Heads Up

I just found this post (hat tip to Stephanie) by My Busy Children with her checklist for chemicals at the grocery store.  That’s the most succinct list of foods to avoid and why that I have come across, and I couldn’t wait till Saturday and chance that it gets overlooked among the other Links and Shout Outs.  So here it is.  Please read it.  And feel free to discuss.

UPDATE: I have included some links in the comment section to articles about the dangers of BPA in canned foods.  It seems that while the focus in the news has been on the dangers of BPA in plastic baby bottles and other containers, the latest research shows that the biggest exposure to BPA comes from food (namely canned foods), and children are at the highest risk.  I have recently stopped buying canned fruits and veggies for our family for this reason, and I cut out canned soups last fall when I started cutting out highly processed foods.