanks so much for the post about shoes. I have never had to have so many new shoes as this fall. I think the shorter jeans is making our shoes more noticeable. Thanks you again for your time.

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