Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 06.04.14


For some reason, almost everything I’ve worn this week has been orange or coral. Isn’t it weird how you get into a certain color?

I wore this orange dress one day just for the heck of it. I don’t know why I don’t wear casual dresses more often. It was an impulse purchase at the outlets last summer, I don’t remember which store.


I wore this Stella & Dot necklace (the Monterey is similar, and also ON SALE) and a white/gold bangle.


The shoes are my new Fit Flops. These were recommended by my physical therapist for stylish sandals that are supportive enough for my finicky feet, and I LOVE THEM. They have SUCH a comfortable footbed — not as much of an arch as some of my other comfort sandals. My only complaint is that they could be tighter over top of my foot so I have to walk carefully… lol, the things we do in the name of fashion!


This was the day I went to the doctor and got rid of my medical boot. YAY!


Note my NEW Stella & Dot Avalon Tote! LOVE THIS TOTE.


I wore the Sunwashed Tee from LOFT in Bright Peach Blossom (NOW ON SALE!!), my favorite cuffed denim shorts (similar) and my Dansko Sophie sandals. The necklace is from Ten Thousand Villages, and the snakeskin belt is from Francesca’s.


I wore this outfit around the house and to hang out with friends on a Friday evening.


The jeans are from Stitch Fix, and so is the necklace. (For those who are interested, the jeans are Mavi {similar} and the necklace is Gorjana.

I am LOVING my Fix this month! I returned two items and kept three. You only pay for what you keep. The sandals are my Romy wedges. I only put them on for the picture, as they don’t have enough cushion for my feet right now. But they are so cute, and perfect with these skinny jeans, I couldn’t resist throwing them on for this post. Rest assured, if you do NOT have foot problems, they are actually very comfortable. I bought them thinking they would be practical, lol. My feet have just gone from bad to worse. (More details in my Coffee Talk post from the weekend, if you’re following the saga.)


The crochet top and white tank were provided by CAbi during my the CAbi BiG Event promotion. The bracelet is from Target. I thought the pop of green was nice with this outfit.


This blouse and necklace were also from my latest Stitch Fix. I absolutely adore this color. It’s not a style I would typically go for, and I asked my husband about ten times if he thought it was really cute. He swore to me that it’s flattering, so here I am!


The green bag is the perfect contrast — my favorite color combo is spring green and coral! I also wore my Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet. I wanted something that wasn’t too bulky but that had some weight to it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might like my video on how to mix metals.


And here’s the long shot. White jeans and (YAY!) wedge sandals! These are old, but such a standby. When you find comfortable, versatile wedges, you keep them forever.


I wore this next outfit to work out and then I didn’t take it off for the rest of the day. I’m lazy like that. Both the gray “Oula Tank” and the black”Rio Run Capri” are press samples from Fabletics. I really love the quality and style of their clothing, and I just didn’t see a need to change. You heard it here first: cute athletic wear is the new black.


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28 Responses

  1. I think that coral Stitch Fix top looks great on you – especially with the white skinny jeans. It’s funny that you have that orange dress in your post – I just pulled mine out last night to wear today.

  2. The orange dress is really cute! Aren’t Fit Flops the best? I usually get a new pair every summer. They are so comfy!


    1. Yeah, the footbed is SUPER comfy, I like that it doesn’t have an exaggerated arch, but I do find that they are too loose and that is frustrating. I wish they made them a bit tighter over the foot or offered narrow sizing options.

  3. I love the coral blouse! I am actually looking for something like this. Because it’s flowy, it looks like it would be cool.

  4. I, too, am battling Plantar Fasciitis, and my foot doctor told me to never ever wear shoes that you slide into – they must have a strap around the heel.

    The only ones that I sometimes slide into are my Orthaheels flip flops around the house.

    I just recently discovered ABEO shoes at The Walking Company, and I love them!! Amazing arch support!
    The shoes you have on are so cute, but I couldn’t wear them without my feet hurting at the end of the day.

    1. Oh, and some of these I do not wear all day. I just put them on for the pictures. 🙂 The wedges were actually okay for church on Sunday, but the Romy Wedges I cannot wear. 🙁 I use them for pictures tho b/c they are so so so cute.

  5. I absolutely love the coral blouse! Can you please share what brand it is? Also, I got a chuckle about the workout outfit. Just the other day my husband asked me, “What’s with everyone wearing those black stretchy pants EVERYWHERE? Are they supposed to be workout pants or leggings or what??” 🙂

    1. Haha. I do get tired seeing these teeny-boppers parading around in those things like they’re pants. THE ARE NOT PANTS. But I make an excuse for workout pants, as long as I’m not going anywhere important. I’ll check on the brand of blouse and update my post.

  6. I think the coral dress is from Loft… a friend wore that same dress in green the other day and she said she bought a few from there. Supercute! I love the ease of dresses and maxi skirts in the summer… but I miss a pocket for my phone 🙂

    I think you could do a whole post about comfortable footwear… maybe you already have. I will be searching your blog for recommendations for cute and supportive shoes for my ole’ feet!

  7. Love these outfits! And I agree…we need some more details here! Love that coral blouse. I have a similar one but I need to style it with my white jeans now. Also loooove that spring green bag and would love details on that too. Do you change your bag to match your outfit daily? Any tips on how you manage that without forgetting something every. single. time? (Like me! haha)
    Gina — On the Daily Express

    1. I don’t change my bag daily. It just depends on my mood (lol) and how versatile the bag is. I have one rule. I move EVERYTHING over. I don’t just pick and choose what I *think* I’ll need on the current excursion. Because inevitably, I end up with my personal items scattered between five bags. I check all pockets and move every last thing (unless it’s a clutch) and then I also TRY to toss out trash while I’m at it. It helps me keep my purse cleaned out, so there’s that! 🙂

  8. Really cute outfits – you look great as usual – even in your workout clothes! I love your Stitch Fix blouse, and your husband is right, it does look great on you. I got my first Stitch Fix this month and kept a really cute blouse too.

  9. Is the gold necklace you’re wearing with the coral top made by “Gorjana?” I think I have the same one and I love, love it! I wear it all of the time! I’m still waiting for the stitch fix stylist to “get to know me..” 🙂 Haven’t been crazy about my fixes, but the anticipation of getting the box is super fun!

  10. The dress is from Banana Republic outlet. I got the green one last year and really like it! Your stitch fix stuff is cute. I usually only fine one thing out of the five that I love and have to keep.

  11. Orange is such a vibrant color and coral is so pretty. I love all these looks, especially the casual orange dress and the Stitch Fix blouse with the white jeans. I thought the green bag was the perfect touch.

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