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According to the email I received from the fashion trend setters at Nordstrom, we should all be slipping into neutral: Summer’s Most Versatile Sandals.


They say that pale sandals stand up to every other color and look good against sun-kissed skin. I guess that applies to chemically dyed skin as well?

I don’t have any neutral sandals.  Do you?  I like them in theory, but I can’t imagine an outfit I would wear them with.  Although I suppose they would look good with dressy jeans and a fun top for a summer night on the town.

Meanwhile, Barbara writes:

Regarding Fashion Friday — maybe you could write about how to dress for summer without showing all the stuff we don’t want everyone to see. I’d love to buy some sundresses, but how do I cover up my fat arms? Anything along that line would be oh so helpful. 🙂

Well, Barbara, if I had an answer to that, I’d be one rich lady.  My only tip is to wear a very light, short cardigan over the sundress, to cover the arms, but to allow the rest of the dress to show. Like this perhaps?


Or this?


Or a shrug.  Which I can’t find a picture of anywhere online.  This is the closest I can find, but I’m not sure how it would wear if you weren’t posed with the front arranged just so by the fashion director at the photo shoot.


Actually, I think that would look better if it wasn’t positioned over the, uh, bosoms.  What I’m envisioning is a sweater that would kind of hang down by the arms, thus showing off the dress.  I’m not sure if this would do that or not.

Oh here’s a shrug.  And look! It’s on sale!  For a mere $414.  Heh.


Oh well, it looks a little too warm for what I had in mind, anyway.

What about this one?


Well, I suppose you could look around for something like that.  I would say, the lighter the better, and the less it interferes with the cute sundress, the better.  The point is just to cover the arms so you don’t feel self conscious.


If it isn’t too hot where you live, I just LOVE a jean jacket over a sundress.  I have one with 3/4 length sleeves, that is cropped (not TOO short, just short enough) and a bit fitted thru the waist.  It’s great with dresses (or sleeveless sweaters and skirts) in the summer.  Sort of like this one at Old Navy, although mine also has 3/4-length sleeves which is nice for summer.


See, this is mine, and this is how I like to wear it.


Dear Readers, what do you say?  What tips do you have for Barbara?

Oh, and one more thing!  For 1 day only, get FREE SHIPPING on any Old Navy purchase. Enter promo code ONSAVE15 at checkout. Ends 6/12/10 at 11:59pm ET.

Big Mama is taking a break from Fashion Friday for the summer, and if I run out of things to talk about, I may do the same. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

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18 Responses

  1. You’re asking the wrong person about fashion! LOL! My idea of fashion is a comfy pair of shorts a tank top and my Yellow Box flip flops! A.K.A BeachWare. LOL!
    And don’t even get this 6 foot Momma in 4 inch heels. LOL! Not something you want to see, trust me!

  2. Nordstroms has tons of cute lightweight cardigans that look great over a sundress. Also, I would encourage your reader to know that most people don’t care about your arm fattage!

    Neutral sandals for me means anything in a silvery color. Those sandals you posted are hideous!

  3. Those shoes are pretty ugly… in my opinion. Maybe a different neutral sandal.

    You would die of a heatstroke down here if you put on a jean jacket in the summer. I can’t even imagine it being cool enough for that, but that would be awesome.

  4. I just rock out with my less than skinny arms. It’s hot and most people probably could care less about my arms 🙂

  5. I just bought short-sleeve light cardigans at Target for about $12 a piece. They look great with my sundresses. They have a bunch of different colors.

  6. Oh how I LOVE neutral sandals and pumps and flats —

    They go with absolutely everything. When you put on a lot of color, I like how long your legs look with the neutral shoe. And with solid darks like black or navy or chocolate, it’s classy and different. And you can grab any bag and never worry about what shoe color you are wearing.

  7. I love the neutral sandals… but I would break my leg trying to wear those. I am going to Old Navy this weekend to look for that jacket! I hope you keep this up. I have been inspired lately to pick up the pace -or rather join the fashion race. I’ve fallen prey to a lazy stay-at-home mom wardrobe and it isn’t making me happy anymore.

  8. Maybe those neutral shoes will grow on me. Probably right about the time they are outdated. bwahwahah

    I wear a denim jacket over tons of stuff. LOVE IT. Most used piece of clothing in my closet.

  9. Old Navy has some great sun dresses & some great lightweight shruggy sort of tops to cover things like “fat arms” or in my case a nursing bra! 🙂

  10. I feel you Barbara! In addition to the cardi-solution, I also keep an eye out for dresses with a loose cap look like a flutter sleeve or a lightweight billow half-sleeve

    Like this one,

    or this one

    I personally love neutral and nude-tones pumps and sandals. But I gravitate towards a tanned nude shade that a grey-white shade because of my skin tone. They really make your legs look longer and slimmer and with my calves I need all the help I can get!

    For those a little more wary, maybe try white or camel wedges with denims for everyday casual wear?

  11. many of the scarves are wide enough that they can pass for a great little wrap, they never go out of style draped over your arm…. down here in texas we are also wearing scarves just draped over one sholder and down the back, it kinda hides one arm…..it is just two hot to fret over the size of your arms when it is already hitting temps close to one hundred before June even got here. you just gotta let it all go!! =) be proud of what ya got.

  12. I don’t have any neutral/nude sandals either. I tend to stick with brown, black, and/or white – they’re versatile and match with anything. If money grew on trees, however, I’d buy super colorful sandals (royal blue, bright orange, sunshine yellow, etc.) and wear them all summer long. 🙂

  13. You know I am always warm so any kind of shrug or cardigan, light or not, gives me the willies just looking at ’em!! @_@ The best I can do is find a tee-shirt or tank that is made of a substantial cotton and SKIMS my body instead of hugging my lumps…I mean curves! in a dark color or pattern. Hard to find, though 🙁

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