Fashion at the Oscars

best and worst oscars fashion

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I’m not a big movie watcher, but I like to watch the red carpet portion of the Oscars so I can ogle all the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) gowns. Unfortunately, last night I fell asleep before the first celebrity hit the red carpet, but that didn’t stop me from getting online first thing this morning to see what everyone was wearing.

Here are a few of my favorites:

penelope cruz at the Oscars

Penelope Cruz is absolutely stunning in this Giorgio Armani creation. I love the cut and color, and also that it is modest and still breathtaking.

cameron diaz at the Oscars

Cameron Diaz rocks this Gucci gown. She manages to look appropriately formal without losing her casual California-girl image.

Sarah Hyland at the Oscars

Sarah Hyland is adorable and age appropriate in her lilac gown. Love this.

Glenn Close at the Oscars

Glenn Close looks amazing in this teal gown, and completely age appropriate — on the other end of the age spectrum!

Kelly Ripa at the Oscars

Kelly Ripa is a class act, as always. Simply gorgeous in this butter yellow gown.

angelina jolie at the oscars

Angela Jolie rarely disappoints, and this year is no different. While brights and light neutrals may be the trend of the season, she shows us that black is always hot. Although I could do without the very deliberate display of leg. I get that it’s a highlight of the gown, but just let it happen naturally, Angie. That is the point, after all. Still, I’ll let it pass because the dress is amazing and her hair and makeup is perfection.

Octavia Spencer at the Oscars

Octavia Spencer is picture perfect in this sequined platinum gown. It is so flattering.

Emma Stone at the Oscars

Emma Stone is radiant in red. I’m not usually one for the bows but I love how she incorporates this trend into a formal gown. She looks stunning.

And a few of my disappointments:

Viola Davis at the Oscars

This is unfortunate. Viola Davis is stunning in green, but it looks like she pulled a dress off the rack rather at a department store and didn’t bother to have it fitted for her, um, assets.

gwyneth paltrow at the Oscars

I adore Gwyneth, but I thought her gown was a huge miss this year. I’d love to see this dress without the cape, but even then it’s very plain. And I’m not sure what was up with her hair. I miss her longer locks; the slicked-back look doesn’t do much for her.

Sandra Bullock at the Oscars

Sandra Bullock rarely misses, but this . . . this is A Miss. This dress does nothing for her stellar figure and it’s just odd. Plus, I am not at all a fan of the plunging back.

And while we’re speaking of plunging backs . . .

J. Lo is a gorgeous woman, for sure and certain, but I wish she wouldn’t push the limits so much. This gown may be flattering enough from the front, but it’s just WAY too much skin. And I’m not a fan of the hair either.

Natalie Portman at the Oscars

Natalie Portman is another one of my favorite actresses, but this dress does nothing for her. The styling is nice, I guess, but I can’t see past those polka-dots.

How about you? Did you tune in to the Oscars last night? Who is on your best and worst dressed lists this morning???

Photo credits: People Style Watch