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You know what’s so cool about opening a new carton of farm-fresh eggs?  You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.  No two are exactly alike.  There are various sizes and shapes and colors, just like what you would expect from something found in nature and yet untouched by the food industry.  Take a look.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


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  1. Oh, they ARE gorgeous! I wish we could have chickens where we live, but it just isn’t practical. Maybe I can find someone nearby that sells eggs!

    1. Ask around. I get these from a Mennonite farm about 20 minutes away. They are $1.60 a dozen, and I buy about 5 doz at a time.

  2. My kids love when we get the occasional feather in ours! Unfortunately ours cost a bit more than $1.80 a doz. 🙁 They’re worth every penny though!

  3. That would be a variety pack in reference to size. LOL! We want to have chickens, if we could ever move off this barrier island. Oy! You’d think SOMEONE would want to live a the beach still.
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. These are gorgeous! I would love to get farm fresh eggs. I just don’t know where to get them 🙁 Where you get your eggs from, do they advertise that they sell them or anything like that?

    1. Jesse, I asked around until I found a local farm that would sell them to me. You can check EatWild.com for some local farms (or farmer markets) in your area.

  5. Recently a man at our church began giving us eggs from his chickens – what a blessing! You are so right – each egg is different. It makes you wonder exactly how they get all those grocery-store eggs to look identical.

  6. I just found TWO sources in town for farm fresh eggs. $2 a dozen! I am so happy.

    And I absolutely adore how they are all so uneven and NOT uniform. Love it. I was going to post a picture of them next week, too!

  7. I love, love, love opening a carton of fresh eggs and seeing what’s inside…different sizes and colors. The various sizes are so handy too. When I make half of a recipe (like waffles, etc.) and need “half an egg,” I simply grab the smallest one in the carton.

  8. The only thing I love more than opening a carton of farm-fresh eggs is gathering them. I love starting my day walking out to the barn hand-in-hand with my husband to let the chickens out and see what they’ve left for us. We’re blessed to have such faithful little egg-makers! (And selling them at Farmer’s Market is pretty fun, too!)

  9. Y’all will just DIE when you find out how much I paid for my CSA Farm Fresh Eggs last CSA season… $6.00/dozen!!! They were worth EVERY penny though & my kiddos really miss them. (Well, hubs and I do too!) It took weeks for them to start eating the organic/pasture raised grocery store variety. HUGE difference in taste & appearance. I’m really hoping to find some good farms & farmers markets when we move to NC later this spring!

  10. I have to echo Bree – we recently found that our organic CSA is offering pastured eggs this year (yeah!!) They are $6/doz. (boo!!)

    BUT we splurged for Easter and they were SOOO GOOD! I will buy them for eating and stick with the Pete & Jerry’s (which don’t seem so pricey now!) for the baking.

    1. I think I am thankful that here near Boston I am actually able to FIND this CSA and have the eggs available… so I guess I am not complaining (much!). Pete and Jerry’s are almost $5.00/doz. (P&J are about the best you can get at the store). Lets not talk about the price of the CSA!! (ok – lets… $650.00 ouch…)

      1. That sounds about right. I was going to look into a CSA this summer for us, and the first one I checked was $700. GACK. For now, I think I will continue to use the farmers market near my house. I love their produce, although it is not organic. But it’s high quality and it’s as local as it gets (they grow it in the fields behind their store and often bring it right in to the store the same day they pick it) and I like to support them.

    2. I have to tell ya, Amanda and I were joking on how easy it seems for you to find whole foods in your area. We said your eggs probably cost $1/dozen. I’m kind of relieved to hear they’re the same as mine. In Nashville I could actually buy them at the farmer’s market for $2.50, but not in Chattanooga.

  11. Just read through a bit of your blog and I love what you doing with Whole Foods. We as a family mostly eat unprocessed foods and try to buy as much organic foods as we can afford. We started a garden 3 years ago and it continues to evolve year after year. I’d love to know where you bought your meat and where you get your eggs. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes..thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Trina! I would love to do my own garden. We are going to try that next year.

      Through EatWild.com, I found several sources for grass fed meat within an hour of my home where you can buy a half or a quarter of a cow and have it butchered to your specifications. Likewise, with the eggs, I’ve asked around, and have found several sources. Prices vary widely. $3 a doz is typical from a farm, but I did find this one farm that sells them cheap, $1.60!!! I also get them at a local whole foods store for about $4 when I am willing to compromise price for convenience.

      Let me know if you’re local and I can give you more specific info. (I think you are – I went to your site, did I see you at the MomSpace event on Sat???)

  12. I think the different sizes of eggs in one carton is cool! When I bake I like to use smaller eggs than when I am serving them for breakfast. Therefore when I buy them at the store I just buy large. That way they can be used for whatever.

  13. We are thinking of starting our own food garden and having chickens. We’re still in the researching stages right now, but I’m reading “Eating Animals” and man, I just can’t continue on that store route with the factory farmed stuff much longer.

  14. I was happy to see people enjoying farm fresh eggs and not being too disappointed by the prices, as a small hobby farmer offering organic fresh eggs from my happy chickens. I also sell them for 5.00 a dozen. Organic feed costs me about 51.00 a month for approximately 18 hens, which doesn’t include my cost for hay, shavings, replacement boards, mending fences, sweat cleaning out coops, keeping predators away in the middle of the night, property taxes for my farm and my time taking care of the chickens. If some people gripe about the price I just tell them to have a nice day.

    However, I work hard. I’m my 50’s, by myself and do all the work myself, raising my chickens from 1 day old chicks and feeding them until they can start laying. All this cost comes out of my own pocket. I’m happy when customers come back, bring me empty egg cartons and tell me they’ll never go back to store bought eggs! Thanks for listening and supporting us small time farmers. 🙂

    1. Hi Deb. thank you for providing REAL eggs for those of us who can’t raise them ourselves. I am so thankful there are so many like you and I will GLADLY pay $5 a dozen. 🙂 thanks for your comment!!

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