Fashion Friday

According to the email I received from the fashion trend setters at Nordstrom, we should all be slipping into neutral: Summer’s Most Versatile Sandals.


They say that pale sandals stand up to every other color and look good against sun-kissed skin. I guess that applies to chemically dyed skin as well?

I don’t have any neutral sandals.  Do you?  I like them in theory, but I can’t imagine an outfit I would wear them with.  Although I suppose they would look good with dressy jeans and a fun top for a summer night on the town.

Meanwhile, Barbara writes:

Regarding Fashion Friday — maybe you could write about how to dress for summer without showing all the stuff we don’t want everyone to see. I’d love to buy some sundresses, but how do I cover up my fat arms? Anything along that line would be oh so helpful. 🙂

Well, Barbara, if I had an answer to that, I’d be one rich lady.  My only tip is to wear a very light, short cardigan over the sundress, to cover the arms, but to allow the rest of the dress to show. Like this perhaps?


Or this?


Or a shrug.  Which I can’t find a picture of anywhere online.  This is the closest I can find, but I’m not sure how it would wear if you weren’t posed with the front arranged just so by the fashion director at the photo shoot.


Actually, I think that would look better if it wasn’t positioned over the, uh, bosoms.  What I’m envisioning is a sweater that would kind of hang down by the arms, thus showing off the dress.  I’m not sure if this would do that or not.

Oh here’s a shrug.  And look! It’s on sale!  For a mere $414.  Heh.


Oh well, it looks a little too warm for what I had in mind, anyway.

What about this one?


Well, I suppose you could look around for something like that.  I would say, the lighter the better, and the less it interferes with the cute sundress, the better.  The point is just to cover the arms so you don’t feel self conscious.


If it isn’t too hot where you live, I just LOVE a jean jacket over a sundress.  I have one with 3/4 length sleeves, that is cropped (not TOO short, just short enough) and a bit fitted thru the waist.  It’s great with dresses (or sleeveless sweaters and skirts) in the summer.  Sort of like this one at Old Navy, although mine also has 3/4-length sleeves which is nice for summer.


See, this is mine, and this is how I like to wear it.


Dear Readers, what do you say?  What tips do you have for Barbara?

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Big Mama is taking a break from Fashion Friday for the summer, and if I run out of things to talk about, I may do the same. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

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